Ep 61 – The True Meaning of Biblical Success Pt. 2

By:  Rylee Meek, host of the King’s Council Podcast and co-founder of King’s Council Coaching

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Episode 61

The True Meaning of Biblical Success Pt. 2

This week we’re continuing our series on success and if you haven’t yet, go check out the last episode, Episode 60, on success. For Rylee, success has evolved dramatically from this idea of freedom and the driving force to obtain as much wealth as possible. It was really what was going to do it for him until he recommitted his life to Christ and understood his true purpose on this earth.

Many of us want success so badly we are willing to do anything possible to obtain it and we look everywhere else except the BIBLE!

Yes, the Bible. It has every single thing there needed for us to be successful. All we have to do is follow it. It’s challenging at times to track everything the Bible says about success and living through God’s will. But know it can be done. You just have to define your success through the will of God.

Let’s get into it!

What’s Success in God’s Eyes

Most of society deems success with money, family, house with a white picket fence, and it’s not what success is all about.

It’s much bigger than that. It’s God-driven. See, God wants you to succeed and thrive by living out his purpose for you. Sure, you can achieve everything in life, but you will not feel satisfied if you are not living and fulfilling your God-given purpose. God wants you to be bold and strong and take on the call to serve the world in his name. Joshua 1:8 and 1 Kings 2:3 are two pieces of scripture you should read about what God has asked of you. If you’re going to take on this task of receiving responsibilities that he has for you, take them on with great strength, and courage.

God also defines success as not that of monetary possession but rather taking ownership of the mission he has for you and executing. He wants you and all of the love you have as the greatest commandment that Jesus stated.

So look at your definition of success and ask if it is in alignment with what God wants you to have.

Follow the Instruction Manual God Provided

God has given you an instruction manual for success. So often, we are pulled towards other platforms and people who define success and ignore the Bible, which has everything needed to live a life of success and in God’s name. Just like last week, the story of Solomon is mentioned as an example of asking for wisdom rather than worldly possession. This is asking God for wisdom and making the right decisions through his name and word to be successful, not other people or platforms dictating world success.

If you want true success in your life, it is through the Bible you will find it. The only things that matter are the things that last for eternity. No matter what you obtain or what your worldly successes are, if it is not in the will of God, it does not matter. God has a purpose, and you have a purpose.

Do things through him and you will find everything that you need.

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