012 – The Importance of Your Emotions in Your Decision Making

May 10, 2021

All of our decisions that we make are emotional decisions. Some people may claim to be logical and make decisions based on logic, and while that may be a component, you still have an emotional feeling in that situation.

In this episode of the King’s Council Podcast, Rylee breaks down the importance of your emotions in your decision-making. emotional power pillar.

You’ll also learn

  • How to Manage Your Emotions In Times of Crisis
  • Why Recognizing Your Emotions Will Allow You To Invite the Holy Spirit In
  • The 5 Different Ways You Can Win Spiritual Battles

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Episode 12 – The Importance of Your Emotions in Your Decision Making Transcript

[00:00:00] Rylee Meek: Human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires that’s in James one 20 human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires and our emotions genital like our bodies, our minds and bodies that they’re influenced greatly by really just that the fall of mankind and to sin, right?

[00:00:19] Since the beginning of time when sin entered this world, our emotions, our minds, and our bodies are influenced. By our emotions. In other words, our emotions are, they’ve [00:00:30] been tainted by our sinful nature, and that’s why they need controlling. The Bible actually tells us that we are controlled by the Holy spirit, not by our emotions.

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[00:02:31] Welcome back to another one. Sort of the King’s counsel podcast. I’m your host Riley meek. I’m ripping a solo episode here today. Coming on to talk about. One of the five power pillars that we talk about within the King’s counsel, the emotional power pillar. So if you’re not aware we have a coaching program in which we teach biblical principles.

[00:02:51] Following the seven days of creation. God, the God given template that we believe. Is for us to be able to operate into, to [00:03:00] model in really all areas of our life, whether it be our relationships or a business or whatever it is that we’re approaching. If we can follow this template of the seven days of creation.

[00:03:09] And within that, we really coach on these five power pillars that we’ve identified as our mental, our emotional, our physical, our spiritual, and then the financial. Component as well. And in our philosophy is that if we can operate in excellence in all of those areas, ultimately we will be able to discover, develop and [00:03:30] deploy our God-given talents on this earth.

[00:03:32] And today I wanted to dive into the emotional power pillar. And part of the reason is I know there’s content to be some confusion on the difference between the mental power pillar and then the emotional. Power pillar. And there’s actually, there’s certainly a difference here. And I want to make sure that we all have an understanding of what the difference actually is.

[00:03:54] Because on a past episode, I talked about it at a two-part series on the mental component of the [00:04:00] mental power pillar and really just our mindsets. Why we think the way we think, how we think, the difference between just positive thinking and actually, walking out our God-given calling by thinking about what we think about in the power of creating different neural pathways and being able to literally change the chemistry of our brain.

[00:04:19] And that is certainly the mental component. But the difference between the emotional component and the mental power pillar is the emotional power pillar. Isn’t necessarily why we [00:04:30] think or how we think it’s more. So how we respond. Just situations and emotions are so powerful for us.

[00:04:39] All of our decisions that we make, like virtually every decision that we make is any emotional decision. Now, some people may think no, I’m pretty logical person. I, I. Dot the I’s and cross the T’s. I make decisions based upon logic. And while that certainly is a component of it it’s still your emotional feeling in that situation.

[00:05:00] [00:04:59] Why you’re making that decision based upon logic, right? Emotions are so powerful for us and information that we receive without emotion is never really retained. But information with emotion is retained for a lifetime. Now I want you to make sure that you follow me on this and I’ll give you an example.

[00:05:20] Does anybody on here remember where you were on August 11th of 2001 eight 11. [00:05:30] Anybody remember where you were now, unless that was your birthday or some defining emotional moment in your life. You probably have no clue what you did on that day, but I can almost guarantee every single person, if you were above the age of five remembers where you were, when you got the news on nine 11, Of 2001, I know right where I was at that point in time, I was in the library and our basically are my study period. The second period of the day when the news came across of what had [00:06:00] happened. And the reason being is that emotional anchor, it caused me to just implant or anchor that feeling when I got that news we are emotional beings.

[00:06:12] God has created us in his image and in God’s emotions that revealed in the scriptures, right? Jesus was any emotional being. He was fully human. We have been created to be emotional since God has created us as emotional beings, we feel love. We feel joy, happiness, [00:06:30] guilt. We feel anger, disappointment, maybe fear, right?

[00:06:32] These are all emotions. And sometimes our emotions are good, right? They can be pleasant to experience, but sometimes not. And sometimes our emotions are grounded in truth, and sometimes they’re completely made up based upon our perception of the situation, right? Regardless, emotions are extremely powerful and they’re very real to the one, feeling them, our perception is our [00:07:00] reality.

[00:07:00]Your perception is your reality. And our lives are, they simply can be an illusion created by your perception, right? Your perception is your reality. It might not be mine, but it certainly is your, and that’s why you get, you feel things and you maybe get worked up over certain situations. But the beautiful thing is that can be changed the moment you choose to change it.

[00:07:24] Our realities can be changed. The moment that we choose. I love this quote from a Mike Tyson, that [00:07:30] everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. I’m sure some of us have heard that before and to think about the plan that we go into this that’s a great mental component of the mental power pillar, but what happens when we get punched in the mouth and that’s what we’re going to dive into the emotional power pillar today.

[00:07:49] So that’ll be in said it’s so important. To learn how to manage our emotions, rather than just allowing our emotions to manage us. It’s so important [00:08:00] for us to be able to understand and manage our emotions. For example, when we feel angry, it’s important, be able to stop and identify why first off that we are in angry, and then examines our hearts to determine like, why am I angry? And then proceed. Ultimately, if you’re a Christian, if you believe in the Bible, how do we proceed in a biblical manner? Right out of control emotions that tend not to really produce God honoring results. You know what I beat, right?

[00:08:28] Human anger [00:08:30] does not produce the righteousness that God desires that’s in James. One 20 human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires and our emotions, like our bodies, our minds and bodies that they’re influenced greatly by really just that the fall of mankind. And to sin, right?

[00:08:48] Since the beginning of time when sin entered this world, our emotions, our minds, and our bodies are influenced by our emotions. In other words, our emotions are, they’ve been tainted by our [00:09:00] sinful nature, right? And that’s why they need controlling. The Bible actually tells us that we are controlled by the Holy spirit, not by our emotions.

[00:09:09] And if we recognize that our emotions, if we understand. What they are in the moment and we bring them to God. We can actually then submit our hearts to him and allow him to do his work in our hearts. And then ultimately be able to direct our actions. So what does that actually look like? Because at times this may mean that, God maybe just simply wants us to rest assured in [00:09:30] him, to comfort us. Or it may, we may need reminding that God did not give us the spirit of fear. But of sound mind, or maybe it’s a prompting for us to have to forgive somebody or worse yet for me, it is like to ask for forgiveness. And when we feel sad, do we just need to pray more when we feel happy?

[00:09:49]Is that like a sign that you are of strong faith? There’s so many different range of opinions when it comes to emotions. And at one [00:10:00] extreme is the belief that maybe emotions are simply uncontrollable forces, uncontrollable, physical forces that just need to be repressed. Like that you just don’t feel angry and you just start to you repress those thoughts, those feelings, those emotions that we have.

[00:10:15] And then at the other end of the spectrum, it’s, there’s a frustration over the idea that they’re considered so important that they’re used as like a basis for everything. That’s just how I feel. So that’s. Just the way it is. And throughout the Bible we find a variety of different [00:10:30] emotions expressed, right?

[00:10:31] So how should we view these emotions and really can they affect our faith? That’s what I want to dive into here with you guys. First off, we got to understand that God created humans to have emotions. Okay. God created us to have emotions, any created them. Good. He created them. Good. Absolutely did. And you really, we only have to read through the, actually the book of Psalms to see the whole range of emotions that are expressed.

[00:10:59] And we can certainly take [00:11:00] comfort in the fact that God inspired the writers of this book to express all the different motions that we actually encounter. When it, when sin entered the world of our emotional responses, they became essentially tied to our sinful nature and then the ultimate, the suffering in this world.

[00:11:17] So we’ve got to be careful not to let our emotions control what we believe. And sometimes this means, it may actually mean seeking medical. Help right. There are some chemical imbalances that can certainly [00:11:30] take place, but it always means resting upon the word of God to tell us what is true about ourselves and what is true about the world that we live in.

[00:11:40] God’s word. Actually, it tells us that if we believe and we rest upon. Jesus as our savior, the truth that we are saved from our sin. And we have been given a great inheritance in God’s kingdom. It does not depend on our emotional state and it’s easiest for us to actually make an emotional [00:12:00] experience like the testing of our faith.

[00:12:03]But as Christians, we’re going to experience these emotional ups and downs for good reasons, but sometimes for bad reasons. And salvation is by faith alone. In Christ Jesus salvation is by faith alone and Christ Jesus. He actually lived the perfect life feelings and all the emotions that he experienced.

[00:12:24] He still lived the perfect life because we couldn’t save ourselves from our bodies, from our bodies. [00:12:30] This is actually in Romans seven 24 and 25. So Romans seven, 24 and 25, it says here that wretched man that I am. Who will deliver me from this body of death. Thanks. Be to God through Christ Jesus, our Lord.

[00:12:46] So then I myself serve the law of God with my mind, but with my flesh, I serve the law of sin, Romans seven 24 through 25. So God created us as humans to [00:13:00] have emotions. He created them for good. And if we choose to just focus on the word of God and on him and knowing that our peace can come from him alone from Christ Jesus alone, he’s already lived the perfect life, all the emotions that he experienced, we can rely on that.

[00:13:18] And we know that we have been saved by his grace. So number two then is Jesus at him. He experienced a raw, a wide range of emotions. [00:13:30] Okay. At times if, you can just read through and brilliant any part of the new Testament when you come across, Jesus has experiences that sometimes these he’s overcome with such crazy strong emotions, like maybe when he wept for Lazarus, or when he came in and he came into the temple and he flipped tables and he threw people out. That’s he was angry at those times and all these emotions were right because Christ was perfect. And always obeying God’s commands, [00:14:00] no matter what, the overwhelming emotions that he may be experienced, he was still perfect.

[00:14:05]And he went through all of that for our sake so that he would ultimately, know what it’s like to be human. So he endured all these different emotions on the way to the cross so that we ultimately could be saved. The third one then is his faith is really not measured by our emotions.

[00:14:25] Okay. So as human beings or as we’ll call it sinners and saints, [00:14:30] right? Our emotions will never be perfect in this life. There’s always going to be days when our emotions, they just, they do not act in accordance with God’s word. And they, it can oftentimes going to be threatened or try to convince us that the truth is not.

[00:14:45] What the word of God says, right? That’s as, as we go through life and as again, as just human beings, our emotions, they’re not perfect. But the good news is faith. Doesn’t depend on our emotional state, but it holds onto in, and it trust [00:15:00] what God has said. Physical or emotional struggles.

[00:15:03] They’re always going to come at us. They’re always going to shake us up. And while our emotions can, and ultimately should express our faith, God is constant and he’s unchanging. And he is the anchor that we’re able to grasp by faith when everything actually threatens to overwhelm us. So really there’s five, five ways that we can spiritually win these battles.

[00:15:28] Within our emotions. [00:15:30] I want to run through these five different ways that we can win these spiritual battles. When these emotions, these such strong emotions actually come up. And the very, very first one is it’s just so easy. It’s just, we got to fill our minds with truth so that we can actually focus on that, Ultimately D despite the arch ever-changing emotions that we experience, if we can just focus on the biblical truth that we have in our mind, when the attacks come at us, ultimately through our emotions, the more likely it is that we’re going to win that battle. So [00:16:00] if we can make a habit it’s simple, it’s so easy, or it’s so simple, but it may not be easy for us, if we make the habit of just reading the word of God, meditate on the words of God every day.

[00:16:10] And we just ask the Holy spirit to renew our mind, to be transformed by the renewing of our mind daily. And God’s truth will ultimately come into our mind and in any situation where our emotions are at their peak, or that it’s I’m so angry, I’m going to start to. Lash out or make bad choices as the Bible, or this is a [00:16:30] word of God, just start to be ingrained within our minds.

[00:16:33] During those emotional moments, there’s going to allow us to be reminded of what truth really is. What’s really true, so that we can make decisions from an accurate perspective. So just fill your minds with the word of God. Number two, it’d be give yourself just give us a time out. When we notice things are starting to get out of hand.

[00:16:54]When we get it going, maybe someone cuts us off driving down the road, or maybe we are starting to get into [00:17:00] it with our spouse or significant other. And we just start to feel the temperature rising. It’s so important for us just to stop. Reflect on, what is actually going on here. And then ultimately just say a little prayer.

[00:17:13] If we can take a moment here and realize that this feeling is about to overwhelm us, just as parents, we would maybe give our kids timeouts. If they get out of hand to teach them or to recognize how to control their emotions. Sometimes as adults, we may have to give ourselves a little timeout as [00:17:30] well.

[00:17:30]Check in with our heavenly father, right? When our emotions get a little bit too strong and during these breaks are just like, take a breath, understand like what you’re feeling and ultimately why you’re feeling it. For example, if man, it doesn’t even have to be like an argument. It could just be like, maybe you’re starting to feel lust.

[00:17:49] We’ll use. Maybe you’re starting to feel lost, like pulling you toward your laptop or your cell phone. And it’s compelling you to start to look at. Inappropriate photos, right? Look at pornography, right? Yeah. [00:18:00] If you can stop that process by simply just taking a time out, we’ve got to train ourselves to identify what these emotions are that we’re actually experiencing in the moment.

[00:18:10] And if we can train ourselves to identify it, we can then figure out why we’re feeling that way. For example, if we’ve been dealing with what’s the stress that we’ve just been trying to relieve through porn, like to just an example that we said, if we’ve been dealing with that and we’re trying to relieve it through porn.

[00:18:30] [00:18:30] Right by forcing ourselves to step out of the situation, understand it, identify it. We can then stop unhealthy impulsive behaviors and ultimately gain the wiser perspective of what is actually happening versus getting caught up in that emotional moment. But we gotta be able to identify it right. Once they start to spiral out of control.

[00:18:51] Stop reflect on it. Say a little prayer. If that’s what it’s needed, gather yourself, and then ultimately make a decision based upon the [00:19:00] truth that you’ve been ingraining yourself with by just getting within the word of God. All right. So then three is going to be just deal honestly, with the uncomfortable emotions that we feel.

[00:19:12]Just be honest with ourselves. Sometimes we deny, we ignore. We tend to suppress those emotions that are just like there’s too much to deal with. For example, if you’re feeling jealous, I know you’re, you may also have a feeling of embarrassment or you’re just ashamed about feeling that way.

[00:19:28]No one likes to admit that they’re [00:19:30] jealous, but if we don’t deal with it, those emotions start to distort our perspective of life. Remember, our perspective is our reality, and if that’s going to leave us vulnerable, ultimately to the attacks from Satan, the devil, from those attacks that are going to come against us, you better believe he’s going to twist that truth to get our attention.

[00:19:51] And if we’re confused in any part of it, we may believe what he actually tells us. So whenever we notice that we’re feeling any emotion [00:20:00] that makes us uncomfortable, we’ve got to acknowledge it. We got to check in with God right in that moment. Okay. It’s important to be able to do that in that moment, keep in mind that it’s normal to experience a lot of these uncomfortable emotions, we live in a fallen world, and our emotions aren’t necessarily wrong. Okay. It’s these are emotions that, that we feel in those times, not that they’re necessarily wrong. What’s sinful is actually choosing to respond to the emotions that you feel in the wrong ways. Kate we’re going [00:20:30] to have these feelings, but how we act upon them determines not only, who we are as a human being.

[00:20:37] And as, as I’m choosing to make these decisions when I do get punched in the mouth who am I? And that’s why it’s so important. We talk about having these core values in these declarations and why it’s so important is because when life gets tough, when we have these emotional flare ups, this guy cut me off.

[00:20:56] This guy, stole money from me, a bad business deal, [00:21:00] whatever it is, we gotta be able to come back to the foundation, the core values of who we are in Christ, who are we? And that’s gonna allow us to make those right decisions, not right away. It’d be great if it was just that quick, but sometimes it takes time to build these new neural pathways that we’ve talked about from the mental component.

[00:21:19] But those happened by making these tough decisions. Initially tough decisions. When the going gets tough. When it’s hard, when it’s one of these emotional [00:21:30] flare ups actually happen. But if we don’t intentionally deal with how we feel like the jealousy that we talked about, that’s going to leave us vulnerable to the temptations, to ultimately do something or say something wrong, when relating, leading to the person that we’re dealing with. So we gotta be honest with ourselves when those uncomfortable emotions actually flare up. Okay. Number four, we got to take care of our health. Our emotion certainly affects our [00:22:00] emotions. I absolutely believe that. So our physical health it’s connected to our emotional wellbeing.

[00:22:05] If our body isn’t feeling well, our emotions can be difficult to manage. I just think about the last time you snapped at somebody, maybe when you were tired or hungry hangry, how about that? You probably noticed I know what I’m like. What I’m starting to feel my blood sugars going. I’m a little calorie deficit.

[00:22:24] It’s okay, I got to get some food in me. Cause I know I’m not going to be able to make the best decisions [00:22:30] during these times. I never make the make business decisions or, long-term relational decisions when I’m hungry or I’m tired. We just, we’ve gotta be able to understand that our physical health is so important because every one of the five power pillars, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, they’re all connected to each other.

[00:22:50] So if we have this understanding, it’s important to know how to operate in excellence and every single one of those, because we can’t operate in excellence in [00:23:00] any of them, if we’re not operating in excellence in all of them. Okay. So we got to ask God to, really just develop, how do we develop these healthy habits that are going to nurture our body, our mind, our spirit and how can they work together?

[00:23:12] Synergistically. According to God’s design, right? We got to eat healthier, eat nutritious foods, drink plenty of water exercise, get enough sleep. That’s a big one on a regular basis because the more physically stable that we are, the more [00:23:30] emotionally stable we can be. Number five, then we got to learn the lessons that God wants to teach us through our emotions.

[00:23:39]We are living this life. We are constantly learning every day. And if we can come to this state or this understanding that we are learning, we are becoming more and more like God, every single day. And God often uses our emotions as teaching tools, right emotions. They are a gift from God. Which the Bible describes as [00:24:00] having in any emotional essence, right?

[00:24:02] God is love. Okay. But emotions that they’re constantly changing as circumstances change, right? God is constant, but our emotions change as circumstances change and they can be easily misinterpreted as well. So when we’re not thinking of them from a spirit led perspective, it can get misconstrued.

[00:24:22]So if we pray for guidance every day, we ask God to help us discern the messages that he [00:24:30] sends through our feelings, which this is again, being able to control these emotions. Okay, God, what are you trying to teach me in this situation? Is it patience? If you’re like me I feel like this is a daily lesson that I’m in training for.

[00:24:45]Oh gosh, I got to talk to this guy again. Or this girl or I’ve got to sit in traffic. Yeah. What can I, if we can approach each day in that aspect. And how can we ask God? How can we be led for a spirit? How can we have a spirit led perspective and then [00:25:00] ask God for guidance every day, how we can discern the messages that he’s sending us.

[00:25:04] Through our feelings. I think of our emotions as like a bell that’s ringing for us to pay attention. When that emotion starts to flare up, it should be like, okay, all I need to pay attention. And in the Holy spirit, we can ask Holy spirit, like communicate as a teacher. How can I learn how to communicate?

[00:25:25] Best during this lesson. And rather than just reacting to our [00:25:30] emotions as certainly that’s what Satan wants us to do. And that’s why he’s tempting us to do is lashing out, right? How can we respond to them with the purpose of learning and growing closer to God in that process?

[00:25:43]As long as we’re living in this fallen world, we’re going to have to deal with spiritual attacks and they’re going to come at us through our emotions. But we can win those battles every single time by simply relying on the Holy spirit.

[00:26:04] [00:26:00] Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Kings council podcast. For more information on the Kings council and becoming the CEO of your own life. Visit Kings council coaching.com today, you can also follow us on Instagram. At King’s council coaching. We’ll see you next time. .


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