Ep 60 – The True Meaning of Biblical Success

By:  Rylee Meek, host of the King’s Council Podcast and co-founder of King’s Council Coaching

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Episode 60

The True Meaning of Biblical Success

I am super excited about diving into this topic today because it’s one that I have strived for a good chunk of my life. If you have listened to some of our podcast episodes and you’re reading this article right now, I know that you have something much deeper inside of you that’s hungry for more.

And so we’re going to talk about success. First and foremost, I believe every human wants to be successful and the problem so many of us have is surrounding success is that we have a skewed view of what success really means. I used to be obsessed with having my own idea of success and it wasn’t until I dug into the Bible that I found it. The beginning of true biblical success, the beginning where it begins is accepting Christ as your savior, receiving him into your life, the forgiveness of your sins. It is only at that point that transformation can take place.

Let’s get into it!

It’s Normal to Desire Success

We all want to be successful. Why is that? Why do we have this innate desire to be successful?
It’s because God wired you this way. He wired you to be successful and through him, you will. He told us to be fruitful, multiply, have dominion and subdue the earth so it is built within you to be successful.

And the best part about this desire is that there is a playbook just for you. The Bible outlines exactly what you need to be successful. No games. No gimmicks. Just do exactly what is outlined in the good book and you will obtain success.

A lot of people try so hard to be successful thinking they can do it all on their own and achieve success. And if you’re one of those people, you don’t have to do success on your own. God is on your side. He’s the creator, not a creator. He made you to achieve and live out your full potential.

Allow yourself to desire success and go after it

What the Bible Says About Success
The Bible is the only thing you need about success. And in it, God gives you the 10 commandments. He gave us the rules, restrictions, laws, and principles that work every single time.

Now there is a difference between worldly success and biblical success and this is why I believe that many people struggle with success because they have this viewpoint and it’s quite skewed with what success looks like. A lot of us place success in a monetary fashion including myself at one point in my life where all I thought I had to do be successful is be extremely wealthy. When I found my faith and matured in Christ, I began to understand that worldly success provides only so much while God provides everlasting fulfillment.

If you allow being immersed in the word of God, you will truly understand what success is. Read Joshua 1:8 and see that all you have to do is read the owner’s manual that has been given unto you and meditates on it night and day. You will then have prosperity and become successful.

If You Want Success Ask God For This

Here’s a story for you from First Kings Chapter Three. The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and God said what do you want? Ask and I will give it to you.

Solomon responded with wisdom and asked God for it. God was pleased that Solomon asked for wisdom and replied that because Solomon asked for wisdom and governing people with justice and not asking for long life or wealth, God would grant him wisdom that no one else ever had or will have. And I will give you all the things you did not ask for which is money and fame.

When I read that I was blown away because how many of us have asked God for money instead of wisdom? How many of us have asked God for fame and recognition thinking that will bring us all the success we want and need?

All of us have. Every single one of us has looked at money and fame as solving our problems that if we just ask God for those things, we will just get them and that’s it.

That’s not success. Success is much bigger than what we do hear on earth and if you have read the story of Solomon, Solomon wanted wisdom to lead God’s people. Solomon wanted to be a leader and serve and that made God happy. It was not a worldly ask for success rather it was in alignment with what God had assigned to him.

Your success will come from aligning yourself with what God has planned for you. Through his design, you will receive it all. But you must ask for success in service of his name, not yours. Ask for success to lead and serve, to have the wisdom to live through who he is and his plan for you.

That is true success.

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