Ep 62 – The True Meaning of Biblical Success Pt. 3

By:  Rylee Meek, host of the King’s Council Podcast and co-founder of King’s Council Coaching

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Episode 62

The True Meaning of Biblical Success Pt. 3

As you know, we have been diving into the last couple of weeks of this topic around success, and this week, we’re finishing up the series around success. Christian Edwards joins Rylee on the podcast to help wrap up the final part of the success series.

So let’s get right into it.

Run the Race to Win

As you guys know, there is worldly success and then there is true biblical kingdom success. The Bible says we run the race to win and knowing that you could be successful at so many things in life and still feel short, maybe even feel like a failure. True success is knowing and committing your life to Christ, understanding that he provides all the success you have ever wanted and needed.

And when you commit to Christ, you’re committing to the race of life, the one you were meant to run. Many of us in today’s society have become wary of commitment. We focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do have. We think more is better, constantly seeking upgrades all the time. Now, there is nothing wrong with improving areas of your life but when it comes without a spiritual commitment to your faith, is it truly the success God wants for you, or is it your own worldly success that you are aligning yourself with?

Ask yourself this question and know that everything you do should be in alignment with the commitment to running the race to win.

You Were Created to Worship

Your purpose and your mission are all centered around worship. God made you to worship and walk in faith with him. And the true test here on earth is that of knowing you will be tested and true success comes from leaning into the faith God will always provide for you when you have faith in him.

There have been many people highlighted on the podcast who embody what much of our society embraces as success with money, power, and fame. But true success is finding worship and praise to the Lord for he has made you in his image. Your continued success comes from God and aligning your purpose in him. Think about the power of worship and you can implement it into your life. Remember Paul when he was asked to carry on the message of God and of the Kingdom. He committed his life to his mission and aligned himself in workshop and faith. While we’re not saying you should be Paul, we are empowering you to take ownership of your faith and remove the idea that any sort of success can be done on your own and without God. This is not the case. You must have God to achieve true purpose and success. You must commit your life to Christ. It is the only way to true purpose.

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