008 – How to Master the Mental Power Pillar of Our Lives

Apr 8, 2021

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

If you think like a victim, you’re going to be a victim. If you think like a victor, you’re going to be a victor. What we think about is what we bring about and this is why it’s so crucial for us to continue to audit our thoughts and master the Mental Power Pillar.

In this week’s episode, Rylee shares:

  • What it takes to Master the Mental Power Pillar
  • How 12 minutes of daily prayer can change your brain
  • Why changing your thought pattern is a discipline, not a routine

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Kings Ep 008 

[00:00:00] Rylee: I’m a firm believer. We are always either continually progressing or we are continually regressing, right? So we want to surround ourselves with like mind set at people. And if our thoughts are always continually [00:00:15] directing our life, right? So this is where we’ve got to be able to invite God to just renew our minds.

[00:00:22] With truth, right? To be able to replace the lies, the self limiting beliefs that we’ve had, maybe [00:00:30] for the last decade, 20, 30, 40, 50 plus years of our lives. However old you are, right. Oftentimes our perception we’ve created this perception. Which I fully understand that is your reality. Like my [00:00:45] perception is my reality, but the beautiful thing is it can change the moment you choose to change it.

[00:01:06] [00:01:00] the King’s council helps you discover, develop. In deploy your God given talents. Now our vision is to get you [00:01:15] on the right path to your framework of success. By focusing on the five power pillars, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial. Now the King’s counsel is not your average coaching program.

[00:01:28] It’s much [00:01:30] more than that. It’s a tribe of like mindseted men and women bonded by faith. Henry relationship that you can do life with now, we’re traveling across the United States this summer to a city near you, and we [00:01:45] want you to join us in creating the next wave of faith-based entrepreneurs, ready to become the CEOs of their life.

[00:01:54] Visit King’s counsel coaching.com today to speak to one of our team members [00:02:00] about how you can level up in all areas of your life today. All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Kings council podcast. I’m your host Riley meek. And we’re going to go solo on this episode again, here today, [00:02:15] and really the reason behind this is because I want to dive into the five power pillars that we talk about at the, become the CEO of your life events.

[00:02:26] Now, some of you know that we host these online virtual [00:02:30] summits. We do these live in person events as well. Heck we probably have a handful on the calendar coming on up in the near future here. When you’re listening to this, we host these live events and we talk about becoming the CEO of your life. [00:02:45] Now, first off you guys know I’m a firm believer that we are all right.

[00:02:48] Entrepreneurs at heart. If we look at like the root word of entrepreneur, it simply means to undertake. And if we were able to operate our lives, like a business, just like we [00:03:00] would operate a business, we have certain divisions within each company. If we’re able to look at life in this facet, there’s really five components, five power pillars that if we’re able to operate in.

[00:03:13] Excellence at every single one of these [00:03:15] pillars. I believe that we are truly then walking out our God, given, calling on this earth. Now the five power pillars, as you know, are our mental or emotional, our physical, our spiritual, and then the financial. Component as [00:03:30] well. And last week we really dove into really kind of the financial component.

[00:03:33] And this week I want to talk about the mental component. What does it really mean to master the mental power pillar of our lives? How do we operate as the entrepreneurial, as the [00:03:45] CEO? Of our life with this mental game, if we want to call it that, and really it all boils down to our mindsets. Right? As you know, we talk a lot about being able to cast vision for our lives, that all of the CEO of your life events, or really [00:04:00] just in any of our coaching programs, we always want to start.

[00:04:03] With vision, where we follow the God-given template of the seven days of creation. And we believe that these are put in an order systematically for a reason, right? When God [00:04:15] said, let there be light, it was symbolically for us. It was being able to cast vision within that time period. Right. And when we say cast vision, we’re not talking about like sight, like physical sight, but like what do you truly see [00:04:30] your life to be?

[00:04:32] Right. Not like goals or anything like that, but lik a true vision for your life. In order for us to have a proper vision for our life. We first have to look at our mindset right now, who we are today. Is [00:04:45] based on the mindsets that we have built in created, right? Who you are today, no matter where you’re at in your life is firmly based on the mindset that you have built in created.

[00:04:57] Right? So if you grew up [00:05:00] with this mindset or this philosophy that maybe witnessing that, that money is hard to come by. Right. There’s a good chance that you’re still living in that mindset. Like it’s hard to come by or people with money are greedy or [00:05:15] evil, right. Or maybe it’s even just take money out of it.

[00:05:17] Maybe it’s a, that men are pigs, right. Or this was a big one for me, that religion is boring. Right. Which a religion actually is kind of boring. Right? We know this is about relationship [00:05:30] within the kinks council, but all of these thought processes or these mindsets are largely unsolicited gifts. Right. I want you to make sure that you’re hearing me correctly.

[00:05:41] Our mindsets are largely unsolicited gifts, [00:05:45] usually from our parents, from our teachers, from society, or really just from other people that we’re surrounding ourselves with. We are the products of other people’s habitual ways of thinking. [00:06:00] Okay. We are the products of other people’s habitual ways of thinking.

[00:06:04] And when we just allow this to happen, or we own critically, except these values, these beliefs, these habits, they ultimately gain control over [00:06:15] our lives. And this is why it’s so important. We talk about a community, you know, the five people that you surround yourself with. If you look at those five people in whatever fruit they have in your life, Good chance that you are producing that same type of fruit.

[00:06:29] So it’s [00:06:30] so important to surround yourself with the right people to consume the right content. Just understanding like your language patterns, if we’re able to purposely or intently change these mindsets, we’re ultimately going to be able to [00:06:45] change our lives. Proverbs 23 seven says as a person thinks, so is he.

[00:06:52] As a person thinks. So is he, so if you think like a victim, you’re gonna always be a victim, [00:07:00] right? If you think like a Victor, you’re gonna always be a Victor. Right. What we think about we bring about, and this is why it is so important for us to continually audit our thoughts. Right, because it is [00:07:15] absolutely impossible for us to have a positive life with a negative mind.

[00:07:22] We’re always moving in the direction of the thoughts that we have in our lives. This is why it’s so important, you know, to [00:07:30] surround ourselves with people that are like minded, setted. Some of you have heard me talk about that before of surrounding yourself with people that are like mindset and not like minded people, right?

[00:07:40] I’m a firm believer. We are always either continually progressing [00:07:45] or we are continually regressing, right? So we want to surround ourselves with like mind set at people. And if our thoughts are always continually directing our life, right? So this is where we’ve got to be able to invite [00:08:00] God to just renew our minds.

[00:08:02] With truth, right? To be able to replace the lies, the self limiting beliefs that we’ve had maybe for the last decade, 20, 30, 40, 50 plus years of our lives, [00:08:15] however old you are, right? Oftentimes our perception we’ve created this perception, which I fully understand that as your reality, like my perception is my reality, but the beautiful thing is it can change the [00:08:30] moment you choose.

[00:08:31] To change it. If you can change your thinking, you can change your life. And this isn’t just the power of positive thinking talk here. This is backed by science, right? Like if you guys have heard of this concept of [00:08:45] neuroplasticity, Right where our brains are dynamic. They are constantly changing and we can build new neural pathways within our brain.

[00:08:55] Actually, this is a study Dr. Carolyn leaf, which by the way, it’s a phenomenal [00:09:00] speaker and author. If any of you have read any of her stuff, she has a great book called switch on your brain, but she talks about having a 12 minutes of daily prayer, 12 minutes of daily prayer over an eight week period. Can [00:09:15] actually be measured with a brain scan.

[00:09:19] It’s it shows up on a brain scan. If you could spend 12 minutes a day over an eight week period, it shows a new shows that chemical releasing a new neural pathway [00:09:30] that is sent, that has been produced or built within the brain. Right? So when I say like a neural pathway, these are the channels. This is the neuroplasticity that I’m talking about that can change the physical chemistry within our brain.

[00:09:43] Now on the flip side of that [00:09:45] negative thoughts, Are also neural pathways that are created within our brain. So if you grew up thinking these specific thoughts, you start to believe what you’re telling yourself, right? You can, if you start to book to listen to [00:10:00] lies long enough that lie can become truth in your life.

[00:10:06] Right. But it can be changed. This is the most encouraging. Component of this is that it can be changed actually, a positive [00:10:15] thought when we have that positive thought, it actually releases. A surge of dopamine within our brains. Right? And as, as science has proven to us and taught us the more often we [00:10:30] have that dopamine release that chemical change, the easier it is to think that thought it’s just like building a muscle guys where the more reps we get in the easier it becomes over time.

[00:10:41] So you’re creating, we can create these new neural pathways [00:10:45] within our brains. Over time. This is why, you know, Romans 12 two, it says, do not be conformed to the patterns of this world, right. Or it could be read as, do not be conformed to the wrong ways of thinking. [00:11:00] But instead be renewed, be transformed by the renewal of your mind, create that new pathway, create that new trigger, that new dopamine release.

[00:11:13] Do not be [00:11:15] conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of our minds. Think of this guys as like, if you’re going through a jungle, right. Where we’re thinking of a vast, dense, thick green forest. Right [00:11:30] now you’re in the middle of this jungle and you’re looking around you’re on this path that has been traveled over and over again.

[00:11:37] Right? These are these neural pathways that you’ve created this old way of thinking everybody’s doing it. It’s easy to go down this [00:11:45] path. What’d you look over to your left and you just noticed that there’s maybe an older path that was once traveled. Right. But it’s full of brush and you could see that maybe you once used to travel that path.

[00:11:57] Right. But we’re able to actually [00:12:00] produce, or excuse me, we’re able to actually. Create a new pathway within that jungle, right? It’s time to undertake to start cutting that new path as the entrepreneur in your life to form that new [00:12:15] trail for you to follow that new mindset for you to follow, but also for your family to follow.

[00:12:20] We talk a lot about living your legacy. To leave the legacy and it all starts within our mind, but just so you guys know this [00:12:30] doesn’t happen in one day, right? It takes time to build these new habits, right. Or in order to destroy old habits, these old patterns that we’ve used to have, they don’t just go away on the road.

[00:12:43] Think of this. Like [00:12:45] if we’re thinking visually here. Cause we all think in pictures in visually here, think of a cup of cranberry juice. A glass of cranberry juice that you have right now, a big red dense glass of cranberry juice. And [00:13:00] if we just slowly start to pour water into that glass of cranberry juice, eventually over time that glass is going to get clearer and clearer.

[00:13:10] And this is how we have to approach these new thought patterns. [00:13:15] Right. This isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s not going to become a clear glass overnight, but the more that we surround ourselves with like-minded set at people. The more content that we consume, the more books that we read on these topics, if we can [00:13:30] consume the word of God, get into the word.

[00:13:33] Naturally, these new neural pathways are going to start to form within our brain. So the battle for your life is won or lost. In [00:13:45] our minds, our thoughts are going to control us. So we have to be able to control our thoughts. This reminds me of in Romans seven, if you guys remember enrollment seven, this is Paul.

[00:14:00] [00:13:59] And if you read through Romans seven, it’s crazy. I’m going to actually read a portion of this. So this is Paul talking here. Paul says. I do not understand. So by the way, this is Romans seven, we’ll pick it up verse 15. I do not understand what I do for what I want to do. [00:14:15] I do not do, but what I hate I do.

[00:14:17] And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good as it is. It is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me for, I know that good itself does not dwell in me. That is in my sinful nature. [00:14:30] For, I have the desire to do what is good, but I can not carry it out for, I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil, I do not want to do this.

[00:14:38] I keep on doing now. If I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but as sin living in me, that [00:14:45] does it, like if you read the, I mean you have to slow down and actually read through this because Paul, I mean, he sounds like a crazy person when you actually read through this. And the funny thing is, Paul.

[00:14:58] If you keep it in mind, Paul wrote [00:15:00] almost a third of the entire new Testament. And if there’s anyone that you think would be able to get this, right, it should be Paul. Right. So how did he figure this out? If you fast forward going into like, First Corinthians [00:15:15] and how Paul has actually progressed picking up and first Corinthians nine verse 24.

[00:15:20] This, this is where this starts out. Paula, do you realize that in the race, everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize. Now, if you’re going to run, [00:15:30] run to win all athletes discipline and the training for a prize that will fade away. But as followers of Christ, we do this for him. Eternal prize when we run, it should be with purpose in [00:15:45] every step.

[00:15:46] So if you take Paul and robots and then Paul now it’s like, how did he figure this out? Here’s how he did it. Discipline mental discipline is the key component to changing these [00:16:00] neural pathways in our brain. Right with the help of God. Of course we can choose discipline over regret. I wish I would have done this if only right.

[00:16:12] Or I just keep trying to do this. [00:16:15] But when we are disciplined, all sorts of different aspects of life, any of the power pillars that we want to talk about, but specifically we’re talking about the mental power pillar here. When we’re disciplined mentally, we don’t act. According [00:16:30] to our feelings. We act according to our commitments, right?

[00:16:36] When you’re disciplined, you do not act according to your feelings. We act according to our commitments. And this is one of the reasons why we have [00:16:45] these, these contracts within the King’s council, the coaching program, we have these declarations that we, we state who we are. Right. It’s not that I, I act in that way all the time, but I’m, I’m making that declaration that this is who [00:17:00] I am, because I’m choosing to make the decisions.

[00:17:03] That I come across on a daily basis based upon who I’ve already decided I am and am continually training to be every single day. So much. How [00:17:15] Paul progressed from Romans into to first Corinthians of how he’s learned to train his body a really master his thoughts. He’s mastered his thoughts within his mind.

[00:17:26] Right. But how did he do it? How in the world did he do that? And if you [00:17:30] look at second Corinthians, Chapter 10 verse three and five for though we live in the world. We do not wage war as the world does the weapons we fight are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to [00:17:45] demolish strongholds.

[00:17:46] We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. And here’s how he did it. Guys. We take captive every thought to make it obedient [00:18:00] to Christ. How did Paul do it? He took captive every thought that we have and made it obedient to Christ, right. We can not defeat what we can not define.

[00:18:14] So [00:18:15] understand what is it? That self limiting belief that thought that mindset that has put us in this negative frame of mind, let’s identify it. Let’s define it. Because if we just let that happen, if we [00:18:30] ignore that mindset, we will all Wiz lose. Right? We’ve got to take captive. Every thought successful people do consistently what unsuccessful people do.

[00:18:41] Occasionally this is a lifestyle guys. This is [00:18:45] a discipline. Take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.

[00:18:55] thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Kings council podcast. [00:19:00] For more information on the Kings council and becoming the CEO of your own life. Visit Kings council coaching.com today, you can also follow us on Instagram. At King’s council coaching. We’ll see you next time. [00:19:15] .

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