010 – Upgrade Your Human Roundtable

Apr 22, 2021

After a great Leadership Day in Frisco, TX, Rylee hosts the first-ever Upgrade Your Human Roundtable with three incredible members of the King’s Council. Each member shares the spiritual experience and perspective on the power of Upgrade Your Human Events and the value of Leadership Days within the King’s Council.

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What King’s Council Upgrade Your Human Events Are All About
  • The Power of Tribe During Challenging Times
  • How to Use the Nehemiah Theme to Cast Vision on Your Life

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Episode 10 – Upgrade Your Human Roundtable – Transcript

[00:00:00] Rylee: Who are you surrounding yourself with your friends, your family, just the environment that you’re putting yourself in. If you look in that environment and you are the top dog or the big fish, as you mentioned, Nate, in that pond, I would challenge you that that’s not really a pond. You’re not in a [00:00:15] circle, you’re in a cage, right?

[00:00:16] And there’s nowhere else to go from. There is a reason why, you know, a shark of a baby shark is literally just put in a tank from the day that it’s born. It will never grow. More than seven, eight, 10 inches. It’ll never, that’ll [00:00:30] never, it’ll never grow out. We’ll never outgrow that tank that it’s actually in, but that same baby shark gets put in the ocean and it can grow up to eight, 10, 15 feet.

[00:00:38] Wow. Right. But it’s all because it is a product of its environment.

[00:00:57] [00:00:45] the Kings council helps you discover, [00:01:00] develop. In deploy your God given talents. Now our vision is to get you on the right path to your framework of success. By focusing on the five power pillars, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, [00:01:15] and financial. Now the King’s counsel is not your average coaching program.

[00:01:19] It’s much more than that. It’s a tribe of like mindseted men and women bonded by faith. Henry relationship that you can do [00:01:30] life with now, we’re traveling across the United States this summer to a city near you, and we want you to join us in creating the next wave of faith-based entrepreneurs, ready to become the CEOs of their life.

[00:01:45] [00:01:45] Visit King’s counsel coaching.com today to speak to one of our team members about how you can level up in all areas of your life today. All right. All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the [00:02:00] Kings council podcast. And man, let me tell you what I am super pumped today for our guest, as you know, I’m Riley meek.

[00:02:09] And today we actually just wrapped up our leadership development day down here in Frisco, Texas. [00:02:15] And we thought we’d take advantage of the time of when we can actually get a number of the Kings council members together here as a group. So I’m actually sitting here and my apartment, I guess, for those that don’t know, I have an apartment that I’ve rented here in Frisco now as our new headquarters [00:02:30] for the Kings council tribe, but we just stepped out of our leadership development days.

[00:02:33] So I’m sitting here. With three people that I’ve got to know a lot here over the last couple of months and just love doing life with them. So I’ve got to my left, Dr. Dave, him [00:02:45] and his wife, Lindsay are actually a physical therapist out in San Diego, sitting across from me here is Alexis and Alexis lives.

[00:02:52] Houston area, right? Alexis. Yeah. She really focuses on educating and empowering and launching people into a healthy lifestyle. So we’re gonna wrap [00:03:00] with her a little bit and then to my right, none other than Mr. Nate. Burke author, former engineer professional athlete. This dude was a seven time Ninja warrior.

[00:03:09] And he’s now doing some speaking, some motivational speaking and coaching. We’re going to hear from him on that. And I’m going to, [00:03:15] I’m seeing this up right now, man. We’re going to hear from you on an episode in the future as well. So welcome to the show guys. Thank

[00:03:21] Nate Burkhalter: you so much, Riley.

[00:03:22] Rylee: Thank you. Stopped driving.

[00:03:24] Yeah, this is going to be great. So just so everybody understands what we’ve been doing over the last couple of days. If you know [00:03:30] what the Kings council is all about, we do life together. We do our coaching calls, Mondays and Thursdays virtually, and then every other month we get together for what we call our upgrade your human events which has pretty Epic yesterday.

[00:03:41] We did like an obstacle warrior. Gus [00:03:45] Ninja warrior course, right? Nate? Yeah. I’d say like that

[00:03:47] Nate Burkhalter: Spartan racing Ninja obstacle course racing would be the term we go with. Yeah, it was, we went

[00:03:51] into

[00:03:51] Rylee: it. It was crazy. And obviously we always do our Wim, Hof breathing and cold plunging after the fact, if he saw any of that on, on social media.

[00:03:59] And then [00:04:00] today we as part of the five power pillars, we always want to make sure that we can focus on not just the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, but today was really on business building. We call our leadership development days. So we’ve spent the last. What six, seven, eight hours. I think it’s probably been diving [00:04:15] into that.

[00:04:15] So we just chucked some caffeine, at least I did. And we wanted to rip this episode for you guys. So I would love to get some feedback and we could just maybe even kind of go around the table here of like what your experience was. [00:04:30] Maybe yesterday on upgrade your human and then the leadership development day.

[00:04:34] And if there’s any maybe takeaways or anything like that. So, Dr. D you want to give us a little recap of your experience here over the last couple of days?

[00:04:41] Dr. Dave: Yeah. I would love to kick it off. So yesterday the upgrade your human, it was [00:04:45] Epic. Yeah. We had a unique experience, a really just pushing. Pushing ourselves physically, but really the mental component of that for me specifically, is getting into some uncomfortable places that I don’t put myself in the weight room.

[00:04:58] I crawl on a rope over a [00:05:00] pond that we could very easily fall into and your grip strengths given out, but just seeing people rally around each other and give encouragement, give support in times like that. So cool. And the community that can come around each other and to see people that, you know, varying degrees of fitness, for sure.

[00:05:15] [00:05:14] And seeing people like Nate coach us up on, on techniques with his background and just his encouragement was, was awesome to see Alexis just pushing herself out of her comfort zone. And I just seen people coming from all different areas and ACE and little Connor and some of the kids coming along with.

[00:05:29] And just [00:05:30] hearing, just seeing from start of the day to end of the day, just mindset shift of a lot of like, I can’t like, I can’t do this. I don’t want to try this. And then people see other people doing it and it encourages other people to be like, Hey, if they can do it, I can, I can try this too. And my tribe’s not going to let [00:05:45] me fall into the water.

[00:05:45] My tribe’s not going to let me do this. So seeing people come out of their shells and yeah. Yeah, me specifically, I want like one of the rope ones and I think my fingers like ready to give away and there’s water underneath me and junior being right there next to me being like, no man, and kind of coach him [00:06:00] through it, but more so the encouragement of getting out of that comfort zone that would normally be in, and we’ve done some other Wim Hoff ones, the cold plunges, but those things always bring out a next level of spiritual connection and mental being able to, you know, calm ourselves in, in situations of stress, which is [00:06:15] something. So huge for what we’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis of having those strategies in place to be able to respond to life stressors. And when things in relationships aren’t good, when business stressors come in to be able to have that strategy, to be able to come back down from that. So the upgraded human was, I [00:06:30] don’t wanna steal too much from you guys and leadership development day I always, one of the days I look forward to the most just with the amount of tactical practical stuff we can get from it.

[00:06:38] And again, it’s the. You know, encouragement is the word I keep coming back to because it’s a, it’s more than just the practical side [00:06:45] of business that, that stuff’s huge. And from you, Ryleeand Scott and Steve, and just everyone else in that room, being able to give different their experiences and their knowledge.

[00:06:53] But again, encouragement, just speaking life into things that maybe we didn’t know there was life into that. And being able to [00:07:00] have you guys speak life into our business that we didn’t know was there and just pulling a new level of. Potential raising up that ceiling that maybe we thought our ceiling was X amount high, and then just push that to a different level and seeing how that’s possible too.

[00:07:12] And having that support system to be able to do [00:07:15] that. So those are generally speaking, some of the, some of the highlights I could, I could talk all day on it, but yeah, that’s the starting point.

[00:07:20] Rylee: That’s fantastic. There’s something to be said about just like what we did yesterday and that just kind of that collective suffering, you know, it’s really, again for [00:07:30] the upgrade.

[00:07:30] You’re human for those that, that, no, it’s we get together to the tagline we use is to make Savage, our bodies to civilize our mind. Like, it’s it right? It’s, it’s Epic. That’s that Steve created that, but that’s the point it’s like pushing our [00:07:45] bodies. You know, we talk about the five power pillars within becoming the CEO of your life.

[00:07:50] And if we can operate in excellence in every single one of those pillars, we can do extraordinary things in this life. But if even one is a little bit out of whack, we can [00:08:00] feel it. We can just know that our marriages is not what it should be or our physical fitness, like, Hey, I’m carrying that extra 10 pounds of weight or, you know, I’m not sleeping well.

[00:08:11] And all of that. You know, just to look at it from like a [00:08:15] harmonious, like holistic approach, which is what I want to definitely hear your take on this Alexis, because you, I mean, you had a crazy experience with in particular, the Wim Hof breathing, right? And this is something that you’ve done a number of times.

[00:08:28] So give us a little [00:08:30] insight as to what you experienced yesterday. She’s nodding her head.

[00:08:32] Nate Burkhalter: Vigorously

[00:08:34] Alexis: words cannot express how incredible upgrade your human was. We, we did start off with Wim Hoff, and I’ve been practicing that [00:08:45] daily. That’s kind of part of my morning, wake up routine and doing it as a group is a whole nother level.

[00:08:54] Because as a group, we are all collectively bringing our hearts, bringing [00:09:00] everything we’ve got. So when I got up, I was, I felt like I could run through a wall. I was just so full of so much passion and fire. I was invigorated and I. Really was very, very impressed [00:09:15] with the guy that you brought in. I don’t remember his name.

[00:09:17] Rylee: That’d be Tyler. Tyler was in which by the way was virtual, which we just live in San

[00:09:23] Nate Burkhalter: Diego, right? Yeah. We had our

[00:09:24] Alexis: eyes closed. I wouldn’t even know. I mean, He’s fast Wim, Hoff instructor ever. [00:09:30] Yeah. So we all unlocked ourselves there and I definitely unlocked myself in that moment. And that’s a big part of this upgrade your human event.

[00:09:37] Yeah.

[00:09:38] Rylee: I’m curious. Cause we get a little bit of a feedback on this and I will, any of you fill in [00:09:45] a doctor’s perspective, but also just from a spiritual component because I’ve looked up, I mean, it took us a minute to find Tyler. Well, you know, when we relocated here, why we did virtually is. We’ve been searching for like a specific Wim [00:10:00] Hoff instructor that would share the vision that we have, not only like what it does physiologically for our bodies mentally, emotionally, but spiritually.

[00:10:08] There’s a component there as well. So what would you guys, this is totally, I’m just curious. That’s [00:10:15] really why I do these podcasts. It’s just to find out what other people think, but what is your what’s your guys’ take or thought process on. Maybe Christians or people that, that, you know, would tout themselves as believers in a higher power, we’ll call it.

[00:10:30] [00:10:29] But how that experience with Wim Hof breathing and just push, pushing our bodies to, you know, the power of the breath that we have and how that relates to just Christianity or spirituality. I’m just curious what you guys would suggest or take on that. [00:10:45] Well,

[00:10:45] Alexis: it says in the scripture that God breathed life into us, right?

[00:10:49] So we all have God’s breath in us. And what we’re learning is how to optimize the way that we breathe. And so I [00:11:00] feel as though, as we did that as a group, spiritually, we were letting in more of God into us and strengthening our bill ability to receive the breath of God. That life force that was originally.

[00:11:14] You know, was [00:11:15] given to Adam. So I see a huge connection between breath and he talks a lot about how it creates longevity and health. And it’s such an important key factor. Right? I see that Lincoln scripture. So I’m not

[00:11:27] Rylee: surprised right now. That’s fantastic. Lexia. You know what? [00:11:30] I wouldn’t be opposed to having you getting certified in being the King.

[00:11:33] I already have that on my

[00:11:34] Alexis: list. Oh,

[00:11:35] Rylee: perfect. Well, it’s just casting vision. I’ve said you’re doing the podcast next week and Alexis is going to be the next Wim Hoff instructor for us. So bring it in. Perfect.

[00:11:45] [00:11:44] Nate Burkhalter: My thought on your question is tying it in spiritually. I grew up in a religious environment and I, I experienced a lot of discipline and moral coaching of sorts, but I never experienced the presence of God at an earlier part of my life.

[00:11:58] A story of my life. I kind of [00:12:00] went a drift from that in college and then begin pursuing a career and found some success, but then didn’t find purpose. Or a deeper meaning to life. And I realized I’m just giving way a lot of my time and I’m making more money, but it’s not impactful in the way that I feel stirring in my spirit.

[00:12:15] [00:12:14] There has to be more. So I started asking this question like, God, if you’re real, what does it look like to show yourself to me? How does the Bible come alive? And I started claiming certain scriptures as truth, but I had a spiritual experience at this time in my life, [00:12:30] about eight years ago. And I felt the presence of God hit me in a physical way that I’d only heard people share and talk about.

[00:12:37] And it impacted me in such a way that it, I felt like it changed the trajectory of how I lived and believed in God’s [00:12:45] presence and what he, he had activated in me. And until I did Wim Hoff in this group, Two months ago at, at our upgrade your human event. I hadn’t experienced that same presence of God feeling until that point.

[00:12:56] And I’ve had a lot of emotional and very intellectual [00:13:00] experiences with God. Through this eight year journey, but that was the first time in eight years, I felt this incredibly, almost drug-like high euphoria of tapping into your breath. And so without any chemical alterations, without anything else, external, we’re learning to [00:13:15] breathe in a deeper way.

[00:13:16] And it was extremely spiritual for me. Yeah. So I’ve seen visions and these times weeping at different times that God’s downloading things into my spirit. And I had a lot of affirmations just like wash over me in ways that I felt not only kind of believe in my mind, and [00:13:30] I’ve done Wim Hoff training before I lived in Norway for a bit.

[00:13:32] And I prepped because I was thinking I’m going to go do some of these ice challenges where I’m diving into the ice room, swimming. And and as an athlete, I was trying to continue to upgrade not only my body, but my mind. But something was different about doing it in this [00:13:45] environment. And I would tie it into the spiritual component that we tap into and believe in.

[00:13:49] We are United in our belief and we’re all getting together as a group and there’s power biblically there’s power in us and United together. And there was an environment that was created. And then Tyler did [00:14:00] an incredible job of leading and orchestrating that. And he wasn’t there. Present with us in person, but he was with us in spirit because he’s also been there in person in the past events.

[00:14:07] And he was dialing in and still facilitating that. And it created an experience that just like Alexis said, she’s never had [00:14:15] that before on her own when she’s been doing this. And the same for the cold therapy that we did. And even the obstacle course racing that we did, we’re learning to be uncomfortable, but unite as a team.

[00:14:24] And put ourselves in a new situation that really unlocked something in us that we didn’t recognize was there physically, [00:14:30] emotionally releasing things, but especially spiritually, because it’s gotta be tying back to the breath of God in us. And that’s, what’s awakening our spirit because it’s cleansing out some of these things where we aren’t able to literally breathe deep and release.

[00:14:44] And so it was, it’s [00:14:45] been a spiritual experience for me, whereas I was pursuing Wim Hoff to unlock more of my physical potential or maybe my mental potential.

[00:14:51] Rylee: It all came together. Yeah, man, that dude, that’s a great explanation from both of you guys. And I think just to the component you said of like [00:15:00] collectively doing that together.

[00:15:01] One of the things, if you guys remember what Jonathan Tennyson, when he was sitting in the cold. Tub yesterday. And you know, he’s like a minute into it, which like the first minute is pretty concise.

[00:15:13] Nate Burkhalter: That was the worst one I’ve [00:15:15] ever experienced yesterday.

[00:15:15] Rylee: That was hard. Moodle. How many pounds of ice? Dude, like 1500, 1500 pounds of ice.

[00:15:21] I mean,

[00:15:22] Alexis: Hey Steve, Steve Weatherford shivering, you know, it’s cold,

[00:15:26] Rylee: right? Yeah. It was so funny when I, [00:15:30] when I first got in and it, you know, it takes your breath away right away for those that haven’t done. It it’s like that first. You know, five to 10 breaths to get gather your breath is like so important.

[00:15:40] But I looked across at me with a Christian. Our spiritual advisor was [00:15:45] sitting right across in the look on his face, just cracked me up, which then ultimately I couldn’t catch my breath. And I was like, but, but prior to that, Jonathan Tennyson got in and what just touched my heart. One thing he said was. [00:16:00] I just want everybody to know that I, if I would not do this without you guys.

[00:16:05] And so it is just being able to come together, do life together, you know, pushing our bodies, ultimately our, you know, emotionally the [00:16:15] mental component as well, too. Just the, not even the limits, but to really, to break through or to take off the lid that we just put on our own lives. Right. We don’t, we have no idea what the potential that God [00:16:30] has given us.

[00:16:31] Right. And this just helps to unpack that or unveil that. And we’re able to do that. As a group and then ultimately come together and, and, you know, share in those experiences and, and, and the joyfulness of it, but also then [00:16:45] to keep each other accountable. Yeah, right. To know, like, you know, partly what we did today was cashed in vision.

[00:16:51] We do this theme called the Nehemiah. Approach to it where like every 26 days, you know, every 30 days, essentially for us coming together, we [00:17:00] basically unpack or revisit the vision that we cast 30 days prior. And why we, why we do this every single week in person or excuse me, every single month in person, or if you’re not able to attend in person we’re zooming in is because we want to hold each other accountable [00:17:15] to the vision that we cast or set out 30 days prior.

[00:17:18] And then at the end today, What’d we do. We went around the entire room and re and recast that vision. I know Dr. D you’ve been a part of this for really since the beginning. So this would have been a, what month is it? April now, [00:17:30] system number four, that you’ve done this. So unpack that for us a little bit on what that, how that’s helped you kind of level up just from an accountability standpoint, knowing that you’re going to come into the room again and, you know, you have to Either [00:17:45] be honest with yourself, right.

[00:17:47] Number one, and be honest with the rest of the group, like, did I hit those measurements or did I hit the Mark that I was looking for? Or did I not, but also just the ability to, to be honest and real. And if you didn’t okay, why not? Why, [00:18:00] how can we help you achieve those, those goals for the next go around the next month when we’re recasting that

[00:18:05] Nate Burkhalter: vision?

[00:18:06] Yeah, it’s

[00:18:06] Dr. Dave: huge. And having, I mean, accountability, I think we know in any area of life is going to. You know, bring, bring more out of us than we can get it on our own. Even [00:18:15] if we’re naturally accountable people, which I would consider myself naturally accountable. That’s something in my contract, something I hold myself to, but there’s a different level when again, we’re around community and people are also standing in agreement and holding that, [00:18:30] that same expectation for you.

[00:18:31] And there’s the, the group accountability. That’s a big piece of that of knowing that. I’m not just going to let myself down if I don’t do it and let our family down, let our vision down. Some of those other things that come in, we don’t take action, but there’s, you know, in [00:18:45] our room today, 30 other people that are also not expecting me their lives aren’t necessarily change.

[00:18:51] If I don’t do what I’m going to do, but there are people that want, we want to see each other succeed and we want to see people come back and be like, yeah, crushed every one of those things. And we’ll celebrate with each other because when we [00:19:00] stack that month, a month, four months in now, and then eventually.

[00:19:03] Yeah, you’re at the end of 21 and we, what are we choosing to that, that we accomplished? And that happens through these, these little sprints instead of just having this overwhelming thing of, Hey, this is what we want to do in 21, [00:19:15] which we have big visions and big dreams, but that’s overwhelming if we leave it at, start from January and say, okay, that’s December.

[00:19:21] There’s a lot we have to do by then. But it’s. You guys, and the rest of the group, being able to break this down into manageable sprints of, Hey, yes, we know this is where you’re going, but [00:19:30] in the next 30 days, this is what what’s going to help you get there. So it’s not just the group accountability, but it’s also the clarity for me because accountability is less of the issue for me, as much as clarity is of, okay.

[00:19:40] I have 30 things that could be working on, but let’s get clear on say what three [00:19:45] things are, what. Yeah, max five things are that we can, we can bite off and chew, and then people are going to challenge you though. If they, if they think you can do more, that’s, that’s the coolest thing is to see people being like, Hey, you’re already doing that.

[00:19:56] I think you have, you have more in the tank. So I think all those things factor [00:20:00] into the real power of being able to do that and come back and I have the accountability side, but also the, the support and the clarity and some of the other areas.

[00:20:09] Rylee: Yeah. Yeah. That’s good, man. What, one of the things that I love about these days is the excitement of coming into it [00:20:15] because.

[00:20:15] You live in San Diego, you guys live in Houston, you know, I’m in Minnesota majority of the time, but to be able to come together in person or whether it’s in zoom, I guess is one thing, but it’s like, we have a specific purpose for this day. And part of the day [00:20:30] is to break out in these kinds of, we call them breakout sessions where we can mastermind and we put a time limit on it, of, you know, share with us what you’re looking to get out of it.

[00:20:38] That way those in the group can collectively either poke holes in it. Provide feedback, [00:20:45] make suggestions, make connections. I know a number of connections, more able to take place over the last few months that we’ve been able to do this. But Alexis, I’m curious because this was your first actual leadership day.

[00:20:57] W what were your expectations coming into [00:21:00] this? And. What do you, I mean, after a full day of it, I know it was like drinking through a fire hose kind of, but what do you, what’s your thought process? Do you feel like you have some strategy or some takeaways that you can apply into your business moving forward?

[00:21:14] Alexis: Yeah, [00:21:15] I mean, I came right off of upgrade your human and I had just, my heart was open because the spiritual experience we had, so. I was just so in the place to receive feedback, to be given some [00:21:30] tactical strategies on how I can serve better serve people better. So really the breakout that I was in, we were talking about our stories.

[00:21:41] You know, like people connect to [00:21:45] stories and learning how to tell your story really well and connect with people. Because at the end of the day, it’s, we’re all about connecting with people. We’re all about being relational with one another. That’s, that’s the main thing, right. [00:22:00] And we’re not meant to do life alone.

[00:22:03] And so as an entrepreneur, you know, I can try to do everything on my own, and I may have great success at that, but there’s something to be said about [00:22:15] locking your arms with brothers and sisters who have the same mindset as you who want to see you win and to be able to just be that other. That gives that feedback and be the person that’s looking in at your business and giving you [00:22:30] strategies.

[00:22:30] And I, I walked away with a lot of things that, that I’m going to be accountable for for the next 30 days. And I do that on my own. I’m naturally hold myself accountable, but I’m to the next level. I mean, I had junior shouting out. It’d be like, no, I think you can do [00:22:45] more. How about you do this? So. But everyone here really cares.

[00:22:49] Everyone’s heart for one another is huge. The coaches, the whole, the whole leadership team, they care. So when you know you have that kind of support, you [00:23:00] go so much

[00:23:00] Rylee: further. Yeah, you do. I mean, we always, we have the scene, obviously within the kinks council. If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far go together.

[00:23:09] And one of the phrases that are very old, Scott, Thomas always says, you know, you can’t see, you can’t read the [00:23:15] label. From from inside the bottle. Right. And it takes that ability to see different perspectives of things. And a lot of that is, you know, who you’re surrounding yourself with. Right. And that’s, that’s this kind of tribe mentality within the King’s council.

[00:23:30] [00:23:30] But Nate, I know you’ve been an engineer by trade man. So like, Corporate America. Really? Yeah. And now you’re, you’ve transitioned into this kind of entrepreneurship role of building your own business. Obviously, professional athlete is a incredible [00:23:45] discipline and accountability that takes, but how would you relate, like what we’ve done over the last two days to being a professional athlete, but also just to the every day dude or woman that’s listening to this, that like, man, this [00:24:00] is a simple.

[00:24:01] Cool, but I’m not a professional athlete. I’m not a, you know Steve Weatherford. Right. But how can this apply to my life? Yeah. That’s

[00:24:08] Nate Burkhalter: a great question that I was already thinking as far as an answer for that before you said it. So

[00:24:13] Rylee: that’s what you’re seeing right now. Is that what [00:24:15] you wrote that on the paper?

[00:24:16] No, I’m just kidding.

[00:24:17] Nate Burkhalter: Was that the notes? Did you talk about this next?

[00:24:20] Rylee: I didn’t do the video on this, so that’s not true guys

[00:24:23] Nate Burkhalter: making jokes here, you know? The upgrade your human event. I was kind of laughing as we talked about some of the things we went through yesterday [00:24:30] that was more in my skillset with obstacle course racing.

[00:24:33] And some of the things I’ve trained myself now, I recognize it as more professionally, but at the same time, I’m an average Joe, in certain ways. And I laugh because who do we have join us yesterday for the ice [00:24:45] baths. We had several women that aren’t in our King’s council, essentially. Right? They are in the army.

[00:24:51] Yeah, they are by proxy or by default by knowledge. And then we have several kids, I guess they’re almost in their teens. And then we had the people who have [00:25:00] chosen to be here. On the outside way, people of all different backgrounds, both in the athletic realm, we do have some high end athletes. Steve obviously is, is one of those high profile athletes.

[00:25:09] But then we have people who don’t really train as an athlete who consider themselves your everyday average person [00:25:15] or some who probably steer away from that. Right. And I, yesterday I saw Alexis who wouldn’t consider herself an athlete, but has been working in making yourself uncomfortable in places and pushing forward, and then being willing to do it in a more public realm.

[00:25:27] But this is such an intimate environment where. [00:25:30] It’s not so hard to quote unquote fail because you’re comfortable knowing that your teammates here are beside you and we’re pushing each other forward. Now it’s not always uncomfortable environment for me because I’m stepping into a new realm where I’m not really an entrepreneur, I’m in training for that, but I’m [00:25:45] coming from a corporate background that I learned to succeed in, but also feel safe in.

[00:25:48] And the hardest thing to walk out of is your sense of safety. And I almost identity. And I felt a stirring in me that there’s more to my life and my time. And to have the freedom, to be able [00:26:00] to arrange a life where that I can do what I feel called to and passionate about, but I feel the sense of both identity and what I’ve done in the past, but also this golden handcuffs of sorts of, of having success in one realm.

[00:26:11] And also being locked into that. If got, I have a structure here for me [00:26:15] and I have accountability to my managers in my leadership team and walking away from that and being in a little bit of a floating space. Yes, I am very disciplined and I’ve, I’ve built that up. Intentionally, but also in this entrepreneurial realm, like I don’t have experience there.

[00:26:28] I didn’t really have a lot of belief in myself either. [00:26:30] And one thing I recognize when I saw the King’s counsel for me is I need accountability. I need structure. I need ideas. I need insight. And I’ve, I’ve never paid for coaching before. I’ve always been a semi Jack of all trades where I can kind of figure it out, but [00:26:45] realizing yes.

[00:26:46] If you’re capable, you can do most things on your own, but they’re not going to be effective most of the time. It will be a waste of your time where you’re not maximizing where you do well in life as far as income or influence. And so I sensed, even though I had just [00:27:00] gotten out of a big win and quit, my corporate job got on this new TV show that came out of nowhere, ended up winning that, and financially had a bigger runway to figure some new things out that I wanted to step into.

[00:27:10] But also was a little uncertain of what my life’s going to look like. And I knew I was getting stuck in [00:27:15] certain ways, and I knew I needed accountability to people that looked up to I’d become the biggest fish in my pond of sorts and people weren’t trying to do what I was doing. So they’re thinking, yeah, you’re good, bro.

[00:27:24] And I’m like, no, I need to 10 X my life, a hundred X my life. And getting in this environment, especially for the [00:27:30] leadership development day has been one of the most activating and powerful things where I’m, this is my third one. And I, I can already see my mind how different it is from two months ago. And one month ago, just by the, the wisdom and the insight of this group collectively and what you’ve spoken into my life.

[00:27:45] [00:27:44] And also me being able to speak in other people’s lives and not realizing, Oh, I’ve got things inside of me that can activate others. And so it’s unlocked me in so many ways, but back to that original point, I’m seeing people like Ashley, Get into this ice bath [00:28:00] yesterday and it was cold yesterday. So people listening are thinking not no, but hell no, I’m not getting into ice bath.

[00:28:07] Why would I do that? I’m not. An elite athlete, but people being willing to be placed in that and trusting that, Hey, we, as [00:28:15] a group and you, as part of the leadership team know that this is something that’s going to help you unlock other pieces of your life. It’s not just about accomplishing a certain physical feat.

[00:28:23] And by doing that, I just was amazed at seeing Ashley, everyone that doesn’t know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Correct. Yeah. [00:28:30] And so she jumped into this and. I could tell that this isn’t her mindset and training and desire to be put in that kind of an uncomfortable environment. But she had seen enough other people who were similar to her that weren’t like me as an athlete.

[00:28:42] And she’s like, okay, they did it. They’re willing to, she got in [00:28:45] and she built out. Yeah. And that’s okay. Everyone was cool with it. But then later she’s like, okay, I’m gonna, I’m going to get back into this. And she got back in and was willing to, to face it. And I think it unlocked something in her like that belief.

[00:28:55] Wow. I can do this now. Let’s tie it back to me when I get in on the next round. [00:29:00] I was in panic mode. That was cold for me. And I’d been training in some of this and I’m thinking I need to be out of here. I can’t do this. But then Jonathan said that quote, I wouldn’t be doing this. If it wasn’t for you guys, or I couldn’t handle this.

[00:29:11] And I’m also thinking to myself, Alexis and Ashley just did this the [00:29:15] first round. Don’t you get out of this tub, you do your button, this thing. And I’m sitting there like, and I remembered, okay. Not about muscling your way through these situations. Lean on the people around you. And also remember the coaching piece.

[00:29:27] So I start thinking about what they’re telling me, not [00:29:30] Scott’s walking around and giving us reminders about breathing. And I saw him like killing. He killed coach Alexis as she’s getting into a panic mode. And when you tap back, when I tapped back into those things, I went for eight minutes in this ice and I’ve never done more than four, four and a half.

[00:29:44] And it was colder than [00:29:45] I’ve ever been in. And it was, it unlocked something in me where I actually started hitting my limit where in past events, it wasn’t touching my limits. So I was just chill. You know, I’m sitting here like splashing around and high five and everyone and other people were in panic mode.

[00:29:57] But this time it was like, Oh man, Oh, this, this is, [00:30:00] this is, this is rough. But I, I find myself bumping into limitations and then realizing we can still break through them, but I can’t do it alone. And it’s not about muscling your way through everything. It’s relying on those people who are with you and speaking into you.

[00:30:13] And that’s what this [00:30:15] week has been in summation for me, but also it connects to anyone that’s listening that doesn’t feel like, Oh, I’m not, I’m not Riley. I’m not Steve. I’m not Nate. Pick your. Area where you feel like you’re out of your comfort zone and realize that all of us are stepping into those things.

[00:30:28] Cause I’m in that area now in this [00:30:30] entrepreneurial space. And I’m okay with that because I have people that are walking with me and saying, we got you, bro. My, my success is your success. Your success is my success and that’s what you guys live. And I’ve seen you live in your life and things you do and where you put your, your money and where you put your [00:30:45] time.

[00:30:45] Yeah. So it’s incredible. Cause it’s unlocking the three of us sitting here and I think there’s many people that are listening, going, how would that apply to my life? Right. Every situation’s unique, but all of us have the same similar piece of where we can be unlocked and new ways.

[00:30:57] Rylee: Right? Yeah, absolutely.

[00:31:00] [00:30:59] Alexis: Yeah. I’d like to add onto that. We are body, spirit and soul what’s going on with our body impacts her soul. What’s going on with our soul impacts our body and our spirit. It’s all connected. Okay. When you take [00:31:15] this challenge of the upgrade, your human, or even the leadership development day, every game that you make in one area is impacting the other area.

[00:31:24] So for me, you know, I was one of the few women there definitely intimidated [00:31:30] tons of men here with lots of muscles, lots of strength. And I went on these obstacle challenges and I knew I couldn’t necessarily go. As hard as the guys, but I wasn’t gonna disqualify myself. And I, I [00:31:45] went on those courses and I put my all into it.

[00:31:49] But really what happened was my mindset. My, my mindset actually shifted in these experiences. So I walked away with a, I had upgraded my mind [00:32:00] so that when I, the next day, when I go into leadership and I’m talking about my business and I’m talking about the struggles that I have as an entrepreneur, I go back to that, those physical challenges.

[00:32:10] And I think I remember when I was hanging over that pond, didn’t want to fall in [00:32:15] the disgusting muddy water and. I just keep thinking, okay, this entrepreneur, entrepreneur, that’s a hardware, this business challenge, this business challenge is just like that physical obstacle. [00:32:30] And so we’re learning about grit right now as a community.

[00:32:33] And I had. My coach, I had Steve Weatherford there saying grit, Alexis, this is how we develop grit. And so I didn’t want to give up on that obstacle because I knew I was [00:32:45] breaking through mentally and that was going to help me upgrade myself in my business because my mind shifted. But also physically, we all walked away like.

[00:32:54] Wow. Maybe I need to get in better shape or, you know, I need to work more on my body. I [00:33:00] actually was kind of impressed with what I did physically. I didn’t know that I could push myself that hard. So I think a lot of the guys walked away and said, no, now I’m really committed to losing that extra weight.

[00:33:11] I’m really committed to doing more workouts. So it’s [00:33:15] that, that check-in point. But man, we are like, This tribe, this community, this pack of people that are getting stronger

[00:33:25] Rylee: together. Yeah, yeah. That’s, that’s so dead on it and you absolutely crushed yesterday, Alexis. So [00:33:30] I had to go back to, you know, one of the teachings that we’ve learned about in the last couple of months is this concept of trying.

[00:33:36] Versus training, you know, in first Timothy it’s like when, when Paul speaking to Timothy and it’s that are, we are to train ourselves up. And so [00:33:45] that comes back to a lot of the language patterns that we have the champion language, again, back to the themes as Alexis mentioned. So you guys know our theme this month is grit and mental toughness, and that’s why you hear, it’s probably talking a lot about mindset because a lot of what we do [00:34:00] decide to do or decide not to do is based upon.

[00:34:03] Our commitments, right. And this philosophy of training versus trying. Cause when we’re trying, we’re only going to go as far as we feel like it. But when we’re in training, we’re making our [00:34:15] decisions based upon our commitments. And I know all of us yesterday were committed to finishing that obstacle course.

[00:34:22] Right. And prior to the day we, we wrote down the. That a burden that we were looking to cast into the fire, that we were leaving that place [00:34:30] with, which I think just symbolically was so great. Like we were able to bear each other’s burdens collectively as a group and then walk out of there with great accomplishments.

[00:34:39] But then also just that, that tribe mentality as you guys, I had mentioned, yeah.

[00:34:43] Dr. Dave: The main thing to add to [00:34:45] both of you guys, Alexis, Nate, as you guys are talking, I just keep circling on my, my notes here. Perceived limits because Nate, you had mentioned, I reached my limit on, in the ice bath and that was cooler than I’d done.

[00:34:55] I reached that limit. I wanted to get out Alexis, you mentioned physical limitations of [00:35:00] like, I can’t hang with these guys or I can’t do those things, but they’re not true limits or limits that we’ve, we’ve placed in ourselves. These perceived limits we have, but what can unlock that is. Being around other people.

[00:35:09] Cause I ran into this with our first CEO, CEO of Anna went to in [00:35:15] San Diego when I first got connected with you guys and signed up and we had to do this the self-assessment of it’s just a simple one to 10 scale of how we’re doing in these different areas of our life, with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, or business, and come in as [00:35:30] someone who’s in, it’s my wife and I in business.

[00:35:32] So there’s a. You know, we don’t necessarily have as much to compare it to. So I’m filling out this assessment. It’s like, you know, like nine physical, like maybe eight and all the other things. Okay. Financial business, we can remove a little bit like maybe six and [00:35:45] then, but you get in a room with these other people and in a good way, like a very humbling way.

[00:35:49] I, we assume we’re doing much better than we are, and we don’t know that until we get around some of these other people. So yeah. I all of a sudden slid all my numbers about three notches to the left, that the closer to the one [00:36:00] side. And I don’t, and I don’t say that from anything other than, than saying that it’s, it’s humbling because you get around people and you’re like, man, that like that person physically, like, yeah, I strive for that.

[00:36:09] And this person like spiritually, I thought I was here, but this person is on a whole different level. And I thought my business was doing pretty [00:36:15] good, but around. Around these different people. It brings out these new limits that, that we didn’t know, we had gets out of our comfort zone and, and these places that we thought, okay, this is my ceiling and Sydney I was talking about earlier.

[00:36:27] And all of these areas, we have a much higher ceiling than we [00:36:30] think, and that doesn’t get unlocked until you’re around the right people that value the same things and are striving for the same improvement across, across all these areas. Yeah. It’s so good.

[00:36:39] Nate Burkhalter: Yeah. I’m thinking to highlight what you’re saying there on the.

[00:36:42] Confidence piece. Sometimes if [00:36:45] we do become that biggest fish or bigger fish in the pond, we feel like, well, I’m doing really well and you don’t necessarily live a comparison lifestyle, but you’re like, I’m pretty good in this area. And coming here does awaken you to realize, Oh, I’m still called to continue to grow.

[00:36:57] But on the flip side, other people may find [00:37:00] themselves in a very unconfident space and feeling like I don’t really have the gifts of the ability to really grow in my life. So you have gotten to a place where you’ve worked hard. And you’ve built up, you and your wife had built something up well, but you then realize, okay, there’s more room to [00:37:15] grow because I have these great examples.

[00:37:16] Now I tend to come in from the other side of lacking confidence, both in myself and in what God’s done in my life. And I get the flip side of being in this group, which is also the activation in the speaking into, and the calling from a good way of, Oh no, you have [00:37:30] so much more and you can do so much more and you may be doing well, but you’re playing it too safe.

[00:37:35] There’s more room to grow. So it comes from both sides, right? It’s like it’s finding that balance. And so you’re finding the balance of like that, that reawakening of, Oh, don’t get too confident. Or even we had someone [00:37:45] yesterday sharing about, they used to be an incredible athlete and thought they were still doing pretty well.

[00:37:50] And then being put in this group of, Oh, wait I’ve, I’ve kind of let myself slip and go in this area. I focused on business and family, but I’ve let my health go to some degree. And that person got [00:38:00] that awakening. It’s like, Oh, there’s, there’s so much more. And now I’m realizing I’m not as good as I thought it was.

[00:38:04] That’s a good activation for me to get back into it. So it’s like you get both sides here from the success, but that success doesn’t come from a comparison place. It comes from, I have a heart to help you. Yeah, [00:38:15] how can I help you? And even when I didn’t know how I needed help, I was getting it or activated.

[00:38:19] Rylee: Yeah, that’s good, man. Gosh, this is so good guys. I feel like I could go on forever with you, but I want to put a bow on this thing and you guys have all kind of hit on this, but what I’ve really gathered is like, [00:38:30] we talk about the product, the sum total of the five people that you surround yourself with.

[00:38:34] And I’m honored to be sitting here and being a part of that group with you guys. But for those that question that are, if you look in your tribe right now, your tribe meeting, Who are you surrounding yourself with your [00:38:45] friends, your family, just the environment that you’re putting yourself in. If you look in that environment and you are the top dog or the big fish, as you mentioned, Nate, in that pond, I would challenge you that that’s not really a pond.

[00:38:56] You’re not in a circle, you’re in a cage, right? And [00:39:00] there’s nowhere else to go from there. There’s a reason why a shark, if a baby shark is literally just put in a tank from the day that it’s born, it will never grow. More than seven, eight, 10 inches. It’ll never, that’ll never, it’ll never grow out. We’ll never outgrow that [00:39:15] tank it’s actually in, but that same baby shark gets put in the ocean and it can grow up to eight, 10, 15 feet.

[00:39:21] Wow. Right. But it’s all because it is a product of its environment and that’s so, so important here. So. If [00:39:30] anybody is listening and is curious, like, what is this? What’s this King’s counsel thing? How do I be a part of that environment? Or I want to find some sweet bros or some amazing women to surround myself with the, do yourself a favor and text at King K I N G two [00:39:45] (727) 472-3860.

[00:39:48] Or check us out at Kings council. coaching.com. Dr. D Alexis, Mr. Burkhalter. It was a pleasure. I love you guys. Let’s go get some dinner.

[00:39:58] Nate Burkhalter: Likewise. Likewise, [00:40:00] my friends. Thank you

[00:40:00] Dr. Dave: for having us. Thanks for having a sign, man. We had a, I had a blast and good chatting it up as always. Yeah.

[00:40:05] Rylee: Awesome guys.

[00:40:10] Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of the Kings council podcast. For [00:40:15] more information on the King’s council and becoming the CEO of your own life visit King’s council coaching. Dot com today you can also follow us on Instagram at King’s council coaching. We’ll see you next time. [00:40:30] .


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