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Stewardship is a form of leadership, responsibility, and accountability. We were all created for work and to tend to God’s creation. He owns it all; we own nothing.

It is that mentality that Rylee and the King’s Council Spiritual Advisor, Christian Edwards, discuss in this episode. Tune in to hear about how to steward your gifts and talents, as well as stewarding your relationships in order to put God and his business first. — The King’s Council’s mission is to help you discover and deploy your God-given talents. Our signature coaching program will give you the tools, tactics, and strategies to radically change and level up in all areas of your life.

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  1. How to Steward Your Gifts and Talents

[00:00:00] Rylee Meek: [00:00:00] We know if we read the word, we believe that everything in the Bible is the true word of God that we can’t just take out bits and pieces of what we want in, in what we think is what suits us. No, we have to own the whole book. And that comes with sowing and reaping the parable of the talents like that.

[00:00:17] The concept, the understanding of being able to serve God versus money, but having money serve us and using it as a tool

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[00:02:24] All right. All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Kings council podcast. I’m [00:02:30] your host Riley meek. And we got a treat for you guys today. I’m with none other than Mr. Christian Edwards. What’s up. What’s up, dude. I love doing these with you. I do too. It’s so fun. It’s just like we get to sit back and chat.

[00:02:45] Yeah. She had about life, but we’re going to actually wrap a lot today. Stewardship. I thought this would be a fitting time. You know, we’ve been talking a lot about the biblical economy and entrepreneurship and the idea [00:03:00] of making wealth and the ability to create wealth. And that God has certainly given us that ability.

[00:03:06] But I think I don’t, I certainly don’t want this to sound like what we’ve been talking about has been what people think of like the prosperity gospel. We should all just make a ton of money. By Jetson Ferrari’s and things like that. But what’s the most important component to this is really what we do with what’s given to us.

[00:03:25] Right. I always think of what does a Spiderman, where his grandpa’s like with much [00:03:30] responsibility, much as expected. What does that

[00:03:31] Christian Edwards: [00:03:31] mean? I’m not a big Marvel guy, actually.

[00:03:34] Rylee Meek: [00:03:34] Apparently I’m not either. I don’t remember. It sounds good though. That’s good. Much responsibility, much as are expected or required

[00:03:42] Christian Edwards: [00:03:42] or, yeah, I’m sure.

[00:03:43] So we’ll contact

[00:03:45] Rylee Meek: [00:03:45] us if you’re off. Yeah, go ahead and text us 77 4 7 2 3 8 6 0. If you know that actual. So we’re going to talk about stewardship. And the real reason is you guys have heard me say a lot about money. Really only makes us more of who we [00:04:00] already are. And I think it is, it’s a tool that exposes a lot of things.

[00:04:04] And as you guys have heard my story, it exposed a lot of. Just insecurities were at my treasure was, and a lot of us can look at our bank accounts and really identify where our treasure is. What are we investing into? I mean, stewardship is more than just about money, but I want to start with that topic simply because that’s what a lot of people kind of immediately go to like stewardship.

[00:04:25] Okay. What’s what do I have with my possessions? My money when I really think about [00:04:30] stewardship and I’ll throw it over to Humana. Stewardship is really a form of leader. In the beginning, God created everything. Right. And then he created the garden and then he created man Adam in his image to work the garden, to take care of it.

[00:04:47] I mean, that was really probably the first form of Stuart. I take that as a clear, okay. We were created for work. We were created to tent and to take care of God’s creation. So it’s more than just [00:05:00] about money. It is in any possession that we have anything, you know, any relationship that we have, like, are we stupid?

[00:05:08] It well, but got it. Right. Spiritual advisor.

[00:05:11] Christian Edwards: [00:05:11] Yeah. Yeah. And I think the first thing we have to really keep in mind when it comes to stewardship and biblical stewardship is that God owns it all. And we look at Psalm 24, 1 where it says the earth is the Lord’s and all it contains the world. And those who live in it.

[00:05:30] [00:05:29] The earth. And he just said, God created the heavens and the earth. And here this scripture specifically references the earth. So everything above us, everything around us, but. Everything within the earth, including us people, God owns. So if God, God owns it all, that means we own nothing. And if we could get that in our mind and kind of take our self-sufficiency out of it or our pride out of it, our ego out of it and say, God owns it all.

[00:06:00] [00:06:00] But he allows me to steward his possession. He may allow me to steward a lot. He may allow me to steward a little, but everything that I steward, everything that I have is his. And if I deem myself as worthy and trustful to be faithful over few, he’ll make me ruler over me. And that scripture. So just that idea off the bat, that everything is the Lords.

[00:06:29] If we could [00:06:30] go into this conversation and go into every day with that mentality, we’re ahead of

[00:06:34] Rylee Meek: [00:06:34] the game. Yeah, man, I like that. I love that because if you really think about it, I believe it really is just an act of obedience, obedience to God. And that he’s created all of this. He’s put us in a position to tend to, to take care of him.

[00:06:49] I mean, it really should be viewed as us honoring God with the gifts, the talents, the resources that he’s given us. And, you know, as you [00:07:00] mentioned, one of the things I think of actually. Yesterday, when we were out to dinner, when my daughter saw a dime 10 cents on the ground, we were sitting at a high top table and she’s like, oh, dad, there’s money.

[00:07:13] And so I was like, oh, grab it. And so she got off her stool and bent down and picked up. It’s 10 cents. Right? Right. Like we wouldn’t think, I think when I was that little, this is how far I have come. Is that when I would have seen that when I was little, I’d have been like, it’s only 10 cents. Like, I don’t care.

[00:07:29] I’m going to deal [00:07:30] with that, but God is going to honor it. God is going to give us more, give us the ability to it’s God that gives us the ability to create wealth. But why would he want to continue to bless us if we’re poor stewards of it? Right. And so I just saw like her heart in that she picked it up.

[00:07:46] Grabbed it, put it in her pocket is probably in her little piggy bank upstairs and we’ll, you know, want to tie them and give a portion of that. And like, if she’s going to do that right now with just a dime and if we can teach our youth that, you [00:08:00] know, I mean, if we can own this and understand this concept of honoring God with Stewart in it, well, by tithing to our local church, by going above and beyond, like how much more is he going to want to bless us?

[00:08:12] If we are good stewards

[00:08:14] Christian Edwards: [00:08:14] of those resources? And after backing up one second. So you just said Ellie will want to tie on that 10 cents. So Ellie’s not in, and Ellie understands the concept of tithing. Yeah.

[00:08:26] Rylee Meek: [00:08:26] 100%,

[00:08:27] Christian Edwards: [00:08:27] man. That’s remarkable. Yeah. How did you [00:08:30] instill that in her?

[00:08:31] Rylee Meek: [00:08:31] Really? Just, I mean, we do our nightly devotionals, so it comes up and just conversation and she sees when we do give and then she asks questions.

[00:08:40] And so I think it’s mostly just like leading by example. This is what we have to do for our kids. And you’ve heard us, you know, you guys have all heard us talk a lot about, we have to live our legacy in order to leave our legacy and what I can’t stand. I remember growing up and I would hear. You know, I remember just my folks are friends with my folks, always just laughing, being [00:09:00] like do, as I say, not as ideal.

[00:09:03] And I remember thinking then like, whatever, it’s a bunch of crap, right? Because it’s like, no, I’m going to do your kids are going to do what you do. And when you, even, when you think that they’re not watching you on those little things, they’re watching you, those things are, those kids are little sponges.

[00:09:19] It’s so much where it’s old, man. You overhear them say something it’s like, where did they hear that it makes you think. And if we can instill these call them habits, but more of [00:09:30] just acts of obedience of this is why. And there’s an understanding, like it’s not a religious thing, but there’s an understanding.

[00:09:37] We know if we read the word, we believe that everything in the Bible is the true word of God that we can’t just take out bits and pieces of what we want. And what we think is what suits us not. We have to own the whole book and that comes with sewing and reaping with the parable of the talents, like the concept, the understanding of being able to, and a lot of you guys have heard us talk [00:10:00] about serving God versus money, but having money serve us and using it as a tool, as a resource in that, you know, God doesn’t view money as currency, right? It’s like the only currency out there is souls to God. I mean, I don’t want to get off topic of this, but that’s what he views is like, he wants our heart. And if we’re acting in obedience as good stewards,  how much more is he going to want to bless us with other [00:10:30] resources in other relationships? And, you know, just to live just an extravagant life, not like what people would think is a rich life, glitz and

[00:10:39] Christian Edwards: [00:10:39] glam,

[00:10:39] Rylee Meek: [00:10:39] that sort of thing. Right. But just like doing life like this dude, like this is the most epic day.

[00:10:44] These last couple of days, you guys all here, just my bros just doing life together.

[00:10:49] Christian Edwards: [00:10:49] Yeah. It’s been amazing a hundred percent. And I think, you know, one of the things that I’ve come to realize hanging around you is. That, that [00:11:00] idea of financial freedom, where if you want it to go buy a new sports car right now, you could, but for you be financially free.

[00:11:10] I got a house full of my bros and you know, we’re going to go out to dinner. Nobody’s got to look at the price on the meal. We’re going to enjoy time with one another and not worry about what the check is at the end right now, you’ll say I got it and not worry about how much it is. You could be buying the sports cars.

[00:11:27] You could be doing other things with your money that, [00:11:30] that glitz and glam lifestyle, but you want to make sure that. You got some people over to spend quality time to do life with one another. And now these guys are going to come to my house and they’re not going to pay a dime for anything. Right. And that idea of financial freedom to me, that’s what I always, I don’t know who I heard this from, but when I heard this.

[00:11:51] It struck me because I was like, man, that’s gotta be great because I grew up my whole life from when I was a kid, my parents, I mean, they let it be [00:12:00] known. All right. You can’t go above this price on the menu. Right. I was usually just getting like a cheeseburger, maybe some, a dyno chicken nuggets or something like

[00:12:08] Rylee Meek: [00:12:08] that.

[00:12:09] I didn’t do it for those that don’t. His favorite food is chicken nuggets shaped and dinosaurs. And if you can get that, that’s a bold faced

[00:12:16] Christian Edwards: [00:12:16] lie, but it’s actually key. So in this case though, but I heard somebody say, you know, I just want to be rich enough or wealthy enough that I could good. It

[00:12:26] Rylee Meek: [00:12:26] just gets my blood going right there to

[00:12:29] Christian Edwards: [00:12:29] call [00:12:30] it.

[00:12:30] Yeah. Any restaurant I want to and not have to look at the price share and. Yeah, I would love that I would enjoy that. And because it gets stressful, listen, I got five kids now, you know, it just had as he a year ago, but when I got married to Lucy, she had four kids. So now I became not just a husband, but a father to four kids.

[00:12:51] And I was making the same money as when I was single doing my own. And yeah, Lucy was working too, but [00:13:00] it’s like, all right. All right. I got to look at those prices on the menu and now God is blessed me through alignment and just really walking out his calling on my life to be hanging out with guys like you.

[00:13:15] And it’s kind of funny. I forget where we were. You asked me if I had my wallet on me and I was like, nah, bro. I’m with you. I never put my wallet. But because of the way you pour into me, you’re so kind and generous and gracious to me and my family. I’m able to [00:13:30] then take that and go back home and be kind and gracious and benefit the people around me in that regard.

[00:13:37] So I think we want a little took a little side street there, but I say that to say, I appreciate H U N you are a true example and standard of bear of what it looks like too. Have a lot of zeroes in my bank account, but. Nobody would know it by talking to you, nobody would know it by your personality, by your [00:14:00] demeanor.

[00:14:00] The only way people would know it is when, and I’ve been witness to this is when you cut a check to somebody, a church and organization out of the kindness of your heart. Not because you gain from it in any sort of way, but because God put that on your heart to do it in Europe. And I believe that you’re reaping because

[00:14:20] Rylee Meek: [00:14:20] of that.

[00:14:21] Yeah. Yeah. Let’s dive into that a little bit because biblical principles that I believe isn’t something that I knew at the gates. Like I’m [00:14:30] learning this, the word of God, this is why I got you in my life, dude. Right. But I’m learning and I’m looking back at specific times in my life when I had these aha moments and understandings of, you know, at the age of 23, I think last night when I was, we were chatting about this, I thought it was 24, but then I was like, no, it was 23.

[00:14:46] When I first understood this concept of tithing and giving. And then when I made it a non-negotiable, it was just auto drafted how to my account. Right. Like that’s really truly had I made okay. Money [00:15:00] up until that point. Sure. You know, six figures, but it wasn’t until I actually. Truly gave, but out of the goodness of my heart, yes, it was on auto repeat, but it wasn’t something that I was like, it was just, it was coming out.

[00:15:14] I knew like it was just like this law of being obedient, number one, but just sowing into the kingdom and into the local church. But you had said not expecting anything in return. And this is where I want [00:15:30] to dive into this with you, man, because. When we look at God and he created Adam and, and us, and everything was supposedly great, right?

[00:15:39] Until the fall, then just the destruction and everything that it took taking place with that with sin in the world. And God had to do something. If we look at what God did is he gave his one and only son, he gave it, he gave Jesus and he didn’t give. [00:16:00] Jesus without expecting in return. He gave Jesus as a sacrifice, fully expecting to regain relationship with us,

[00:16:10] Christian Edwards: [00:16:10] for men to be reconciled back to him.

[00:16:12] So

[00:16:12] Rylee Meek: [00:16:12] I think that we can give it’s a heart issue. To give with an expectation. I mean, it’s not like, okay, I’m going to give a dollar and I’m going to get $10 back like this. Isn’t like an ATM machine of any sort, but I can give fully knowing that I’m sowing good seeds [00:16:30] into the local church, into the local community, into to you into the King’s council, fully expecting.

[00:16:36] To be rewarded, maybe not necessarily in, on this earth, but fully rewarded because I’m storing up treasures in heaven. That’s the expectation that, that we need to have when we give. But if we’re giving begrudgingly or out of just guilt, if it’s out of religion, that’s not what God wants. Not as a steward now, like, think about your own kids when Ellie, you know, [00:17:00] Duker Pooka growing up, whatever, like when they would do something out of, they would clean their room because you had to tell them you weren’t joyful having to do that, but when they would clean their room or do I wake up sometimes and Ellie’s like cooking me breakfast, ah, she’s honoring me.

[00:17:16] She’s stewarding the ability to make breakfast. Right. As she’s learning this, she’s stewarding the ability to make her room without me. Tell her where to ask her. Yeah. It’s out of the goodness of her heart that she wants to do [00:17:30] that.

[00:17:30] Christian Edwards: [00:17:30] That’s remarkable. And I, when Lucy and I got married, I was living in a studio condo 400 square feet, and Lucy had an apartment.

[00:17:38] And when we got married, she immediately moved into my 400 square foot apartment with the 4k it’s.

[00:17:44] Rylee Meek: [00:17:44] Yeah, you guys had. What, 60 square feet,

[00:17:48] Christian Edwards: [00:17:48] a piece. Yeah, a queen size Murphy bed in there. It was a little tight. There was a couple of nights. We wound up doing that for about three or four weeks before we found a place.

[00:17:58] Yeah, there was a few nights where [00:18:00] we both went into the bathroom, sat on the edge of the, uh, of the Passover and started crying. Like, God what’s going on here. Right. God blessed us with an apartment, which was three bedrooms, one bathroom. And we’re like, okay, well, that’s bigger than that studio condo. And God allowed it where I actually own the condo.

[00:18:19] We didn’t have to sell it to get that apartment. So we’re like, all right, cool. We’ll hold on to, we’ll rent out the condo. We’ll get a bigger apartment. That’d be good. And you know, maybe a year or so, we’ll buy a bigger house. [00:18:30] And I remember looking at that small house and there’d be days where, you know, The boys then take out the trash or the girls didn’t do their chores, or maybe it was even me not, not making the bed.

[00:18:41] Something that I had said I was going to do. And I remember the Lord convicting me saying, you need a bigger house, but you want a bigger house. If you’re not faithful over this one, there’s only going to be more garbage and a bigger house. There’s going to be more dust. There’s probably going to be a bigger bed because you’re going to have room [00:19:00] for a king size to make that bed.

[00:19:02] And he convicted me. It really spoke to me, but I started really instilling that in the kids were okay. What’s your heart’s desire, even if it’s not for superficial means for a family of six, we want space. Can we survive there? Of course, but we want space, six people, one bathroom. That’s not fun. Right. You know, so I instilled it into the kids to take care of this and be good [00:19:30] stewards and just see what God does with that.

[00:19:32] See what God does when we’re good stewards over what we have. And Lucy and I are certainly, we implemented that in our own lives and we became more generous givers, you know, from the time I got sick. I tired, but what I read in second Corinthians nine. So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or out of necessity.

[00:19:58] All right. If it’s in my heart to [00:20:00] give, and I know that’s not just for me, I know there’s plenty of times God says to bless somebody or just give more church or just walk up to a stranger. Purposes in your heart to bless that person, man, we were saving up for a house and we got our credit together. Cause I was an addict for the previous 14 years.

[00:20:18] I wasn’t a good steward of anything. When I was an addict, Lucy was a single mom of four. So we cleaned up our credit. We started saving money towards the house. And God, all of a sudden started telling us to give more [00:20:30] and I’ll say second card where we’re stewarding what we have well, where it’s high, then you know, where we’re giving them even beyond that.

[00:20:37] But what do you mean more? And it was probably a two year process where we started looking for a house and every time we thought we had enough for a down payment of a house that would fit our needs, somebody would come into our lives. In God would tell us to bless that person and believe me, we’re not, we weren’t bawling like that to just be [00:21:00] blessing people.

[00:21:00] And every time, God, this is just so amazing how God works and how the holy spirit. Speaks to us and how in tune we could be with our wives, with our spouses and in tune with the holy spirit, we would just, we could look at solution. I, this was a season. We would look at somebody and then kind of look at each other and we would know, God, God was telling us both at the same time.

[00:21:27] All right. We got to do something for that person. [00:21:30] And it got to the point where. Lucy. And I would say, all right, like one, two, we would pray on our own, see how much the Lord tells us to bless that person with. And it almost became a game. We’d be like 1, 2, 3, and say the number at the same time. And every time it was the same number and it’s not like it was the same number, dollar amount every time it was.

[00:21:49] And it got up to, I think it was like $1,200 one time, almost a month’s rent where we’re staying here, we’re saving for an apartment what’s going on, but. [00:22:00] God had us do that in a season. I believe he was testing us with that to see how we would steward what we have to see how we felt in our hearts about giving and blessing others.

[00:22:10] Because listen, if we’re living in this country and we have a roof over our heads, we have our smartphones. We have everything that we have. We may not feel rich, but we’re richer than about 90% of the world, right there. He was testing us in that season. And all of a sudden, as the bank account is [00:22:30] diminishing because we’re blessed and other people supernaturally we’d look like at the end of the month.

[00:22:35] And I was a stickler with finances. Like I’m a numbers guy. I’ll be like, all right, this is, we had a budget. This is all we could spend. And at the end of every month, There would be like a small excess, and then the next month, even more I’m like, how is like the math isn’t adding up, right? Like on paper, it should say this.

[00:22:54] How do we have this in our bank account? And I can’t tell you exactly how God replenished that [00:23:00] money every time there’s times. That there were checks in the mail. All of a sudden, like from the insurance company at dividends check that you’re expecting to be like $82 or something. All of a sudden it’s like 800.

[00:23:10] Oh, okay. Yeah. You know, it’s just strange stuff like that, but God, I absolutely believe. And now I think all Christians are sitting there saying no. Yeah. Just sit back, trust the Lord and check the mailbox every so often. That’s not what I’m saying at all. But God had us in that season where he tested our hearts to see how we would [00:23:30] steward.

[00:23:31] What he gave us. And I believe we, we pass that test and we wound up being able to buy a house four bedroom house, two bathroom, a finished basement with enough space to build two more bedrooms down there. And was it a huge mansion? No. Was it exactly what we’re looking for at the time? 100%. And not only that we absolutely on paper had to sell that condo.

[00:24:00] [00:24:00] To pay for that house. God worked it out again. I’m looking at all the finances. I’m looking at the numbers. Now we got, gotta sell the house for the down payment. No, we didn’t have to do it. God allowed us hold onto that. So now we bought a house. Now we have two properties here, here I am. Lucy never owned a house in her life and now we own two properties just like that.

[00:24:21] Yeah. I didn’t, I wasn’t making more money. I didn’t change what I was doing, but I was obedient to the Lord. We were obedient to the [00:24:30] Lord and it was, God showed himself out in that situation. Just like he says he will and scripture. Yeah.

[00:24:36] Rylee Meek: [00:24:36] Yeah. I love that, man. I love it. And it’s, I think we complicate this a whole lot and I think most people.

[00:24:45] Go the route of making poor decisions and then pray those hail. Mary’s like, God, save me from this dude. You made those decisions. You can’t just continue to make those bad decisions and then expect to be bailed out all the time. And I’ve [00:25:00] had multiple friends in my life and family members where it’s like that continually happen.

[00:25:05] It’s like I wasn’t doing them a service by helping them. Wait and continue to make bad decisions. Right? Right. So there’s, I mean, when it comes to stewardship, I think it’s, there’s a form of leadership, right. God’s given us that, that, that role to be a leader, it’s a form of responsibility right now that we’ve stepped into this role.

[00:25:27] Are we going to steward it? Well, will he, you [00:25:30] know, give us a little. Now let’s do it. Are you stewarding it? Well, right. And then that’s where I realized I wasn’t and I had huge swings financially, you know, 15 years ago. It’s just like huge swings and it would be crazy the amount of money that I would have.

[00:25:46] And then I’d look and I’d be like, where in the heck did it all go? Wow. Right. And it, cause I was not a good steward, but slowly God was, was, you know, still blessing me in this time. And I was able to surround myself. [00:26:00] With people to help me keep accountable. So again, I think stewardship is a form of leadership responsibility, but also accountability.

[00:26:09] Yeah. And, and keeping account, because if we are to everything that we do, what is it? Collections everything we do. We are to work at it as if we’re working for the Lord. And if we have that mindset, no matter what that can be to work, to make money, it, it, to work, to build a relationship, to work, just to grow our talents, [00:26:30] everything we do, if we have that mindset, that, that philosophy of life, knowing that we aren’t here to please, man, we are here to please God, and that’s, that should be our one.

[00:26:39] And only that is the ultimate act of stewardship in it above and beyond to take money back out of the equation like stewardship, I think. It is a form of like, how, how am I treating my spouse? How am I creating an atmosphere environment that, that she is going to blossom and grow it. I remember one of the [00:27:00] first times that when I was going through like my divorce with Sarah and I reached out to this Christian counselor, didn’t know the guy at all, but I knew I wanted this guy to be a believer to have a foundation that wasn’t going to judge me based upon anything other than.

[00:27:16] What the word of God said, and he gave me this concept of dude, you should be whether you want to be, no matter what happens with your relationship, you want to become a better person. Is that your goal in this? It was like 100%. I just need to [00:27:30] grow it in who I am. And one of the things that he had told me, it was like, dude, you should, if you’re stewarding your gifts and talents well, and your goal is to whether you’re in a relationship right now or not.

[00:27:43] Do the little things that will put you in the position that, to, to steward that relationship. Well, and it was just a, such a little thing, but he was like, you should be putting that toilet seat down if you’re single, if you single people around here right now, like start stewarding that. Well, put the [00:28:00] toilet seat down.

[00:28:00] So when you do have a bride, that’s already something that you’re well-prepared, you’ve already planted the garden, weeded the garden, and you’ve sowed those seeds. Those good seeds. And now they’re starting to blossom and flourish. So stewardship is more than just money, but how are we stewarding? Our relationships are, you know, just certainly possessions.

[00:28:24] Yes. I mean, how do you, your bedroom, your car, do you stored your car? Yesterday was [00:28:30] not a good experience for us with that car that we were in that’s for another.

[00:28:37] Christian Edwards: [00:28:37] So we can do a whole topic of that. Wasn’t your car? Wasn’t my car. It was somebody’s car who didn’t store it as well. And we almost got stranded by the airport.

[00:28:44] Rylee Meek: [00:28:44] I think I literally. This is why I put myself in a position to not have to deal with this stuff because we steward that well, but we’re in somebody else’s car that barely made it for us.

[00:28:58] Stewardship is [00:29:00] leadership responsibility and accountability. Or three main things that I’ve basically taught her, like with stewardship that God’s given us, we have a leadership position. You, you should lead. If you’re a woman, a man, a boy, a girl, you should lead that situation. Cause God has created you to work, to steward on this earth.

[00:29:25] Then it’s because of that, we have that leadership role. It’s a form of responsibility. Like [00:29:30] he’s testing us. How are we going to be responsible enough to steward what we have now? In order to put us in a position to steward more. And then it’s a form of accountability where if you’re not stewarding it, well, you got to get yourself with the right peeps, right?

[00:29:43] Like you and I weekly, I want you to know everything that I’m like spending my money on, just because I gotta keep, you gotta keep me in check, man. Is it coming out of the goodness of my heart on certain things? Or am I spending it foolishly or lavishly? Because. That can quickly go away and it absolutely comes [00:30:00] down to a position

[00:30:00] Christian Edwards: [00:30:00] of the heart.

[00:30:01] Yeah. Amen. This has been good. I’d love to just mention this verse. As we close out, the Bible says in first, Peter four, 10, each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards. Of God’s grace in its various forms. So God entrusts us to be stewards of his grace. Think about that, that amazing grace that allows us to be born again, to allows us to be one [00:30:30] with the Lord that allows us to be heaven bound, that grace, he allows us to steward and we stored that by the way we serve one another.

[00:30:40] That’s amazing. That’s amazing that grace. I did the Bible study this morning, our Wednesday king Bible study. And I mentioned this verse and when we’re talking about God’s grace and we’re talking about, and it’s actually in the same chapter that I just read from that [00:31:00] second Corinthians chapter nine.

[00:31:02] Verse eight says, and God is able to make all grace abound towards you, that you always having all sufficiency in all things may have an abundance for every good work. Think about that. He’s able to make all grace abound towards us that always having all sufficiency in all things you think is trying to get a point across there.

[00:31:24] He provides and he’s faithful to us. And the question is, are we faithful to it? [00:31:30] And, and how we steward, how we take care of his resources, everything that he owns. And he gives us everything that we need to do. It absolutely everything. It’s just a matter of our heart. Are we going to put God first, put his business first and be faithful stewards and serve others?

[00:31:51] Be stewards of his grace by serving others, by loving on others, by sharing the gospel with others, by providing for those in need. Are we going to be that type of [00:32:00] story? And I know I could look at you as a man of God, and I know you will, and I know I’m going to be that type of man of God. That’s what God has called us to in this thing in, I know God is going to provide for us.

[00:32:14] All that. We need to have favor in displaying his grace and serving others and everything. I am,

[00:32:22] Rylee Meek: [00:32:22] man. It’s fantastic. So, If you guys have any questions on stewardship or actually just want to get [00:32:30] more information on stewardship or just want to tap into some motivational, biblical, motivational topics and concepts that we have texts.

[00:32:41] 7 2 7 4 7 2 3 8 6 0. We’re going to be starting to share different small teachings and concepts and things like that randomly throughout the week, and would love to be able to get that information to you. So again, 7 2 7 4 7 2 3 8 6 0. [00:33:00] Love you brother.

[00:33:07] Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Kings council podcast. For more information on the Kings council and becoming the CEO of your own life. Visit kinks council coaching.com. You can also follow us on Instagram at King’s counsel coaching. We’ll see you next time. [00:33:30] .