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This week’s episode features a follow-up to the episode titled The Only Business Plan You’ll Ever Need.

Rylee continues to discuss how God had a vision when he created us and how the Seven Days of Creation are a blueprint to success in every area of our life. With the right mindset, this plan will help you break down barriers and achieve greater results in your business and life.

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Ep 15. – The Only Business Plan You’ll Ever Need Part 2

[00:00:00] Rylee Meek: [00:00:00] You are the leader. If you are the business owner, understand that it is your job in order to create, you’ve got the vision. You have to create the atmosphere. To create the structure to create the order, to create the movement and the momentum to be able to scale and multiply, take dominion. And in your business, in that industry,

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[00:02:11] All right. All right, everybody.

[00:02:12] Welcome back to another episode of the Kings council podcast. You got me again for another week, and the real reason is I wanted to do a follow-up episode from last week’s episode on God’s business plan. We broke this down over the seven years. Days of [00:02:30] creation. The God given template that we truly believe was given to us for a reason God has given us these templates to follow in.

[00:02:37] When we call this God’s business plan, just that’s really truly what we view this as like, he had a vision when he created us when he spoke life into existence. And that’s really truly what he did is he spoke. Life into existence. And I want to just make sure that we all understand how we can apply this, not just the scripture [00:03:00] behind it, starting in the, in the first book of Genesis, but really how we can actually apply this into every area of our lives.

[00:03:07] So, if we look at the seven days, I’m going to break this down just quickly. Again, if you, if you haven’t listened to the previous episode, I would encourage you to pause this, go back and listen to that first and then come back and listen to this. And it might put things into perspective a little bit more for you, just so you’ve got a foundation of the scripture that we’re referring to here.

[00:03:26] Okay. So that the seven days of creation that we’re talking [00:03:30] about here, Is the very, very first one God said, let there be light. And again, I want to make sure that we’re, we’re so clear on this, that every one of these days, if you look through, you know, day one through day six, God said. Right. God said, God said, and this is just the power of our words.

[00:03:49] And I’m going to do some additional episodes on this. We’ve talked a decent amount about mindset and in how important that is for us in having that, that proper mindset, because you know [00:04:00] what we think about like our thoughts. Become our words. Our words become our beliefs. Our beliefs become our actions.

[00:04:07] Our actions become our habits and our habits become our realities. Okay. So it is so important that we’ve got our mindset, correct. Now, what type of words are we speaking? What are we declaring into existence? This is exactly what God did when he said, let there be light on the very first day. He said, let there be [00:04:30] light before creation in the beginning.

[00:04:33] If you remember, God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was without form and void darkness was on the face of the deep. Is what scripture tells us. So when day one, when God said, let there be light, it wasn’t necessarily that he was like turning on the sun. Right? If we look further on the sun and moon and stars, don’t take place for a few more days throughout creation.

[00:04:56] So when God said, let there be light, really what he was [00:05:00] doing was because God is light is he was casting vision. So when we cast a vision into our lives or into our business, and this is what we’re going to break down, it is so important that we’re starting. With vision first, let’s start with business first.

[00:05:15] So if you’re going to start with a business, what type of business is it? Okay. But before that, it’s like, what is the end game? What is the vision that I have for my business? Okay. And then w when we move on to day two, God said he created the [00:05:30] atmosphere, right? The culture of our business. Okay. Day three, he created structure.

[00:05:37] What type of core values do I have in place for my organization to run? What is it? That’s important, right? When we look at day three, in which God actually created the separation of land from the waters. So there were things that were important in order to happen and take place in order for day four to happen, which is then where he created order.

[00:05:58] K, what are the things within [00:06:00] your business that happened and in a timely manner that need to happen in a timely manner? In which we create order. This is where God created the sun, the moon, the stars. He had to do that before he could create day five. And this is where he created. There was life itself from the sun, the moon, the stars, and then ultimately the land and the vegetation the day before that.

[00:06:21] So if he’s creating this systematically, there’s a structure. There’s an order. Now that we have the order in place, we can create momentum, the [00:06:30] movement, right? How do we keep this thing going now? Okay. That’s when he created the birds of the air, that every living creature that scattered across the ground, right.

[00:06:38] That it’s movement, it represents momentum. And if, again, we’re relaying this back to our business. That’s fantastic. We need that in order to ultimately scale. And to multiply and take dominion on this earth. And that’s what he did on day six. When he created us in the image in his likeness that we could [00:07:00] have dominion over the fish and sea and the birds of the air.

[00:07:03] And he said, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, subdue it, and have dominion. Over everything that’s on it. And then ultimately the day of rest in this day is a representation of not just like God had to rest, but the importance of us as human beings needing to rest, but also just in a showing honor in what has actually taken place, being able to reflect on what is actually taking place.

[00:07:27] Okay. So when we look at it from a business [00:07:30] standpoint, does my business have a vision. Like, this is where we’re heading. Does, does everybody understand that? What, how clear the vision actually is? And then what type of atmosphere am I creating? What type of culture is within the organization? Do we have structure?

[00:07:47] Are there things that are important? I think of this as like the disciplines that the bones of what truly is important within the business. And then from there, is there order, are people showing up on time? [00:08:00] Do we know who’s due at doing what, what roles are taking place? What sales is doing, what marketing is doing is their order.

[00:08:06] And if that’s happening, then do we have a rhythm in place? Are we creating momentum movement? And then from there, what are we able to really, truly, now that we’ve got a little bit of momentum, a little move in, are we able to multiply and take dominion within that industry within that organization? And then on day seven then can we demonstrate honor that look, look back.

[00:08:27] This is what we’ve done. Can we do that [00:08:30] within our business. That’s the concept within business. And, and here’s an important thing. I want to make sure that we understand if you’re struggling within your business. And let’s say, for example, you’re struggling maybe with just like the, you know, you’ve got the order in place.

[00:08:44] You think you’ve got the order in place, right? Like we keep just kind of chugging away. We can’t really gain that momentum or the movement. We want to take a look at if moving is in place, but we’re not really gaining traction. We’re not able to multiply. We simply have to go to the [00:09:00] day previous. Okay.

[00:09:02] What should be order? Does everybody know what their task is? What their roles are? Does each employee, each sales rep, each division of the company know what their role is, is their order within the organization. And if that’s the case, Then we should be able to create that movement and momentum. But if people don’t know that there’s a good chance, we have to fix that within the order of our business, or we need to go even to the previous day, which is the structure.

[00:09:28] Do people have a, is there [00:09:30] discipline? Do people understand what their value is? What the core values are of the company? If they don’t know that, then we go back to the previous day, which is the atmosphere, the culture have people truly, do they feel valued? Do they, do they want to show up within the business?

[00:09:46] Do they get excited when they walk in the doors? Right? What type of environment are you creating? Are you the thermostat for your business and your organization? Took to create the culture and the atmosphere of family and love or to [00:10:00] people show up and they despise coming to work every day or they’re, you know, at lunchtime they’re searching the job market to see what else is out there.

[00:10:07] Is that the atmosphere. And if that is, then we go back to the previous day. Do your employees, does everybody on that sales team? Understand what the true vision is of the company, right? Because if they, if, if you have a true vision, it’s your job to create the atmosphere and culture that allows them to buy into the vision of the [00:10:30] company.

[00:10:30] If you are the leader, if you are the business owner, understand that it is your job in order to create, you’ve got the vision. You have to create the atmosphere to create the structure, to create the order. To create the movement and the momentum to be able to scale and multiply, take dominion and in your business, in that industry.

[00:10:50] And then to be able to establish honor by having that day of rest, that sanctified day. Are you following me here guys? Now let’s take this into our [00:11:00] marriage. Okay. Have you and your spouse come together? Do you have a vision like individually? Do you have a vision of like, what, where am I heading? What life what’s the direction that I’m heading.

[00:11:11] Does your spouse have that vision? Do they know that what your vision is? And this is so important? Because when you come together as a couple and you can establish a clear, clear vision of where we’re going to be, what we’re going to have, what we’re going to do, who we are becoming in the process. Now we can create the atmosphere.

[00:11:30] [00:11:30] We can create the culture within our relationship. That’s going to allow us to create structure the things that are important to us. To create the disciplines that we need in order to create the order. Right. And this could be simple thing. Remember now orders like the sun, the moon, the stars that we know we have day and night.

[00:11:50] So it’s important to create the order of, okay, these days you’re getting the kids from school. These are the days that we have date night. These are the days that we have our weekend getaway. [00:12:00] Is there order in place to create the movement, to create the excitement within that relationship to ultimately then.

[00:12:08] Go forth and multiply and take dominion. And I think he can know you, you know what I’m saying? When we talk about that with relationships, right? You got a scale scale, your business, scale, your relationship by going forth in multiplying, then that’s going to allow you to demonstrate honor on day seven, the day of rest.

[00:12:26] Okay. So there’s your relationship put that in any relationship that you [00:12:30] have. If we go back to the five power pillars that, that we always discuss mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially, can we, we talked about business. That’s kind of a financial component, but you could even take a deeper, like, is, is financial individually financially?

[00:12:46] Do I have a vision of where I’m going to go? Am I putting myself in the right atmosphere? The right culture, right? You’ve heard us talk about this, a fair amount that your environment that you put yourself in. If you look around in your [00:13:00] atmosphere, Who are your five closest friends. And if you look around and you are top dog, if you are at the pinnacle of your five closest friends, it is time to level up, right?

[00:13:11] Whether that’s mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, for whatever it is you got to put yourself. You’ve got to be intentional about putting yourself in the atmosphere and the culture. That will fulfill the vision that you’ve already cast for your life. And then the structure that you can have around that, the things that you can put in place the [00:13:30] order, right?

[00:13:30] Like, okay, I’m going to wake up at 5:00 AM every morning because I have to do this. This is so important for me to create the movement and the momentum that’s going to allow me to go forth and multiply. That’s going to allow me to have honor and be able to have a day of rest. I think you guys are following me here, that there’s a structure in order, we serve a God of structure and order and he knows what’s up.

[00:13:54] So when we look at vision, vision is not sight. Kay. God did not see. He didn’t [00:14:00] physically see, it was vast. It was void. There was nothing. He said, let there be light, which allowed them vision to be cast. And then he created the atmosphere and then he created the structure and then he created the order. So if we think about like sun and moon stars, that’s where like the physical light that we’re seeing is actually taking place.

[00:14:21] And then he created the things that move. He established that rhythm in life, and then he created us. [00:14:30] And then he had the day of rest. And after every single day, he first off every single one of these verses started with God said, and every single one of them ended with it was good. So if God said it was good, we know it’s good.

[00:14:49] And on the seventh day, the last time he said it was good. It wasn’t just good. It was very good. So this is the template that we have been given to walk out anything, [00:15:00] anything that we have in our life. If it’s, if it’s relationships, if it’s our mental health, our emotional health physically, how do I want to look?

[00:15:08] How do I want to feel? Do I have a vision for that? Can I put myself in the right atmosphere, the right culture? Can I establish the right disciplines? That’s going to allow me to put myself in the right area. That’s going to give me the right disciplines to create that structure. Now, do I have an order?

[00:15:28] Am I being accountable? Am I, [00:15:30] am I getting into this rhythm, this movement? That’s going to allow me to go forth, multiply and take dominion. That’s going to allow me to have honor and being able to demonstrate that honor on that seventh day, that Sabbath day of rest. All right. I think you guys are following me here and again, not just in business, but if any area let’s take your relationship again, let’s go back to your spouse or a boyfriend, girlfriend, and you’re looking to date.

[00:15:55] You’re courting them, right? If I am looking at. My [00:16:00] wife. And I’m just feeling like, man, we’re just not, we’re just not like CNI. We don’t have this rhythm. We’re struggling in that area of just like, man, we don’t have the passion that we used to have. I would look at that and think of like, is there’s no momentum, there’s no movement.

[00:16:17] We’re not doing things together. There’s no rhythm in our life. Can I go back to the previous state order? Can I create things, put things in place like those date nights. [00:16:30] Can I put those specific things in place? That’s going to create the structure. That’s going to allow me to have discipline. That’s going to be in the atmosphere for my family, for our relationship, and it then starts with vision.

[00:16:41] So are you and your spouse on the same page on where we’re heading? The direction that we’re looking to go? Are we crystal clear with that? And then can we surround ourselves with other loving, caring members of our family or, or other couples? Can we do couple night date night? Can we do marriage retreats?

[00:16:59] Do we have that [00:17:00] structure? The disciplines that we are committed to this? No matter what, because if we are, then we can create order. We can put the things in place that we have date night, we have that weekend retreat, right? And then we’ve got the momentum and movement. Now we are creating that relationship in which we are multiplying.

[00:17:16] God, it gets to multiply the things that we do. That’s what the seven days of creation that is God’s business plan for us, right? As the CEOs of our life, you should look at this [00:17:30] structure. You should look at this order and every one of those five power pillars, your mental health, your emotional health. Do you have a vision for emotionally how I’m going to respond when times get tough?

[00:17:43] If you do, are you putting yourself in the right atmosphere, the right culture, or I don’t really have a clear vision. So I’m putting myself in a culture that when times get tough, I got a fridge full of beer that I can go grab. These are some real things, guys, some practical things that you’ve [00:18:00] got to understand what your triggers are, and then put yourself be intentional in the atmosphere, the culture who you’re surrounding yourself to have the disciplines in place to

[00:18:09] create the order.

[00:18:10] That rhythm

[00:18:11] Rylee Meek: [00:18:11] of life, so you can create the momentum so you can go forth and multiply. Okay. Mentally the same thing. Do I have the vision that I have? I’m optimistic. I am I putting myself in the right situation, the right mindset at people. Am I reading the right books. [00:18:30] Okay. Am I consuming? That’s part of atmosphere, the culture.

[00:18:33] Am I consuming the right content, listening to podcasts, listening to books, reading the word of God, the most important thing you could probably do. And then do I have those disciplines to make that happen? Like, do I have that plan now? Do I have the order in place? Like my clock is set. I’m waking up at 5:00 AM to do these things right.

[00:18:52] Or do we struggle with the movement and the momentum of gaining that? Because we keep hitting snooze. Okay. Cause if that’s the, if that’s the case, we’re never going to be [00:19:00] able to go forth and multiply and take dominion. All right guys. I hope this cleared up some questions on what God’s business plan is the seven day of creation template.

[00:19:12] It’s God given it works every single time from the time of creation to today, it works every single time. We are the only variables are we walking out God’s business plan for us, if you’re [00:19:30] not. What’s the vision for your life. Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? And if you’re not get clear on it, your vision, do you want to go in that direction?

[00:19:40] Do you want more for you? Do you want more for your family, for your business? Do you have that desire? And if you do, you got to put yourself. Around like mindset at people. And if that’s you, you don’t know where to go. I mean, you’ve got your local church. You can find your buddies. Make [00:20:00] sure again that you’re not that top dog, you’re not the lead dog of the pack.

[00:20:03] Now. There’s certainly a time where that is important, right? As we are being able to pour into others. But if you look at your top five closest friends, your circle of your five closest friends, and if you are top dog, you are not in a circle. You are in a cage. And it’s time to level up. And if that’s you, I challenge you.

[00:20:21] I’m PLUR. You. To text us (727) 472-3860. Text the word king, [00:20:30] K I N G male or female. We are a tribe of like mindseted people. That’s it. When we say the word king, the King’s counsel, we’re talking about the one and only king, right? It ain’t about, I am a king. This isn’t a boastful thing. No, no, no. I’m here.

[00:20:45] I’m on this earth to serve the one and only king. And that’s what this is all about. So if it’s, if you’re looking to level up, if you want to put yourself in an atmosphere, but you just need help creating that structure, the disciplines you need help creating the order. Those things are gonna allow you to get the [00:21:00] momentum that are gonna allow you to multiply, to scale your business, to be an impact, to be the legacy right now.

[00:21:07] So you can leave the legacy for the next generation. Then you got a text, a seven two seven four seven two. Three eight, six, zero. Love you guys. I look forward to meeting you guys very, very soon.

[00:21:23] thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Kings council podcast. For more information on the Kings council and becoming the [00:21:30] CEO of your own life. Visit kinks council coaching.com. Today, you can also follow us on Instagram. At King’s council coaching. We’ll see you next time. .