Ep 48 – How You Can Be a Successful Communicator in Life

By: Rylee Meek, host of the King’s Council Podcast and co-founder of King’s Council Coaching

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Episode 48:

How You Can Be a Successful Communicator in Life

Welcome back to another week of the King’s Council. I’m your host Rylee Meek. Today, we’re going to dive into the topic of communication. Communication is probably the most under-valued skill set that we can learn and become better at over time.

But first, I want to make sure that we understand what communication is and what it involves. Communication is simply an act of transferring information from one person, place, or group to another.

There are three important components to communication. There’s a sender, the message itself, and then there’s the recipient. The transmission of the message from the sender to the recipient can be affected by a number of different things such as the setting or medium of our message.

There are certain skills and tactics that we can learn to communicate effectively. There is a huge difference between simply communicating a message and communicating that message effectively. When you are the sender, it is important to understand the aspects that influence whether a message is being received the way you intended it. Two people can hear the same thing and have completely different understandings of it.

Examining One Another Commands

As believers, communication is a skill we have to choose to learn. We can do that if we submit to the word of God and then actually choose to work it out.

So let’s start by looking at one another commands. Scripture tells us to love one another, forgive one another, be servants to one another, pray for one another, build up one another, greet one another, and not speak evil of one another. There are so many of these in the Bible.

If we’re to love one another, the love of Christ should be the catalyst for that. This positive communication within all of the relationships we have in our lives. These commands should be a guide to walking our lives as believers. When we learn to communicate effectively, we’re no longer just hearers of the word but also doers of the word.

How Do We Successfully Communicate With God

We are all communicating with how we dress, how we carry ourselves, and so many other parts of ourselves. Everything is a form of communication. So are you communicating clearly? Are you communicating to the extent that you want somebody to understand?

Before I can communicate effectively with anybody else, I need to first communicate with God. One of the best ways to communicate with God is to listen.

Ask yourself: are you spending time with God, or are you listening to God? It’s not just us speaking, declaring, praying, and asking for things, but it’s a form of listening. We need to read diligently, study, memorize, and even meditate on His word. That’s ultimately our playbook for life.

How Should We Communicate With Each Other

In the Bible, James 1:19 speaks clearly on this subject. He says, “my dear brothers, take note of this; everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become”

The best way to be sure that our mouth is pure is to be aware of what’s in our hearts. If our hearts are filled with ungodliness, it’s going to come out in our speech eventually. When people spew hate or mean comments online, all of that comes from the heart. So it’s important to remember to always communicate with kindness and love.

Learning to Successfully Communicate the Word of God

I think the most important communication to man should certainly be the fulfillment of the great commission. We are to communicate the gospel of Christ to a world that so desperately needs to hear it. How we communicate this is so important.

It’s not just the words we say but how we say something that’s most important. In a verbal message, only 7% of what’s received is made up of the words that are said. 38% comes from the tone, and 55% is actually from physiology or body language. It’s all based on how the sender encodes a message to the recipient.

The Three Key Steps to Effective Communication

There are three steps to great communication, especially if you’re looking to get a message across and provide a call to action. As the sender, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do we want them to know?
  2. How do we need them to feel?
  3. And what do we need them to do?

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