Ep 50 – The Key to Understanding and Communicating with Your Recipient

By: Rylee Meek, host of the King’s Council Podcast and co-founder of King’s Council Coaching

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Episode 50

The Key to Understanding and Communicating with Your Recipient

This week on the King’s Council Podcast we finalize our discussion about communication by discussing the recipient.

In order to create and deliver a message successfully, we’ve got to understand our recipient. Every person communicates differently, and this usually reflects their unique personality, belief system, and perspective of the world.

Learning to Understand Different Perspectives and Belief Systems

Each individual person has developed their own perception of reality. It may not be your perception of reality, but it’s theirs. The goal is to deliver your message in a way it will be received and welcomed by the recipient. In order to do that, you have to understand their reality and speak to it.

Cultural and generational differences may play a part, but there are certain communication techniques that will work no matter who your recipient is.

Meet them where they’re at, pace them, and then lead them down the path to the decision that you want them to make.

How Can You Meet Your Recipient Where They’re At?

If your recipient is angry or upset, stepping in to quickly solve the problem or disregard their emotions is not the best strategy. As the sender, you will be much more successful when you meet them where they’re at instead.

Get angry alongside them. Sympathize with their feelings. When you’re in stride with them, you are building rapport. Join them and create a sense of unity against a common problem. This will lead them down the path to a calmer state and create an environment where they can make a logical decision.

Learn to Build Trust With Your Recipient

Another big component is building trust with your recipient. Ask yourself these three questions when thinking about your recipient:

  1. Do they know you?
  2. Do they like you?
  3. Do they trust you?

You have to build rapport with someone in order to gain their trust. One technique is matching and mirroring. We naturally gravitate to people that are like us.

When communicating with someone, you can do little subtle things like crossing your leg if they are, crossing your arms if they are, or nodding the head if they are. This is a small way to mirror your recipient, build rapport, and create trust.

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