Ep 42 – The Power of Tribe and Community and 3 Important Keys To Create Powerful Relationships.

By: Rylee Meek, host of the King’s Council Podcast and co-founder of King’s Council Coaching

Episode 42

We’re either progressing or regressing; growing or dying. How do we progress and grow?

God calls us to be one with one another and one with him. This week, Rylee and Christian Edwards remind us why it’s so important to be in a community with like-minded people. We must surround ourselves with those who are on the same mission so we can feel God’s presence. That doing life together approach can have such an impact on us as individuals and we will go so much further together.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What the power of community and tribe looks like 3:14
  • What the Bible says about oneness and the power it creates 8:49
  • The impact of living the race alone and isolating 24:24

Episode 42: 3 Important Keys To Create Powerful Relationships

 It’s the beginning of the holiday season and this week, I am hangin at my house around the Christmas tree with none other than my brother in Christ, Christian Edwards. For those of you who may not know Christian, he’s our Spiritual Advisor at the King’s Council and is truly one of the most remarkable people I have ever known.

His spirit, wisdom, and how he approaches his relationship with the Lord is unparalleled and I’m extremely grateful to have him on this episode of the King’s Council Podcast.

Before I get into some of the key takeaways about the episode, I want to share with you that investing in your relationships is one of the most important things you can do in life. Without people, without strong relationships and a community to be a part of, it’s very difficult to not only succeed in business but in life.

If you have been struggling in building relationships or prioritizing fellowship in your life, this post is just for you. You can always reach out to me on Instagram @theryleemeek if you have any questions or want to know more about how to create powerful relationships in your life.

Alright! Let’s get into it.

Key #1: Find a Way to Get Around the People You Want to Be Around

Plain and simple, you have to find a way to get a seat at the table of the people you want to be around. Since the age of 15, I have made it a priority to get in the same room with people who had the fruit in their life that I desired.

These opportunities may require you to pay to get in the room through mastermind groups, group coaching programs like the King’s Council, or other events and seminars. Having paid my fair share to get into those rooms, I can tell and even prove the power of doing so. I do want to stress the importance of doing your research into what groups or programs would work best with what you are looking for before randomly throwing money into your networking opportunities. Not all groups or programs are created equal so do your due diligence!

Now if moneys tight, there are opportunities that you can create with service rather than paying to get into the room. One of the best ways is to volunteer or offer services to gain access. Think of the things you know would be valuable to others whether in business or personally and see how you serve a group you want to be a part of. Now, not all programs will take pro-bono services but there are some powerful programs that do.

Whatever it takes, make sure you find a way to get into the room.

Key #2: Ask for Help from Your Brothers and Sisters

Being a believer, I have always loved the concept of fellowship and Christian shared with me on the episode an amazing explanation of what the Bible says of fellowship and relationships.

Christian mentions that oneness is understanding that God is within you and the reciprocation of that is surrendering your life back to the Lord through prayer, communion, teaching of the word and fellowship. He shares a passage from the Bible John 17:20-21 where Jesus says

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.

There is so much strength in that statement where Jesus prayed for us to be one with him through the message and to be one with the lord. That father son relationship is incredibly powerful. The enemy is always looking to divide us, to find a way to separate us as Christians through arguments and disagreements.

God did not call you to be alone. He called you to live in harmony with one another, to connect and serve one another. And when you become discouraged, your tendency may be to isolate, to run away. You may stop going to church. You may stop praying. That is what the enemy wants to do to you. He wants to keep you from connecting and being around your tribe of people.

In those moments, remember the concept of oneness. Don’t run away from your discouragement. Run towards it. Call a brother or sister. Ask for prayer from others. Ask for wisdom and help.

Key #3: You Are Who The 5 People You Surround Yourself With

If you’re not inspired by the 5 closest people you surround yourself with, then it’s time you get yourself some new people to be around.

The 5 closest people you surround yourself with have a big impact on your life and influence almost every decision that you make. Some of you may have childhood friends. Some of these people are probably family to you and have been there through every win and loss in your life.

While these people may be important to you, you may be doing a disservice to yourself if they are not pushing or ultimately inspiring you to be better. The 5 closest people around you should hold you accountable, encourage you, and push you to be great.

If they are complaining about their situation, or even showing signs of jealousy, they don’t have your best interest at heart. Unfortunately, these types of people will hold you back. Evaluate your circle. See if they are inspiring you to be better. Ask yourself if they truly want what’s best for you. You’ll know what to do once you get the answers.