Ep 45 – How God’s Purpose Prevails with Caleb Spitler.

By: Rylee Meek, host of the King’s Council Podcast and co-founder of King’s Council Coaching

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Episode 45:

Proximity is Power: An Interview with King’s Council’s Caleb Spitler

Welcome to another week of the King’s Council Podcast! This week I sat down with our Director of Member Relationships, Caleb Spitler, to talk about his journey with God and his experiences in the business world.

Who is Caleb Spitler?

Caleb grew up as a pastor’s kid in a small town in Wisconsin. The Christain community and church planting has always been a significant part of his life. He was a youth group kid that eventually went to college primarily to play soccer, and his dream was to become a physical therapist. He envisioned that church would still be a part of this life he was building, but not the focus anymore.

However, during his freshman year of college, God really changed all of that. He took him on a completely different path. Caleb spent nine months in Nicaragua doing missionary work planting churches. He did church planting throughout other states, and then he traveled to Europe for a year to continue the same type of work.

The one common thread that guided him across the world was that he wanted to be wherever God was moving. This also allowed him to seek out different mentors along the way. His goal was to follow God and meet with like-minded people living the kind of life he wanted to live.

He made a lot of sacrifices early on in his journey as well:

  • Sleeping on people’s floors.
  • Paying what he needed to pay.
  • Throwing his career to the wind.

During this stage of life, his main goal was to get to know Jesus better and understand his will.

And what I really want to honor in his story is his discipline along this journey. When he first reached out to me through Instagram, I instantly realized there was something in this guy that I want to be close to.

The Power of Mentorship

One of the most important things I encourage is to do whatever it takes to get around people who could mentor you. That is the strength of my life. When you reach out to someone new, someone who could be your mentor, there’s a boldness in it. Are they going to respond back? Will I look foolish? Is this silly? All those things. Sell whatever you have to. Move wherever you need to go and find mentors.

Who are those mentors? The people that you want your life to look like. Go find those people because proximity is power.

While talking with Caleb, I asked what it was that first made him want to reach out to King’s Council and start that conversation. He loved seeing Christian entrepreneurs rise up and start to take dominion over a sphere of the world that he believes is God-given.

He loved seeing a group of people come together and say, “alright, let’s teach you how to make more money.” As a community, we aim to bring our skills and abilities together to level up. And then use those skills for the Kingdom and a bigger purpose. It’s not just about having a nicer house or a nicer car.

And the second thing that drew him to us was the idea of doing stuff interdenominational. He pointed out that oftentimes when churches come together, there can be arguments over doctrine and whatnot. There are thousands of denominations in the U.S., and every time Christians essentially believe something different, instead of listening to each other and working it out, they divide.

Doctrine is absolutely important, but there’s also a mission that’s bigger than some of our doctrinal arguments. There is something so central to the heart of God to see people from all different walks of life and from all different denominations come together.

Learning the Grace of God Through Failure

Caleb’s time spent in Nicaragua was full of interesting stories and experiences, from witches and prank curses to sleeping in the jungle. He noticed how powerfully God was moving through him and creating miracles. However, his time in rainy England was very different. His main focus was street evangelism, which meant walking up to strangers and starting a cold conversation about God. This trip was not nearly as successful as his time spent in Nicaragua.

He felt like he had failed as a missionary and God had taken away his favor. He felt like he had failed everyone that supported him. After returning to the states, he had no money, job, or experience. His church community supported him through this season of life, and he realized God had not forgotten him at all.

He learned from that experience that it’s only by God’s grace that he was able to accomplish anything. The grace of God may have crushed his pride, but it also called him into his purpose.

And this really emphasizes a concept we talk a lot about on King’s Council: there’s no real failure. There’s only feedback.

It’s a perspective of the season of life that we’re going through. What took place? What happened? How can we receive that? Accept it. And then move forward from there. That was a season that Caleb learned a lot from, but he was able to weather the storm, call it, and then come back and receive God’s blessings on that.

Growing a Business Mindset in a Small Town

The next season of his life took him to a small town in Minnesota to continue his work with the church. There were only two jobs: gutter installation or cold calling. He ended up with the cold calling position, which involved calling companies and asking them if they need new wall clocks.

He had no business experience whatsoever, but he took off running with this job. He immediately had the mindset to do the best he possibly could with this opportunity. Eventually, knocked on his boss’ door and asked for a promotion.

Before long, he became the top rep there

It was then that he knew the grace of God in his life for business, which was a big shift from missionary work and church planting. From there he continued to grow, taking on a life insurance job and continuing to win sales competitions. And finally, he joined our team at the King’s Council, which has allowed him to combine his passions of business and ministry.

Finding Power in Proximity

One of the main reasons he switched from life insurance to working at King’s Council was due to him seeking out mentorship. He wanted to be close to people that could teach him about money and walk alongside him on that journey with God. Kings create kings, so it is vital to surround yourself with the right mentors. Again, proximity is power in life.

When looking for your mentors, ask yourself…

  • Who could I be around?
  • What do I need to do?
  • Are there possible sacrifices that needed to be made to do that?

It’s exciting to think about who’s going to reach out and send the next message like Caleb did. Who’s going to be the next person that God joins us together with? There are so many people out there that are doing some great things, but maybe they’re doing it on their own. I can’t wait for King’s Council to be a hub for those people and continue to create a space where we can all come together.

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