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If you’re in a season right now, know that God’s got a plan. There is a reason you’re in the season right now. If God has you in a test, in a trial, or has allowed this tribulation behind it, trust that there’s a reason behind it.

Simply put, you have to faith God has your back.

In this episode of the podcast, Rylee is joined by none other than the spiritual advisor of the King’s Council Christian Edwards for another brilliant episode about faith. The guys chat about how to strengthen your faith muscle, why prayer is a version of practicing faith, and how having grace increases your faith.

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    What It Means to Have Faith

    [00:00:00] Christian Edwards: [00:00:00] A lot of times, it’s going to take a struggle. It’s going to take that strain, that faith muscle, just like any other muscle in our body, that strain. So if you’re in a season right now know that God’s got a plan, there’s a reason you’re in the season right now. And if God has you in a test or has you in this trial or is allow this tribulation to come your way.

    [00:00:24] Trust that there’s reason behind it. And you can either, you can face it like [00:00:30] that baby, who I’m over, trying to get him changed. He’s us fighting. Listen, bro. The clothes are getting on you. You can fight all you want, but you’re going to have these clothes on. When God is doing a work in your life, you could fight it or you can say, all right, God, I surrender to you.

    [00:00:44] I trust in you not to just lay down and say that whatever you want to do, but to say, no, God, I trust in you. I trust you. Your will is better than mine. I surrender to you, whatever your plan is, I am going to be obedient and I’m going to [00:01:00] actively walk it out. I’m not just going to sit here and say, all right, God, you control me.

    [00:01:04] We’re not pumping. We have to walk this thing out ourselves.

    [00:01:23] the King’s council helps you discover.

    [00:01:26] Rylee Meek: [00:01:26] In deploy your God given talents. Now our [00:01:30] vision is to get you on the right path to your framework of success. By focusing on the five power pillars, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial. Now the King’s counsel is not your average coaching program. It’s much more than that.

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    [00:02:11] Christian Edwards: [00:02:11] counsel coaching.com

    [00:02:13] Rylee Meek: [00:02:13] today to speak to one of our team members about how you can level up in all areas of your life today. This episode is brought to you by gospel canvas gospel canvas is re-imagining Christian art for today’s generation [00:02:30] of Christians. That exclusive collections are custom unique and a beautiful reminder of the power of salvation and hope.

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    [00:03:07] All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Kings council podcast. I am sitting here with none other than Mr. Christian, Edward, what’s up. What’s

    [00:03:17] Christian Edwards: [00:03:17] up. What’s up bro, honor, to be here once again, just

    [00:03:21] Rylee Meek: [00:03:21] have you in my presence. So good. We’re sitting out here and I’m, uh, we’re out on the lake, Minnesota summer lake living.

    [00:03:28] Does it get much?

    [00:03:30] [00:03:30] Christian Edwards: [00:03:30] Yeah. When I think about Minnesota, I don’t think about this. Yeah, this is beautiful, dude.

    [00:03:35] Rylee Meek: [00:03:35] That’s what I’m saying. You came here in the winter and what did I say, dude? Just have a little. They write faith, which is what we’re going to be talking about today. Hey man. Yeah, man. We were, so guys, we were prepping for this a little bit beforehand and we’re like, man, this could go in so many different directions and we’re kind of like, strategizing, should we talk about this or this or this?

    [00:03:57] And we were like, you know what, let’s just have a little faith [00:04:00] that this conversation’s going to go in the direction that, that God wants it to. I believe that, you know, whoever’s listening right now is, is gonna, you know, The words, because faith grows by hearing of the word. Yep. And we’re going to go through a number of different components on this, on how we can increase our faith.

    [00:04:20] But when we talk about faith, I mean, at the core of it, a lot of people think of Christianity. That’s like the kind of the core of it is like faith. Right? You believe in [00:04:30] God, you believe in Jesus that he died rose again, something, yeah. It doesn’t really make sense logically on what we think of, you know, you die, you live and then you die, but this guy rose again.

    [00:04:43] So it takes faith to believe in that. And if, what is it in Hebrew? He like, he was just kind of like the book of faith in the Bible. I think isn’t that kind of what it’s called. Hebrews 11.

    [00:04:54] Christian Edwards: [00:04:54] Yeah. Yeah. He reads 11. One says now by faith now faith is the [00:05:00] substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.

    [00:05:03] So faith is the evidence of things not seen, which is just. If you think about it, just your mind must blow up because faith is the evidence of what’s unseen. That’s remarkable. So how do you know it’s there, you know, through faith? Cause it’s,

    [00:05:19] Rylee Meek: [00:05:19] it’s a confidence in it because so many people are like, well, I believe it.

    [00:05:22] When I see. Like that doesn’t take any sort of faith that that’s just the no, duh. Yes. You’re going to believe

    [00:05:27] Christian Edwards: [00:05:27] it then. Yeah. I had a job Sears right [00:05:30] after I graduated high school in the summer. And there was this kid there, man. He was so annoying. All he talked about was Jesus. I’m that guy now. So I can say that about him.

    [00:05:40] Cause I’m that guy that always talks about Jesus now, but he, my. And I remember maybe it was, I had one year of college under my belt because I was majoring in criminal justice and I just wanted to be a cop, like my father, maybe a federal job. And, you know, I shared some of that when I share my testimony and [00:06:00] a few episodes back.

    [00:06:01] But you know, when you talk well, criminal justice and the burden of proof, all right, you have, I don’t have to prove that something doesn’t exist. You have to prove that something happened. You have to prove that something, it does exist. He, he told me, you know, God, I said, why do you believe in God? Well, because he’s real.

    [00:06:21] Why is he real show me that he’s real prove to me that he’s real well he’s here. He’s in this conversation. I was like, show him to me. And I [00:06:30] was, yeah. Rebellious at the time. And I wanted nothing to do with God at the time, but I was like, all right, the burden of proof is on you. You have to prove that to me.

    [00:06:40] But if he had done that, if he had prayed and Jesus Christ had come down in the midst of that conversation, what faith, what would be bestowed upon anybody? And, and the, the essence of Christianity is our faith. That’s how we’re saved through our. Man.

    [00:06:56] Rylee Meek: [00:06:56] That’s good. That is that’s. I mean, at the core of it [00:07:00] is that we think about, I don’t know if it’s different types of faith, but different, different, maybe growth spurts of faith that we, that we go through.

    [00:07:09] And there’s certainly in order to have faith in order to be, to have experienced salvation, to be saved by grace. It is.

    [00:07:18] Christian Edwards: [00:07:18] By faith. Yeah. Through faith, Ephesians two eight by grace, we are saved through faith and by grace alone, we are saved through faith alone in Christ alone. That’s it? [00:07:30] That’s how we’re saved.

    [00:07:31] It’s not of works. It’s not of anything that we do less any man should boast, but. And evidence of our faith is our works the way we walk it out the way we act.

    [00:07:43] Rylee Meek: [00:07:43] Yeah, that’s good. So when it’s the let’s talk, talk through this because it, if we can be just simply saved by faith, it’s not by works. Like we can just check the box.

    [00:07:53] Okay. I’m going to heaven, but faith can, we can continue to grow in our faith and mature. [00:08:00] As Christians, not no longer just, you know, drink or feed on milk, but actually have real food. And it can be grown in, in a few different ways. If we look at the scriptures and look at like the disciples, prayed, Lord grow our faith, increase our faith.

    [00:08:18] Prayer is a version of how we. I mean, it’s simple as just not only simple. I mean, it’s the simple gospel. Just have faith by just asking God into your heart and then [00:08:30] increase you, but your faith by just asking him to increase it. It’s prayer.

    [00:08:34] Christian Edwards: [00:08:34] It’s simple as that, but a lot of times when. When our faith increases when our faith grows, it’s probably because we went through something and God’s going to bring us through a journey for our faith to increase.

    [00:08:47] Could he supernaturally just kinda snap his fingers and we have more faith. Absolutely. Is faith a gift of the spirit? Yeah, it is. It’s one of the gifts, but I remember. [00:09:00] I sit in around a church. I, I used to serve, I was on a leadership team and the leaders were sitting around one evening and I believe it was the pastor’s wife was asking everybody, if you could have one spiritual gift, what would it be?

    [00:09:15] I’m like, all right, the gifts, a ton of this. Cool. You know, the gift of the sermon, you know, that’s cool. And I was like, you have to faith because if you don’t have the gift of faith, it was like game over. Right. Gift of faith. And I [00:09:30] remember saying that and I started praying for it, the gift of faith, you know, and believe me, like prophetic word is awesome that like the gifts of prophecy.

    [00:09:38] But I was like, if you have the gift of faith, like imagine just being able to. Dip into that, that bucket of faith in any situation. And I started praying for that. And Lucy. In our journey, we were struggling to have a baby. And shortly after that, she got pregnant and I was like, all right, this is [00:10:00] awesome.

    [00:10:00] And you know, for me, I was kind of thinking this manifested because my faith increased and you know, that the odds were stacked against us because Lucy, she had her tubes tied when we got married. But that spoke clearly to us that we were going to have a baby. So it turns out this Christian doctor literally walked into Lucy’s life and said, oh, You know, come to my office.

    [00:10:26] I, I might be able to do a surgery to reverse that [00:10:30] surgery. Yeah. So we did that, but we’re still struggling to have a baby. And now we’re a few years into our marriage and we got married at the age of 31. So it’s not like we were a young, necessarily a few years into it. And finally Lucy gets pregnant right.

    [00:10:45] Shortly after me praying for this gift of faith. I’m like, yes. And it turns out that. It’s an ectopic pregnancy and we lose the baby. And, oh man, that, I don’t [00:11:00] think either one of us had a lower time in either one of our lives. That was the hardest thing in the world, especially when there was so much hope and anticipation and so much expectancy, you know, we trusted in God for this and you know, me thinking, all right, this is, you know, this baby’s coming because of this increase in faith.

    [00:11:21] And then we lose the baby. And Lucy said to me, one night, she said, you know, when, when you said you, you desire to give to faith that you really [00:11:30] think it was going to come easy. And I was like, wow, that led first of all, for her to have that perspective where she. Took it harder than me probably. And not that I took it lightly at all, but she was in the same boat as me.

    [00:11:44] We just lost this baby that God had promised us and we had, so we had been awaiting. Yeah. But she said, you really think it was good, easy. And I was like, no, for, for this faith muscle to increase, it’s like, [00:12:00] how does any other muscle grow through straining it, working it working.

    [00:12:05] Rylee Meek: [00:12:05] Yeah. Perseverance the testing of our faith develops perseverance.

    [00:12:09] And

    [00:12:09] Christian Edwards: [00:12:09] if that didn’t test our faith, I don’t know what would, because actually after that, the, the journey before I’ve shared this on this podcast, I mean our testimony of actually having a baby finally last year, nine years. You know, eight and a half years into our marriage. [00:12:30] And we finally have a baby and I could look back on it now and see that journey of faith that God took us through.

    [00:12:38] From when we got married, he promised us a child Lucy’s tubes were tied. A doctor came into our life, which I thought would be the most amazing testimony ever because this doctor literally walked in front of Lucy’s desk at work and within 30 seconds. She knew Lucy’s tubes were tied, but God promised us a baby was like, it was like the perfect movie.

    [00:12:59] And then [00:13:00] still didn’t get Prairie. Years and years of struggling and try and just kind of, I don’t want to say necessarily doubting God, but questioning it, you know? And, and again, who are we to question God, you know, if God promises us something and we know like we hear from God, we were, I mean, we’re in tune with the holy spirit.

    [00:13:21] And we both heard from God, he was going to give us a baby. So who are we to question God, but I could look back and we actually wound up losing two [00:13:30] babies before we had. As he, and I could look back at this whole process and say, wow, I see how he was growing my faith, looking back on it. But when you’re in it, you’re like, oh man, this is tough.

    [00:13:43] You start questioning God, you start again. I don’t want to say doubt, but I was wavering. You know, I was like, man, Did you start to doubt yourself? Did I hear from God? Right? Did Lucy, did you hear from God? And we’re like, yeah, thanks. So, but, so God’s going to bring us through something. There’s going to [00:14:00] be a test.

    [00:14:00] There’s going to be a trial when it comes to growing up faith. Yeah, absolutely.

    [00:14:04] Rylee Meek: [00:14:04] Man. And that’s interesting because it isn’t like when you give your life to Christ, it’s you’re gonna, you’re gonna go. Phases that it’s like, everything is amazing. Like that romance type period it’s like this unbelievable.

    [00:14:19] This is, and then just, but just know that God, we’re going to go through different trials, different testings, tribulations, whatever you want to call it. And being able to walk that [00:14:30] faith out by first off, praying for it. So we increase our faith by praying for it. But probably when you’re in that season, it was like, okay, what do I do in this situation?

    [00:14:41] And we can also increase our faith by him. The word of God. So spending time in the word, understanding those verses, like when you read in James, like the testing of your faith develops perseverance, knowing that our, our freaking handbook is the word of God. [00:15:00] How do we. We talk about like, how do we do business?

    [00:15:03] How do we do relationships? But at the core of it, like, this is how we do life and you gotta have,

    [00:15:09] Christian Edwards: [00:15:09] yeah, you’re going to sing it.

    [00:15:14] The George Michael or limp biscuit edition.

    [00:15:17] Rylee Meek: [00:15:17] Oh man. I don’t want, I want people to continue to listen. I won’t. I have faith guys.

    [00:15:23] Christian Edwards: [00:15:23] Yeah. And I mean, like you said, faith is the foundation of. [00:15:30] Christianity. And that’s what it is. Well, I talk about Christianity. I don’t think of it as a religion, you know, cause it’s a hundred percent based upon my faith, my trusting dad in this relationship that I have with him.

    [00:15:42] So it’s the foundations that essence. Of this thing called Christianity of being a follower of Christ to believe like John three 16 to, to believe in him that God sent God sent his only begotten son to [00:16:00] die for us. That all who believe may have everlasting life, that not perish have everlasting life. And that, that belief that trust that faith.

    [00:16:11] That’s what it is, you know, it, by grace, through faith, we are saved and that’s just remarkable that we could put our faith in Jesus Christ and the work he did on a cross that he died in our place that he resurrected on the third [00:16:30] day that he he’s sitting at the right hand of the father in heaven right now.

    [00:16:34] We believe in that and we’re safe. That’s, that’s remarkable. And we’ve talked about on previous episodes that this belief, this where believe in John three 16, and it comes from the Greek word  and it, it means literally to trust in, to rely on and to cling to. No. So, so it’s not just your trustee. I believe I put my trust in, in Christ.

    [00:16:59] No, I [00:17:00] rely upon him. I’m a hundred percent dependent upon him and I’m clinging to him and I got to let go of all the things that a world I have to let go of sin. I have to turn from sin after repent, make that about face and completely latch on to Jesus.

    [00:17:16] Rylee Meek: [00:17:16] I mean, it makes me think of like that, that child, like faith, like even baby boy Ezzy right now, like he has to, when he looks at you too, you know, waddles over to you, it’s like breaches his [00:17:30] arms up.

    [00:17:31] Like he’s has faith. And like, you’re going to get him, you’re going to provide him the food, provide him the, the love, the nourishment, whatever it is. Like if we just had that childlike faith. Yeah. That would be a lot easier. We complicate this thing. Oh, hundred percent. It’s I mean, but it is, it there’s so many seeds of doubt or worry or anxiety, or just conflict that, that cause all of those feelings of emotions to [00:18:00] well up and again, I mean, how do we continue to grow in our faith? We, we certainly, we, we pray, we hear the word, we spend time in the word. I think it’s interesting. We increase our faith by hearing the word.

    [00:18:14] By hearing the word of God that I think it’s interesting. I don’t know if different versions use a different word here, but hearing it’s interesting that, you know, because I’m guessing back in Bible times, whenever this, that actual verse was written, it was [00:18:30] people going around and speaking and preaching. It wasn’t necessarily written in the scroll yet or something. So that’s how it was passed down because I mean, there’s been so many studies from the psychological standpoint that I totally geek out too on how people visualize in London. Like when you hear something that the imagery that we use in our mind is what imprints. So if we’re, if we’re just reading the words, this is why everybody learns differently. Like some people like to read and consume [00:19:00] it, digest it. And some people like to hear it. And, and because we hear it, we, we put pictures in our mind and we can emotionally attach things to us. So if we, if we. Anchor that, and I think this has God.

    [00:19:11] I mean, God knew this cause he literally created us. It took us 2000 years to conduct studies and be like, oh yeah, that is actually makes sense. If you hear the word that will increase your faith, not just read the word, but hear, listen to podcasts, listen to messages from them. You know, amazing pastors [00:19:30] and preachers that you

    [00:19:30] Christian Edwards: [00:19:30] admire.

    [00:19:31] How about testimonies? Testimonies? Yeah, we start our coaching calls with King’s counsel with . Yeah. You know, and how, how many, many times do we hear a God story from somebody else? And maybe we’re going through a rough season. We had a bad week, a bad day, whatever it may be, but we hear somebody else’s God’s story and that testimony increases our faith.

    [00:19:51] Yeah. That’s amazing.

    [00:19:53] Rylee Meek: [00:19:53] That’s good, man. That’s good. And the next thing I think we do it just in an increase in our faith is you’d mentioned this. [00:20:00] It’s like a muscle. We have to work it out. We have to put it under pressure that perseverance. And, but it doesn’t take a lot. It just, if it starts with this, that small.

    [00:20:10] Mustard seed. If we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can speak to this mountain and then it will move from there. And so I think that if the words that we speak are so powerful, if we can speak those words and put them into action, right? Like working, working it [00:20:30] out, I think a lack of faith. I wrote this down here.

    [00:20:35] A lack of faith is evidence. By the absence of action.

    [00:20:40] Christian Edwards: [00:20:40] Absolutely. That’s scripture. That’s James chapter two. Yeah, that, I mean, not verbatim, but a whole passage about faith without works is dead.

    [00:20:51] Rylee Meek: [00:20:51] A lack of faith without works

    [00:20:53] Christian Edwards: [00:20:53] is dead. Yeah, because not that. And again, uh, fusions to eight it’s by grace. We’re saved through faith.

    [00:21:00] [00:21:00] But that’s what saves us. It’s our, it’s our faith. It’s apart from our works. However, if the word. Don’t accompany. Our faith then is our faith actually living faith. And we all could take a look in the mirror. We all could self-assess right now and say, what’s the fruit of my faith? What, what do I do on a day-to-day basis that displays my love for Jesus Christ that I’m saved.

    [00:21:27] And I’m a Christian that I will be in heaven for all of [00:21:30] eternity that the holy spirit lives inside of me. What, what’s the, what can I do? Do, what could I, what could I show you? What’s my, how do I work this thing out? And, you know, We have to compare one person’s works or our evidence of their faith and how they work it out to another.

    [00:21:49] But if you look at your own life and you say, man, I am living the same type of life. I have the same actions as [00:22:00] before I said yes to Jesus. Then did you really. EverTrue moment with them. Did you have a true conversion? Were you really born again in that moment? And I would say no. And if you come to that conclusion after a self-assessment, then thank God that you were brought to that conclusion, but let’s, let’s cry out to God and say, God, I don’t, I don’t believe I’m safe.

    [00:22:24] I don’t believe you live in my heart right now and cry out to him. And all it takes. Is that true? Faith? [00:22:30] Just true surrender. Yeah. And he will come and dwell inside us.

    [00:22:34] Rylee Meek: [00:22:34] Yeah. It reminds me of what is, is it Paul, where he’s got, why do I do these things I don’t want to do? And. The things I do want to do. I don’t do you know that?

    [00:22:45] Is that when he says, he says, no, I want to train my body. I think it’s enrollments. He’s like, God, why do I he’s just questioning himself. I want to be probably faithful. I want to desire you. I want to do the right thing, but my body doesn’t want to like, [00:23:00] and if we have it in those. Those concerns or those, you know, discipline issues of you’re like new to the faith.

    [00:23:07] Just know that you can grow in faith, like, but it takes action. Like it takes work. Faith without works is dead. And I mean, people have heard, this are a part of the King’s council and all they know they have heard this a million times, like with action comes clarity and then having that faith to take that action.

    [00:23:30] [00:23:29] Is a key component. Like the presence of faith is. By acts

    [00:23:35] Christian Edwards: [00:23:35] of faith. Yeah. One of my favorite verses is James two 18 and it says what someone will say, you have faith and I have works. Show me your face without your works. And I will show you my faith by my works. Yeah. And that’s just, that gives me amped up.

    [00:23:52] I’m going to show you, listen, I don’t have to tell you anything. I don’t have to open the Bible. I don’t have to open my mind. I’m going to [00:24:00] show you my faith by my works by my deeds. And if we can’t, if people can’t see our faith by our works, then is it really living faith? Is it really saving faith that we have?

    [00:24:15] Yeah,

    [00:24:16] Rylee Meek: [00:24:16] well, we are born again or we, we give our life to Christ, I think w w we’re given that, that measure of faith. Yeah. It is at that point. Are we going to let it take root? Are we going to surround ourselves with the right. [00:24:30] People the right culture. And I think the, the, you know, some of those works could be that I know when I first committed my life at the age of 16 and I moved back to an environment that was a very bad environment.

    [00:24:45] When I was in high school was Hardy and all the time. And I had this amazing one month, I like gave my life to Christ and I lived up here in the twin cities. And then I went back to my old environment and it was struggle, like to [00:25:00] be really the only one around that, this faith, but it wasn’t getting nurtured.

    [00:25:07] Yeah. Go home. And I would read the Bible. It wasn’t plugged into a local church. I had no tribe. I had nobody that I could walk this out with. I think that’s so important to, to make sure that. You could have that initial seed of faith, but if you’re not planting that you’re not nurturing that soil, you’re not watering it and giving it sunlight, will that seed ever truly take [00:25:30] root?

    [00:25:30] Will it, will it produce

    [00:25:31] Christian Edwards: [00:25:31] the fruit, right? Yeah. That’s interesting. Made me think of in Joshua chapter three. It’s a tremendous act of faith that happened in Joshua chapter three, but the way you just put it there, when, you know, 40 years of wonder. In the wilderness, right? And now here they are. They’re at the bank of the Jordan river.

    [00:25:55] And God says, this is your promised land. It’s just on the other side of that river. [00:26:00] So we’re sitting, we’re sitting in front of a lake right now and we could see the other side. And if God says, that’s your land. That’s what’s promised to you, that’s the land that’s flowing with milk and honey take it.

    [00:26:13] It’s yours. And you know, we’re on the front lines cause we’d be on the front lines. Cause we’d be the priests we be. But by now I think there’s something like 2 million Jews that where we’re following what? Well, not following all [00:26:30] together. And now they’re going to cross this, this river and those men on the front line, they just started walking.

    [00:26:38] And what was amazing is it says that the waters of the Jordan shall be cut off. Once they put the soles of their feet in the water, so they didn’t get to the riverbank said, all right, God, we did it. We’re here. And just say, I’m trusting in you to send a boat or, you know, no, they’re like, I’m just going to start walking.

    [00:26:58] See what God does because God says [00:27:00] that’s our land go possess it. I’m just going to start walking. And it was the faith that they showed by stepping their feet into the water. And it was one of the soles of their feet were in the water that the water was cut, cut off. And all of a sudden it’s dry land for them to walk across that Jordan river into the promised land.

    [00:27:18] But think about this, it took faith for them to do that. But think about those guys on the front line. Their faith had to have increased because it’s, I got faith. I’m just going to start walking to trust [00:27:30] God, but they’d probably be like, oh, snap. Right, right. Our got it. Like I trusted that he would find a way for us to, but do you see what God’s doing right now?

    [00:27:41] Right. So it’s interesting. So when we act out our faith, it’s an opportunity for God to increase it, even though that’s so

    [00:27:48] Rylee Meek: [00:27:48] good. Yeah. That’s so good. And if you’re, if you’re listening right now and it’s. Sounds like you guys got faith. Cool. Good for you. I don’t have it. Ooh. Cause some, some, some [00:28:00] people might just be struggling right now.

    [00:28:01] They might just be like, God, where are you? Like if you’re so good, where are you? As a, as a, you know, I just don’t have faith that, that life’s gonna work out. Right. We experienced tremendous loss at times. And, and I just want to encourage you. Like every single person has a measure of faith. Every single one of you, it is.

    [00:28:23] I can promise. I mean, just to give you an example, if you literally, if you drive down the highway on a [00:28:30] two lane, highway 65 miles an hour, all you got is a yellow dotted line between you and about two feet of freaking collision. That’s faith. You’re believing that that person isn’t going to swerve into you.

    [00:28:46] Yeah. I mean, that’s a measure of, of faith. Like you’re walking that faith out, like something that’s so little, but then now if you put that faith in God and you hear the word and you start to take those action

    [00:29:00] [00:28:59] Christian Edwards: [00:28:59] steps. Yeah. Yeah. Give them a shot, give them a shot, give them a chance and let God show you.

    [00:29:08] Who he is through your faith? Let, like, I, I tell my kids all the time and you know, we did a recent podcast where we were talking about stewardship and. You know, I tell my kids, my, my older kids are old enough to tie. Then, you know, I want them to be givers, cheerful, givers, and it’s give something that’s like really sacrificial.

    [00:29:30] [00:29:30] Give, give God a chance to show up in that situation. That’s faith. I trust God. It’s not like I’m flushing the money down the toilet. I’m giving it to the church. I’m giving it to somebody who needs it more than I do. But. Given such a weight where it hurts, where it’s a sacrifice, you’re not giving God the leftovers, give it like that and give God an opportunity to show up in that situation.

    [00:29:52] And when we, no matter how down and out and dejected we are trusting them, get down on your knees, just [00:30:00] start talking now how many people cause you know, I. I was a drug addict. I’ve been around guys who used to be drug addicts. You know how many testimonies I’ve heard, where they said, I didn’t know I was in such a bad place, such a dark place.

    [00:30:14] I didn’t believe in God, but I didn’t know what else to do, but to get down on my knees and cry out God, and something happened, you know, something happened. God doesn’t want us to be at the end of our rope to finally believe in him or cry out to him. He wants [00:30:30] us no matter what our situation. To look around that says that we could tell he exists by his creation.

    [00:30:36] We can look around, look at the beauty behind us. We could tell that God is real by this, but to really trust in him, trust in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, what he accomplished and taking the penalty for, for our sin, not for his. He took the blame for what we did [00:31:00] and what we would come to do and gave us the credit for his perfection.

    [00:31:06] It’s so

    [00:31:06] Rylee Meek: [00:31:06] good man made when you were just saying that, dude, it reminded me of, you know, your testimony. I’ve heard it numerous times now, but by hearing it, it’s starting to get ingrained in me. Yeah. I remember like when you first were like, no, Lucy was working with you to, to get sober and clean and, and introduce you to Jesus.

    [00:31:30] [00:31:30] I remember you saying, she just said, just get up and thank God in the morning. And you’re like, You’re like nothing happened. Boobie. Did you call her booby back

    [00:31:39] Christian Edwards: [00:31:39] then? No, she was still Lucy. Lucy then booby that’s that’s for wives,

    [00:31:47] Rylee Meek: [00:31:47] but she said, she said, just do it again tomorrow. Do it again. Just do it again tomorrow. Continue to get those reps and continue to just walk it out. Have faith that [00:32:00] they’ll. I mean, God wants. What’s best for us. It doesn’t want us to live in turmoil. Doesn’t want us to be, you know, broke, broken, and defeated.

    [00:32:12] Right? That’s a, that’s a mindset that we put ourselves in, right.

    [00:32:15] Christian Edwards: [00:32:15] Believers and unbelief. Well, we’re not saved it’s yeah. But then say, all right, come to the Lord. And then a lot of times people come to the Lord and then they still have that old mentality, that old nature, that old way of [00:32:30] thinking of know being defeated and S wait a second.

    [00:32:34] No, that the God that we serve, he lives inside of us. You know, when acts one eight talks about that power of the holy spirit to be a witness for him, that power. The power that raised Jesus from the grave that lives inside of us. Now there’s no way we should ever have a day in this arts where we’re hanging our heads.

    [00:32:56] We are walking in victory every single day. We’ve been born [00:33:00] again. Our hearts are regenerated. We are heaven. Yeah.

    [00:33:03] Rylee Meek: [00:33:03] Yeah. The battle already won. No matter what we’re facing, the frustration trial, just turmoil that we go through, the battle is already won. You just got to have

    [00:33:15] Christian Edwards: [00:33:15] faith. Yeah. It’s like having the winning lottery ticket.

    [00:33:18] I have it. I have the winning ticket, but I gotta go redeem it. I gotta go cash. And then we, I have it inside of us. Redeem it, activate it. Don’t just sit there saying, ah, [00:33:30] I have it. But now. No go cash

    [00:33:33] it

    [00:33:33] Rylee Meek: [00:33:33] in cash that in get a ticket on the J train, baby little Toby Mac. You want me to sing that one? I don’t know that I got a ticket.

    [00:33:42] Oh, come on. People. You guys got to Google

    [00:33:43] Christian Edwards: [00:33:43] that. We’ll talk about George Michael and limp biscuit over here. And you’re talking about Toby Mac. I’m more

    [00:33:50] Rylee Meek: [00:33:50] Christian

    [00:33:50] Christian Edwards: [00:33:50] than you. I don’t know who should be more embarrassed. No offense. Toby Mac love you brother. Till we Mac,

    [00:33:57] Rylee Meek: [00:33:57] I had do till we met. If you want to come to one of our next [00:34:00] events, just hit us up.

    [00:34:01] Christian Edwards: [00:34:01] 7 77, 4

    [00:34:03] Rylee Meek: [00:34:03] 17.

    [00:34:06] Christian Edwards: [00:34:06] Hey, gotta shoot your shot. I love doing this

    [00:34:08] Rylee Meek: [00:34:08] dude. I love you brother than fun. Yeah, we’ll do more of these absolutely. Right on. Should we go hit the lake? Sure.

    [00:34:15] Christian Edwards: [00:34:15] So jet-skis over there.

    [00:34:16] Rylee Meek: [00:34:16] Yeah. Yeah. I feel like let’s end this in prayer, man. Yeah. Like some people just that are listening to this. No matter what time they’re listening to them.

    [00:34:24] It’s going to be people that are struggling.

    [00:34:25] Christian Edwards: [00:34:25] Yeah, absolutely. And if you’re listening to this right now, [00:34:30] it doesn’t matter where you are in your faith. It can increase, it can grow. And we could grow in our faith every single day until God calls us home. And we’ll never max out. There’s always room for more faith, but understand that in order to.

    [00:34:47] Grow in that faith. A lot of times it’s going to take a struggle. It’s going to take that strain, that faith muscle, just like any other Muslim in our body, that strain. So if you’re in a season right now know that [00:35:00] God’s got a plan, there’s a reason you’re in the season right now. And if God has you in a test or has you in this trial or is allow this tribulation to come your way.

    [00:35:12] Trust that there’s reason behind it. And you can either, you can face it like that, baby, who I’m over, trying to get him changed. He’s us fighting. Listen, bro. The clothes are getting on you. You can fight all you want, but you’re going to have this clothes on you when God is doing a work in your life, you could [00:35:30] fight it or you can say, all right, God, I surrender to you.

    [00:35:33] I trust in you not to just lay down and say that whatever you want to do, but to say no, that I trust in you. I trust your will is better than mine. I surrender to you, whatever your plan is, I am going to be obedient and I’m going to actively walk it out. I’m not just going to sit here and say, all right, God, you control me.

    [00:35:52] We’re not pumping. We have to walk this thing out ourselves. So if you’re in that season, know that God is doing a [00:36:00] work and this is for believers. I’m talking to God and nothing comes our way. Nothing comes to our front door unless it’s filtered through the handle. And that’s what happens as believers.

    [00:36:12] And a lot of times we were quick to blame the enemy where we’re quick to give the enemy a whole lot more credit than he’s due and a spiritual warfare. Real. Yeah. But does God have to give the devil the green light for us to be afflicted by it? Absolutely. [00:36:30] And that’s the shelter that he provides. That’s who he is when, as our father, when we’re his children, he protects us like that.

    [00:36:38] No matter what we’re going through. There’s a reason behind it. God’s got a plan for us. And if you’re somebody who isn’t a believer and you’re just lacking faith, and maybe you’re like me when I only believed in God to blame him for my problems, I blamed him for my back injury that prevented me from playing [00:37:00] college basketball, my painkiller addiction, because of all those back surgeries.

    [00:37:06] The fact that my life was nothing like the way I planned, if you’re in that boat right now, like I once was understand that God is real and you have to establish a relationship with them somehow. And. Don’t let it get to the point where you’re at the absolute end of your rope and you cry out to them.

    [00:37:27] Because a lot of times there’s [00:37:30] a lot of people, not with us today who got to the end of their rope. And, you know, they chose to take their own lives rather than cry out to God. Don’t let it get that bad. God is real. He’s got a plan for each and every one of us and.

    [00:37:47] Ah, the love that he has for us is something that we could talk about all day. You know, we could do a podcast for three hours about his love, and we’re never going to really wrap our heads around her [00:38:00] convey how great his love is, but that’s how he loves each. And every one of us where his creation, he desires to.

    [00:38:09] Have a oneness with us, but we’re not adopted into that family of God. And so we believe. And we’re not children of God where his creation, but we’re not his children until we say yes. So if you’re in that place of hopelessness, if you’re in that place of just being down and out, know that [00:38:30] God is real, God loves you and cry out to him.

    [00:38:34] And I think about Jesus or I’m sorry, Peter. When he walked on water, And, you know, he had that faith to walk out to Jesus and he took his eyes off him for a second and sank. And what did he do? He cried out to Jesus and immediately Jesus came, scooped them up right immediately. So that’s how Jesus Jesus is activated when our faith is activated, [00:39:00] God moves while we move in faith.

    [00:39:02] So it may take faith just to say, God, aright. I don’t know if I even believe in you, but here I am talking to you. That takes faith. It may be a tie, the tiniest of faith, but just start talking, establish that relationship like I did when Lucy told me to wake up in the morning and thank God that I’m alive.

    [00:39:22] And I’m like, I don’t really, I’m not even grateful to be alive. I don’t think I want to live. I hate myself. I hate my life, but [00:39:30] I’m going to do it. And nothing happened, but just keep at it. Keep putting in those reps and know that God loves you. He’s got a plan for you. And he thought on the cross so that he took the penalty for us every wrong we’ve ever done everything we’ve ever been guilty of.

    [00:39:51] Every bit of shame, anything that has been unpleasing to him, Jesus died in our place so that we could experience [00:40:00] everlasting life. And all it takes is believing in him. Simply putting our faith in him, where he deems us as righteous. He deems us as perfect without a blemish, just as he was when he walked on this earth, he traded his life for our lives.

    [00:40:19] And it is the, the most remarkable act of grace that this earth has ever seen. That Jesus died on the cross for [00:40:30] us. So let’s pray it up, man, for everybody listening right now. And Lord, we’re so grateful for you who you are. God, we’re grateful to have this opportunity to just speak about you. Speak on the topic of faith.

    [00:40:47] We’re so grateful to be saved, to receive salvation Lord, to be deemed not guilty by you again. Through faith by grace, through [00:41:00] faith. And Lord, we just asked right now that for everybody listening, if there’s anybody who doesn’t know you there’s anybody who’s broken being undefeated right now, I ask that you just prick it their heart right now, God, that they may just feel a touch from you, that they may know that it’s you, that something might shift in the atmosphere.

    [00:41:24] Lord. That even if it’s just one drop from heaven that I may land [00:41:30] on them. I may land in the room where they are with that. They may feel your presence. God, God, there’s so many who are listening. There’s so many out here in this world who are hopeless there. Their heads are down in shame. But God asks right now in the name of Jesus that you come into our hearts, that they may trust in you and believe in you enough that you come into their hearts, that you make their body, their, their temple, your dwelling place, [00:42:00] Lord, that the holy spirit can come in and seal them word to make them new, to allow them to, to be read from the shame of the guilt of anything that they’ve done wrong.

    [00:42:16] God, the joy that you bestow upon your believers, the joy that I could have that Riley could have, that my wife could have. Ash could have. The joy that we have is because [00:42:30] of you Lord, because you’ve saved us and that we have intimate fellowship with you intimate relationship. So I pray that that relationship could be found through every single person here in this right now.

    [00:42:42] And the name of Jesus. That we love you. We trust in you. Then your worst said says that if we confess with our mouse, that you’re a Lord and believe in our hearts, that God raised you from the grave [00:43:00] that we are saved. So God, we pray that there’s people here in this right now that are declaring they’re confessing.

    [00:43:07] They’re shouting out that they believe in you, that they trusted. And they’re believing in you and their hearts and they’re making you, they’re placing you as not just savior, but Lord, over their life. We commit this to you. We love you and Lord for every believer listening right now, we ask that their faith may increase and God have your way.

    [00:43:28] However you intend to [00:43:30] do it for each and every one of us. If it’s an easy way, if it’s a hard way, God, it’s going to be your way. So God have your way in each. And every one of our lives allow us to grow in our faith, allow us to be sharpened, allow us to be strengthened Lord, and ultimately it’s for your glory.

    [00:43:50] It’s so that we could be a witness, a living witness to others here on this earth of who you are, that you’re real God, that you are real [00:44:00] allow our lives to be testimony. Allow our lives to be an example of those who were in a dark place and came to light of those who were dead and had been born again.

    [00:44:14] So we thank you for the honor of serving you Lord, and to be your vessel, to be your ambassador, to just be. We get a child of God. We love you, Lord. We praise you. We honor you in Jesus name. We pray. Amen. And

    [00:44:27] Rylee Meek: [00:44:27] man, and man has always, [00:44:30] if you want to just connect with us, we’d love to give you a gift of a book of what’s next.

    [00:44:35] If you’re, if you’re new to the faith or if you just want to wrap. Maybe just things you’re struggling with, man. Just give us a text. 7 2 7 4 7 2 3 8 6 0 as always. It’s been a pleasure brother. Yeah, man. These are

    [00:44:52] Christian Edwards: [00:44:52] fun.

    [00:44:52] Rylee Meek: [00:44:52] Yeah. So fun as fun as these jet skis.

    [00:44:57] Christian Edwards: [00:44:57] Not as fun as the techs that come in that say [00:45:00] I received Jesus today.

    [00:45:01] I can’t do that’s Claire and that’s what this is all about. Yeah. Amen. Heck with the

    [00:45:07] Rylee Meek: [00:45:07] jet-skis

    [00:45:09] Christian Edwards: [00:45:09] brother. It’s an honor to serve alongside

    [00:45:11] Rylee Meek: [00:45:11] you. Absolutely helped me.

    [00:45:12] Christian Edwards: [00:45:12] Love you too.

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