Ep 59 – The True Meaning of Community

By:  Rylee Meek, host of the King’s Council Podcast and co-founder of King’s Council Coaching

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Episode 59

The True Meaning of Community

Many of us believers only congregate during Church organized activities. And while congregating at Church is of the utmost importance to us of faith, it should not be the only time we organize as a community. Other walks of faith get together so much more than worshipping and it shows with the amount of influence and economic growth happening with each community investing their time, money, and energy into others in all aspects of their life. 

(Trust us, the statistics below into what other communities are creating economically is shocking!)

So why haven’t Christians adopted this communal model? Why haven’t we begun to invest in others of the same faith and practice?

This week’s episode features Rylee’s dear friend Tim who has launched a new platform that helps kingdom-minded individuals connect with like-minded business owners. Tim dives into the true meaning of community, how money multiplies in communities, and much more so dive into the article below.

Taking Care of One Another

During Tim’s experiences, working in the Muslim community on what it really meant to be part of a community. He noticed when Muslims help other Muslims they help each other in every aspect of life: business, ministry, relationships, you name it. There is constant involvement and statistically, every dollar that goes into the Muslim Community, transfers 14-16 times within the community. 

That is a huge number showing that communities are focused on helping other members of the community especially those loyal to faith. For Christians, the setup is a little different. Christians tend to gather on Sundays mostly, Wednesdays sometimes, and other days of the week, and these gatherings act as a box only to practice spirituality and faith as a believer. 

Tim’s main takeaway from sharing his observation is that a true community is being involved in all aspects of other community members’ lives. It’s not just gathering at church, praying together, doing things only through gatherings. It’s operating outside of the church as well in helping each and every aspect of the community members. 

The Power of Money in the Community

As Tim mentioned above, money transfer within communities happens 14-16 times before it leaves. The more times the community circulates the money and keeps it within the community, supporting other members, the more influence comes about, especially on an economic level. 

A shocking statistic Tim said on the podcast was that Christians pass money to one another 0-1 time and he said this may be due to the way Christians take on stewardship. With stewardship, we’re always looking for the best way and use of our dollar, but often times we may miss the mark because we’re looking at where to spend our money as opposed to looking where to spend our money with other Christians and keeping it within the community. The Kingdom Money Principles speak of the fruit we harvest depending on the seeds we plant and if we as believers expect money to multiply in the Kingdom, we have to look at where and how we are investing our money into our own community. 

A simple opportunity for you as a believer is to look at where you are putting your money currently and ask if any of these businesses are faith-based and believer-based. If they are not, look into who can provide the same quality of services that are more aligned with your faith to help propel the power of money in the community. 

How to Be Kingdom Minded

If you’re looking to become Kingdom Minded and operate based on Kingdom Money Principles, you must recognize that every day is a spiritual day, and every day matters for the Kingdom. Every action you take impacts the Kingdom. God knows where your heart lies. He knows what you are going to do yet you have the ability to make decisions and operate. This is based on the wisdom He gives you and where you are sowing the seeds He provides for you because remember that God is in the seed giving business. 

God works in the supernatural and at any point in time, He can put His super into our natural. It’s important that you create intention and influence in the Christian community by sowing into other faith-based believers, into their product and service. You can also do this through tithing. Imagine the impact you can have with tithing and investing in believers. Those Kingdom Money Principles will work so much in your favor. 

God’s work for you is done in this type of kingdom-minded investment you are creating by building other faith-based believers and their businesses up. Align yourself where you want to sow into others who value and believe in what you do. 

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