Upgrade Your Mind, Body and Spirit

You Upgrade Your Phone’s Software Every Few Months. What About Your Mind, Body, and Spirit?

Upgrade Your Human is Focused on Upgrading and Optimizing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

This One Day Event will take you through the latest in biohacking and human optimization by following our 3 steps.

Civilize the Mind

Learn to think more strategically, tactically, and develop a clear vision for your life and business. Engage fellow members in roundtable discussions and breakout sessions to tackle problems and develop solutions.

Get a clear vision for your life and business with the help of fellow members. Gain advice from experts in roundtable discussions, breakout sessions that tackle problems and develop solutions to think more strategically, tactically.

Make Savage The Body

Physical Performance is the key ingredient to upgrading your human. Led by Super Bowl Champion and 2 time Muscle and Fitness cover model Steve Weatherford, you’ll engage in a physical challenge that will push you beyond your perceived limits.

Awaken the Spirit

Nothing is more powerful than a spirit on fire. You’ll learn how to deepen your relationship with faith and unlock another level of spirituality so you can tap into the power that only comes when we are connected fully to our higher selves.

Activities You Can Expect

  • Wim Hof Breathing
  • Physical Challenges
  • Meditation and Prayer

Upgrade Your Human – Texas

Texas TX

Civilize the mindMake savage the bodyAwaken the spirit Experience adventure, connection, and brotherhood like never before Optimizing your genetic potential through next level bio hacking Reserve your spot Venue either San Diego or Frisco, details to follow, please check back.

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