014 – Be the Thermostat, Not the Thermometer

Jun 3, 2021

Are you the thermostat, or are you the thermometer?

Are you letting life happen to you? Is it simply a reflection of what’s going on in your environment today?

This week, Rylee breaks down the importance of becoming the thermostat, not the thermometer in your life. He also shares how it will help you live a life by design not by default and how to apply the seven days of creation template to your business and your life.

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Be the Thermostat, Not the Thermometer

[00:00:00] Rylee Meek: [00:00:00] Are you the thermostat or are you the thermometer? Are you letting life happen at you being simply a reflection of what’s going on in your environment, in society, in the world today? Like what [00:00:15] is going on? Are you simply a reflection or you, the person that is going to adjust the temperature, where when you walk into a room, you are the ones setting the temperature.

[00:00:25] You are the one controlling, creating an environment. That is [00:00:30] reflective of you not reflective of what’s going on in that room.

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[00:01:36] Visit King’s counsel coaching.com today to speak to one of our team members about how you can level up in [00:01:45] all areas of your life today. This episode is brought to you by transcend transcend is taking preventative health care beyond the restrictions of traditional medicine through their advanced hormone replacement therapy in [00:02:00] innovative tele-health system, transcend will help you receive the best care on the cutting edge of medical science.

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[00:02:29] I’m [00:02:30] your host Riley meek. And today you get me today for a solo episode again, and I want to talk about today. We’ve been going through really the, the seven days of creation and really what that means and how we can apply that within our lives. That’s what we go through when we’re [00:02:45] doing our coaching program within the King’s council.

[00:02:47] And we always start with vision getting super, super crystal clear on the vision. And the live events that we do as you guys know are all about becoming the CEO of your life. What does that actually mean? What does it mean to become [00:03:00] the CEO of our own lives? How do we live a life by design versus default?

[00:03:05] Or how do we create our new default by design? And we do that through following this seven day of creation template. And as we mentioned before, it [00:03:15] starts with vision. And now that we’ve gotten crystal clear on the vision of our life, Okay, what direction are we heading? Where are we going? Are we crystal clear to the core values of what we are standing for?

[00:03:25] What we’re about? Now we can move on to day two, which is the [00:03:30] atmosphere, the culture, what type of environment are we creating in our relationships? What type of environment are we creating within our business? How are we living by design in that, that concept or that thought process? And I like to relate it to really the, the, [00:03:45] the analogy that a lot of people use.

[00:03:47] I know ed, my lab uses this a lot. Is, are we the thermometer or are we the thermostat? So what does that actually mean? So if you look at the difference between a thermometer. In a thermostat, a thermometer simply [00:04:00] reads the temperature in a room. It’s a reflection of what’s actually going on. If it’s hot in the room, it tells you that it’s hot in the room.

[00:04:08] If it’s cold in the room, you know, it’s cold in the room. A thermometer only tells us what is actually going [00:04:15] on in the room. It can’t do anything about it. So essentially it’s like, if we’re looking at it from the approach of us being the CEO of, of our life, it’s simply letting life happen to us. That’s what a thermometer is a reflection of just what’s happening.

[00:04:30] [00:04:30] In our environment, in the culture and the atmosphere that we’ve actually created. Whereas a thermostat actually regulates the temperature within the room. It controls the temperature. If we need it to be hotter, it kicks on and you know, the furnace kicks on and [00:04:45] it’s going to raise the temperature in that room.

[00:04:46] If we needed to be cold there, the air conditioning was going to kick on and it’s going to lower the temperature. In that room. That’s what a thermostat does. It controls the actual temperature controls the environment. So no matter what temperature that you want it to be [00:05:00] set at, it’s you choosing the actual temperature, you choosing that temperature that you want your life to be set at.

[00:05:07] So. If we get up in the morning and we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we’ve all probably experienced that. Or we just didn’t get [00:05:15] enough sleep last night. Are we going to choose to let life happen at us? Are we going to be the thermometer in that situation or do we have to shake things up? Do we have to raise the temperature or bring the temperature down in that situation?

[00:05:28] Because the reality is [00:05:30] that most relationships, if you’re in business, most teams are company cultures. They actually get stuck in this thermometer mode. Their temperature. It just fluctuates up and down, depending on who’s in the room with them. If it’s cold in a [00:05:45] meeting, or if it gets like anxious or anxiety in a meeting, like it’s a reflection of just what’s actually happening in that room.

[00:05:53] The culture of that company, it’s a day-by-day culture. And it’s only dependent upon the [00:06:00] temperature of that day or who’s influencing somebody else is being the thermostat in that situation. When we wake up and we choose to create the atmosphere, we choose to create the culture that we are going to live in.

[00:06:13] We have to be the actual [00:06:15] thermostat in that situation. So are we letting life happen to us? Are we letting life happen for us? So if we wake up in the morning and we base our day on how it’s going to be, is it going to be a good day or a bad day based [00:06:30] upon how we feel we’re in thermometer mode. So we get to choose to be in that thermostat mode versus thermometer boat.

[00:06:39] So the best leaders and, and really the best cultures that I’ve seen from a business [00:06:45] standpoint, and even a relationship standpoint, a family culture, they entrance into a process that, that clearly defines what the temperature is that they’re striving for each day. And that’s based upon really the [00:07:00] vision.

[00:07:01] That we’ve set. So again, it goes back to what is the vision that we have now that we know what that vision is? This is the temperature that we have to operate on, no matter what the weather is outside, no matter what’s [00:07:15] happening in culture and society, we are going to control that temperature because we are the thermostat.

[00:07:22] In our life, in our relationships, in our business, we are the ones that have to make that decision. So I want to challenge you guys, [00:07:30] listening here. What’s the temperature that you’re trying to set and what happens when your willpower just doesn’t seem to make a difference, or we can keep working. We’re hustling, we’re grinding.

[00:07:42] We’re, you know, execute [00:07:45] and it, the temperature just doesn’t seem to change. What do we do then? Some of us have been in this rut for, for a period of time where it’s just like, I don’t know what to do. I’m doing everything that I can possibly do on my own. I just, I keep getting, um, I’m struggling. I’m [00:08:00] grinding.

[00:08:00] I’m hustling. What do I do? Well, if we look at what a thermostat is, again, it’s going to control the temperature, but what is actually controlling that temperature? Just like any HPAC unit we’re talking about, like the furnace here, do we got to kick on the AC or the heater here? What [00:08:15] do we have to check first in the very, very first thing that we’re going to want to check is the owner’s manual.

[00:08:20] How do we troubleshoot the situation of what’s going on here? If that thermostat isn’t kicking on and we aren’t able to adjust the temperature in our lives, what do we got to do? [00:08:30] Let’s get off the owner’s manual. And I challenge you guys and ask you what’s your owner’s manual. You know what we’re all about within the King’s council and our just beliefs, our philosophy, the faith that we have, the owner’s manual that we operate in [00:08:45] is the Bible.

[00:08:46] So if you’re, if you’re struggling, trying to figure out what is it that, you know, what do I do in this situation? How do I kick this thermostat on? Do I, do I do a reset? What, you know, what do I do here? Just get into the word of God. Just pick up the Bible, [00:09:00] check your owner’s manual and you guys know I’m the least mechanical person on the face of this earth.

[00:09:05] So when we’re talking like HPAC units here in an owner’s manual, it’s like, okay, that’s not my, my thing here, but I’m still going to read the Bible and understand like what I’m [00:09:15] supposed to do. How do I make adjustments in, in these situations? And what happens if we’re reading through the owner’s manual or reading through the Bible here.

[00:09:23] And we just can’t seem to diagnose the problem. And I know I’ve experienced this a number of times in my life [00:09:30] where it’s like, okay, God, where are you? Like what’s going on here? I’m searching through the owner’s manual here. I’m not getting any, any answers. I’m not, I just don’t know what to do next. So what do I got to do then?

[00:09:40] Okay. So if we, if the owner’s manual, isn’t giving us the information, it’s real simple. We [00:09:45] got to dial up the manufacturer. So what does that mean? It means it’s just get into your prayer life, dial it up to God, ask him, spend some time, not just talking to him, but listening. Just understand that he, the creator, [00:10:00] our manufacturer created the owner’s manual.

[00:10:03] He knows everything that’s in there. And sometimes we just got to go directly to him. And again, I’ve experienced this a number of times where even in my prayer life, I’m like, okay, God here, like speak to me, Lord, what do I give me an answer? [00:10:15] I just don’t know what to do in the situation. I’m trying to adjust this temperature here.

[00:10:19] What do I do then? Seems like we just can’t seem to get an answer from our manufacturer. What do we got to do? It’s real simple guys. We simply call it a contractor, [00:10:30] call up an expert. Someone that may have experienced this before. That’s got more experience in that situation than you do think of sync of somebody in your life.

[00:10:38] A mentor, a coach. Think of if you’re in the King’s council, that’s what the King’s council is about. It’s a [00:10:45] tribe. Of like mind setted people, not like-minded. Cause we all have different gifts, talents, abilities, but we are all like mindset in that we are constantly progressing in our thought process in becoming better in operating [00:11:00] excellence in every area of our lives.

[00:11:02] So sometimes we got to dial up that contractor, that expert of somebody that’s been there, done that gone before you that knows what to do. What has worked in these situations in the past. [00:11:15] And again, that’s what the King’s counsel is all about. So are you the thermostat or are you the thermometer? Are you letting life happen at you being simply a reflection of what’s [00:11:30] going on in your environment, in society, in the world today?

[00:11:34] Like what is going on? Are you simply a reflection or you, the person that is going to adjust the temperature, where when you walk into a room, you are the ones setting the temperature. [00:11:45] You are the one controlling, creating an environment that is reflective of you, not reflective of what’s going on in that room.

[00:11:54] And that’s what the King’s counsel tribe is all about. So if, if you feel like you’re [00:12:00] struggling and you need help, you’re not getting answers from the Bible. You’re, you’re spending time in your prayer life and you just don’t know what to do next, dial up a mentor, a coach, somebody that can speak life into you.

[00:12:12] Somebody that can help you discover, [00:12:15] develop, and ultimately deploy your God, given talents and abilities. And if that’s you and you don’t have somebody like that in your life, I encourage you just to text me text (727) [00:12:30] 472-3860. Specifically, text the word king, K I N G to seven, two seven. Four seven two three eight six zero.

[00:12:41] Be the thermostat, not the thermometer. [00:12:45] Let’s take control of your life. Become the CEO of your own life today.

[00:12:54] thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Kings council podcast. For more information on the Kings [00:13:00] council and becoming the CEO of your own life. Visit Kings council coaching.com today, you can also follow us on Instagram. At King’s council coaching. We’ll see you next time. [00:13:15] .



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