006 – Relationships Are Everything

Mar 31, 2021

The last time Christian came on the podcast, he shared his incredible story of overcoming addiction and finding God through his wife Lucy. It has been one of our favorite episodes so far to showcase the power of God and the Holy Spirit can have in our lives.

This week, we got another amazing episode for you as Christian and his wife Lucy join Rylee and his amazing wife Ashley on the podcast to talk about the power of relationships and marriage in faith. They share insights and perspectives about being aligned in faith and love and also the power of relationships within being part of the King’s Council Family.

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Episode 6: Relationships Are Everything

[00:00:00] Lucy: [00:00:00] Women, we are emotional creatures. So you may not have the best answer right then and there, but just the fact that we know that you are listening, it puts [00:00:10] us in a vulnerable place to say, okay, Tell me what this look like. I trust where you’re bringing me. And so meeting the person where they are, and [00:00:20] a lot of times a woman may not, or just doesn’t feel ready to move on, but if you can meet the person where they are and just give them the space to be vulnerable, to trust what you’re [00:00:30] saying.

[00:00:30] And of course, starting off with Christ, knowing that after we’ve talked about this, we take this information and we pray. The Holy spirit will allow you to see where we need to [00:00:40] come broken before him. And before each other. So it’s very key that you meet a person where they are and hear what one another saying to each other, like, what do [00:00:50] you say?

[00:00:50] And if I don’t understand, well, what’s another way I can say it. And if we have to stay on this topic a couple of nights, it’s okay. Because we can’t move out of this hole [00:01:00] until we understand what is being said.

[00:01:18] [00:01:10] Rylee: [00:01:18] all right, everybody. Welcome back to another [00:01:20] episode of the Kings council podcast. As you know, I’m your host Riley meek, and I am. So excited about our topic today at our [00:01:30] discussion today, I’m literally sitting here in our basement with my lovely wife, Ash and our new best of friends, Christian Edwards, [00:01:40] and his lovely wife, Lucy.

[00:01:43] That was awesome to be here, to be here. Yeah, this is going to be fun. Just so everybody knows [00:01:50] Christian and Lucy are in town for the weekend. We occasionally like to get together and hang out and do not just work together, but do life together. And we’re just hanging out and we thought, man, this would be fun [00:02:00] just to hop on rip a podcast like we’re doing right now.

[00:02:03] And just let you guys get to know the better halves of Christian and I. Right. I can say that, right?

[00:02:09] Christian: [00:02:09] Oh, I [00:02:10] stay in agreement with that. That’s certainly my

[00:02:12] Rylee: [00:02:12] better half that’s. All right. What do you think? Sounds good. Actually, we had to like beg and plead [00:02:20] our wives to do this. So just so you guys are aware of like what this actually means to them, into us that they’re actually doing this.

[00:02:26] So we’re taking them out to a nice little dinner tonight afterwards, so [00:02:30] yeah, but

[00:02:30] Christian: [00:02:30] they’re submissive wives, so good job, Leah.

[00:02:35] Rylee: [00:02:35] We actually have them tied up right now. So that’s why this isn’t on video, [00:02:40] but, but I want to dive into this. I love it. So you guys got to know if you’ve been listening to our podcast here for a little bit, you got to hear Christian story, and I think some of [00:02:50] you probably know a little bit of I story.

[00:02:51] We’ll probably dive into that. We may do another episode. If I can convince her that this one wasn’t so bad, you can hear our background a little bit, but we thought it’d be cool to just to come on [00:03:00] and get our wives. Take on what we’re doing within the kinks council and just what’s really happened over the last probably four or five, six months that they’ve [00:03:10] just seen.

[00:03:11] The birthing of Kings council and now this podcast, and, and really, I think, I mean, I don’t wanna speak for you guys, but I think a lot [00:03:20] of growth has happened in our relationship. Would you agree with that? Yeah, so we thought we would just hop on and talk a little bit about that and just be. You know, kind of somewhat of an [00:03:30] open book with our relationship and maybe some of you guys will relate to what we’ve got going on.

[00:03:35] So, yeah. That’s good. Yeah. So Christian, Lucy, you have to hear your kind of story. [00:03:40] Lucy, you know, was a huge, huge impact in your life and, you know, kind of introducing you to Christ and he, and I know a lot’s happened when you guys got a [00:03:50] little baby boy. Now, as he, Lucy, I would love to just hear like, Your take from the first time that I ever saw Christian on a screen in October.

[00:03:59] It was [00:04:00] October, right? Yeah. September, maybe September. Oh yeah. The full court press, right? Yep. Yeah. And then we met in October right. For the first time, but I’d love to just hear your [00:04:10] take on what’s happened in Christian’s life and then maybe even your guys’ relationship and who to thought you’d be in Minneapolis, Minnesota here and March of 2021, [00:04:20] right?

[00:04:20] Yeah.

[00:04:21] Christian: [00:04:21] Either one of us could have predicted this one.

[00:04:23] Lucy: [00:04:23] Yeah. Well, I, um, I remember the very first time Chris shared with me what he saw on [00:04:30] Facebook and, you know, we share a lot of different stories and just conversations. So to me, it was like, okay, this is something great that he has come alongside with or joined in group of [00:04:40] guys that love the Lord and just seeking to move forward in life.

[00:04:43] But I think even from then it was. Pretty much me hearing what he had to [00:04:50] say, not so much listening because it was like a hero. I see what you’re saying, but I’d really didn’t focus or zoom in, or even. Really dive deep into [00:05:00] listening to what he had to say and how excited and what it meant to him. But after overcoming that and realizing, wow, he’s excited.

[00:05:06] And this sounds really good. I began to listen to what he had to [00:05:10] say, and really at that point, the Lord challenged me to not just think of it as him. And this is his thing, but this is our thing. And we’re walking together with this. [00:05:20] So to see how Chris, this group has challenged Chris in so many different areas, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially, how it’s also, [00:05:30] the applicant

[00:05:30] Rylee: [00:05:30] hurt his no five power pillars, right?

[00:05:32] So

[00:05:33] Lucy: [00:05:33] it’s truly, um, hiding and it’s a blessing that I’m able to see this growth in Chris’ [00:05:40] life and just see the different gifts that God has put inside of him to just kind of. Go full head. Like it’s just, it’s just truly amazing and exciting.

[00:05:49] Christian: [00:05:49] Remember [00:05:50] when I ran downstairs and said I joined this group.

[00:05:54] Yeah. And it was no, because I knew God was telling me join this group. [00:06:00] It was so overwhelming because we did the online challenge, which was a Monday through Friday. And at the end of it, you give the invitation. If anybody wanted to be a part of Kings council, [00:06:10] wasn’t even the name of it at that point. But God overwhelmingly said yes, that I need this, not just for me, but our family needed this.

[00:06:20] [00:06:20] Lucy: [00:06:20] And I didn’t fully understand what it was about at that time. But I was so excited for him that I was just like, yes, like do it. Like, this is a group of guys you can get together with and do life [00:06:30] with and see something different in life because it was usually, what’s usually just Chris and I and the kids.

[00:06:36] So to see that Chris can be challenged as a man, [00:06:40] as a person. Person as a friend, as a father, it’s just truly exciting. And

[00:06:45] Christian: [00:06:45] I’m the first to tell somebody else a fellow brother, Hey, check with [00:06:50] your wife before you swipe the credit card for anything but Lucy. And I, I know if she’s ever that passionate about something and she comes to me and says, Hey, this is what I [00:07:00] did.

[00:07:00] And I know, I know it’ll be, God led God ordained because I know. Who she is. And I know the relationship to personal relationships she has with the Lord. So [00:07:10] I give her that green light and she gives me the green light. It doesn’t happen often, but this might be the first time we ever didn’t discuss something, you know, in full detail and really [00:07:20] pray about it.

[00:07:20] Cause we always pray on everything. But when the Holy spirit says to you just, I mean, he couldn’t be any more clear that you have to be a part of this, then [00:07:30] I did it. Yeah.

[00:07:31] Rylee: [00:07:31] Yeah. And then you come down the stairs, Hey, by the way I did this. And then it was just like a 12 week program. Right, right. That’s what we did then.

[00:07:40] [00:07:39] Yeah. Right. And her

[00:07:41] Christian: [00:07:41] head was spinning a little bit. Cause again, like she just said, she didn’t really get what it was yet. And truth be told, I didn’t quite know what it was. I was brand [00:07:50] new and. I wasn’t familiar with coaching programs or I just

[00:07:54] Rylee: [00:07:54] wasn’t because at that time it was, we called it the win big in business challenge.

[00:07:58] Right. And then it was the full court [00:08:00] press. Right. It’s crazy how we’ve evolved over the last few months. Right. I knew didn’t even have a

[00:08:05] Christian: [00:08:05] business. I didn’t have a business. No, I, I felt like the [00:08:10] most inadequate person on that entire, in that entire online group. And even as we introduced ourselves on the Facebook CEO of your life [00:08:20] page, Was it even the CEO of your life page at that point,

[00:08:22] Rylee: [00:08:22] now it would have been the full court.

[00:08:23] It was full court press

[00:08:24] Christian: [00:08:24] to foreign. Right, right. Yeah. I introduced myself and I’m like, yeah, I’m a maintenance guy. I [00:08:30] don’t have a business yet, but I have some ideas. I was so green and, uh, it just goes to show what this group has done for me and being around guys [00:08:40] like you and Steve and Scott and Connor, it’s been remarkable.

[00:08:46] Yeah.

[00:08:47] Rylee: [00:08:47] Yeah, I love it. So that, that was [00:08:50] September, October. And Lisa, we just met you for the first time, like last month. Right. Is it really

[00:08:59] Christian: [00:08:59] Tampa?

[00:09:00] [00:09:00] Rylee: [00:09:00] Yeah. And for Ash, it was, I’m curious for you, what do you think back about like what you think or what you’ve seen? Maybe within me, even if we go back even [00:09:10] like a year ago to where we kind of were with COVID happened and everything, and it was like, life was a little chaotic for a minute they’re considering or businesses or [00:09:20] live events.

[00:09:20] Ashley: [00:09:20] We had no idea. What we were going to do, or where are we going to live? How are we going to live or anything thing and talking to Lucy yesterday, [00:09:30] I think we both supported our husbands and what you guys are doing with kink King’s council, but looked at it as, at first I looked at it as. Yeah, he’s going to travel.

[00:09:39] He’s [00:09:40] always been traveling. It’s his job now fully supported you a hundred percent. But then when I stepped back from full-time at my job, when I was able to travel with [00:09:50] you and actually be a part of it, it’s been life-changing for me and our marriage, even in the past six weeks, it’s been, I feel like we’ve made the [00:10:00] most growth in our marriage since I’ve known you for five

[00:10:03] Rylee: [00:10:03] years.

[00:10:03] Yeah, for sure. For sure. And. As all this was happening, I felt like. [00:10:10] Me personally was like making leaps and bounds of just growth in my spiritual life. And just like, I’ve really felt [00:10:20] truly, truly passionate about what I was doing, which sometimes when that happens, you know, the enemy doesn’t really like that.

[00:10:27] And I think there was definitely some strain in [00:10:30] our relationship early on. I was out at these events like I’m like, you know, nine, 10 high mountain, top people getting baptized. It’s like, this is amazing. [00:10:40] And then I’d get on the phone with Ash. And she wasn’t there like experiencing a lot of it. There was just like this disconnect until she was actually able to come out to one [00:10:50] of the events and things as of late.

[00:10:51] And it’s been pretty Epic since then. Yeah. I definitely felt like

[00:10:54] Ashley: [00:10:54] I was on the outside looking in and wondering if I even had a place in [00:11:00] your life. I know I’m her wife, but I don’t want to be just your wife. Like I want to go through life together as a team and I. Was really struggling with [00:11:10] what my purpose was in our marriage.

[00:11:11] And. Going to the event in Tampa, it was just a no brainer. Like I’m in King’s council now, and I’m going with you and we’re doing it together [00:11:20] and it’s been awesome. And the people I’ve met, like, Lucy’s one of my best friends and I’ve known her for how many

[00:11:26] Rylee: [00:11:26] weeks.

[00:11:30] [00:11:30] That’s

[00:11:30] Lucy: [00:11:30] awesome. Awesome. Yeah. And hearing you say that, Ash, how you want it to be a part for me? I solely looked at it as this was Chris’ thing. And I didn’t want to be a [00:11:40] part of it because I was excited for him, but I just looked at it as another thing. And we just had a baby and I felt like I’m in school.

[00:11:47] I have the kids like I have baby. It [00:11:50] was just too much. And Chris. Always, he would always talk about King’s counsel and just would give me the look like babe, I want you to be a part of it, but he would gently [00:12:00] say it in a way, like, all right, I know you have a lot on your plate, but look into my eyes. I really want you to be a part of it.

[00:12:06] So it wasn’t until the Tampa trip that I really, I watched [00:12:10] you and say, wow, she really wants to be a part of this. And I said, you know what? Lord helped me. It helped me examine my heart and how do I come [00:12:20] alongside my husband? How do I even like help me with the desire to not look at this as just another thing, but as this is a ministry, you’ve called us to do [00:12:30] this together.

[00:12:31] And so it wasn’t until that trip, I realized and had an opportunity to sit with the Lord. And just the Lord used you as an example, and said, just come [00:12:40] alongside. And we can do this together as caught doing life, a new season in your life and just embrace what I’m doing.

[00:12:46] Christian: [00:12:46] Yeah. Because when God calls us to ministry, and this is, [00:12:50] you know, shortly after I joined full court press, I, God was telling me that.

[00:12:56] Then showing me this is going to be my ministry. And I [00:13:00] was like, okay, you know, how, how does that happen? A guy in New Jersey, I just met these guys online. I knew Steve Weatherford from when he played for the giants. And [00:13:10] I mean, I only joined because I. I saw right before it started, he was on fire for Jesus.

[00:13:15] And that’s what really drew me to him and to really join that challenge, that online challenge. [00:13:20] But God was calling me to just serve as much as I could in ministry fashion. Within the group. And that’s [00:13:30] what I did. I just served others. I, as much as I possibly could serve God and serve others. So if you’re married, you can’t possibly be called to a ministry [00:13:40] position without your spouse also being called to that position.

[00:13:43] And if that’s the case, Then there’s a problem in that marriage. You’re not equally yoked and there’s [00:13:50] probably a good chance that God didn’t actually call you to that position. If your wife’s not able to come alongside of you. So it’s to even sitting here, it just feels so [00:14:00] good to hear from you, babe. And you Ash, how, you know this thing, we’ve been going six months with it, but we’re still in the infant [00:14:10] stages of it.

[00:14:10] Right? So to see you come alongside and. That was so cool. Like I’m kinda going down a side street, but to be at that event and see [00:14:20] you to sit next to each other and so engaged because I believe on day one, you said, okay, we’re going to go in the morning. We’ll probably run out. If you don’t see us, we’re going to be out getting coffee or [00:14:30] something.

[00:14:30] And you guys were there every second of it. Not just there attending, but serving meeting people, registering people, leading prayer there on that [00:14:40] Tuesday morning. And it was remarkable. Well, and not just that, but to see you both sit down and you have it right in front of you, Ash, that a notebook. Of notes that [00:14:50] you are both taking, which is crazy because it’s stuff that Riley, I mean, Riley knows all this stuff.

[00:14:56] Riley teaches half of this stuff along with Steve and Scott [00:15:00] and you’ve, you’ve been hearing me talk about it from the beginning. So you’ve been getting it, but to be so locked in and engaged and just wanting to receive and really understanding [00:15:10] that God is doing something special here within this group.

[00:15:13] And. It’s God’s hand is on it. God’s doing something crazy big right now. [00:15:20] And I just know I I’m going to receive what God has for me in this space. Yeah,

[00:15:25] Rylee: [00:15:25] absolutely. Man, for me, it was to be able to have Ash there was meant the [00:15:30] world to me because I, and I’ve been out speaking at doing seminars for the last decade and it’s.

[00:15:37] It’s just something that I do. And I’ve like Ash [00:15:40] said, it’s like, I just kind of, I’ve done my thing. She does her thing. I went around and all the first thing about anesthesia, but it’s like, just which that’s what, like my wife does is puts [00:15:50] babies to sleep and wakes them up after surgery. Most importantly wakes them up, but it’s like, we were just kind of lived our lives and then we would come together and, and we had great [00:16:00] life together, but it wasn’t like we were rowing necessarily in the same direction.

[00:16:04] We’re both rolling, but I really feel like now we’ve got we’ve, you know, have that, that [00:16:10] equal yolk we’re more going in the same direction. So that’s awesome. It was amazing to have you there at that event to be able to just know that like my anchors in the back of the [00:16:20] room. So

[00:16:20] Christian: [00:16:20] yeah, I feel the same way.

[00:16:22] You don’t, I don’t speak more than five minutes to anybody without mentioning my wife. Right. Like everybody knows if you’re talking to [00:16:30] Christian Edwards and it’s funny, you just, you refer it to me as Chris, like 17 times already the

[00:16:34] Rylee: [00:16:34] first time. Yeah. Yeah. I’m like, who is Chris? Right? Chris guy. Right. So

[00:16:39] Christian: [00:16:39] only [00:16:40] my wife could call me Chris, but to have her in the room and everybody was so excited.

[00:16:46] Oh, Lucy’s here, Lucy’s here because I talked so much about her [00:16:50] and yeah. When I had the opportunity to speak and to just see her in the back of the room, I just bless my heart so much to know that, all right, I’m [00:17:00] walking out what God is calling me to do. And Lucy is in the room with me and the support that you feel.

[00:17:05] It’s not just seeing her. It’s not just the, the line of vision, but to [00:17:10] actually feel that emotional support from your spouse, who is. In the room who’s praying and interceding on your behalf while you’re up there doing your thing, [00:17:20] it just feels so good. Oh babe, you got me tearing up here looking at you.

[00:17:25] You’re right.

[00:17:30] [00:17:29] Rylee: [00:17:29] So on that note, one of the things I know we’ve got like so many amazing dudes and we’ve got some amazing women that are in this that maybe their spouse is not. When I say in [00:17:40] this, I mean a part of the King’s counsel, what advice? I’m curious, what. You guys would suggest too. We’ll just, I mean, we’ll just call it a guy that’s [00:17:50] in this, like you, Christian was like, I’m joining this thing.

[00:17:54] Not every spouses is like Lucy in that she’s like, okay, well I’ll support you in this somewhere. Like, what is you doing? You just spent [00:18:00] this, what? Like, you can’t be doing that. You can’t be a part of this. Or even, you know, I’ve heard this from other members like, Hey, my spouse just isn’t. [00:18:10] She isn’t. With me on this, like my language is not matching up.

[00:18:14] And what kind of advice would you give to somebody on that? Or even a wife that’s with us and now her language is [00:18:20] changing and it’s like seeing the glass half full versus half empty. It’s noticeable, especially at a middle husband, wife relationship. What type of advice would you maybe give [00:18:30] one spouse that.

[00:18:32] Is Glen getting on these calls or sneaking away for these calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays or Mondays and Thursdays, and then goes back to their environment and is [00:18:40] trying to be still. That rock, but it has maybe feeling pulled down.

[00:18:44] Christian: [00:18:44] Right. It’s funny that you say that because we actually have a few guys in the group right now where [00:18:50] I’m having conversations with, because you know, a couple of them went to the met in Tampa when they told their spouses, you know, I’m going to a business seminar and they come [00:19:00] back and all they want to do is talk about Jesus, get the Bible.

[00:19:03] Well, they go to church and their spouses are like, what the heck did you go to. Called the genius. Right? [00:19:10] Right. I would say. Walk it out if you were, if you’re new to this and a lot of guys are drawn to [00:19:20] this because, you know, we, we, don’t sugar coat this whereabouts the Lord. And we’re about our father’s business, like Luke two 49.

[00:19:28] And so this is [00:19:30] our thing is Jesus, but it’s not just Jesus, because you could come into this room and not be a Christian and you’ll walk away with a full. Notebook [00:19:40] of notes as well, because there’s just practical tactical application to how to be really the CEO of your life. And [00:19:50] spiritual is one of our pillars, but that’s obviously the biggest pillar that, that you could have in life, but you will walk out with.

[00:19:57] Practical information as to how to become the [00:20:00] CEO from a business aspect. If somebody comes home from this event and they have a new idea, or they’re better disciplined in something in the business realm, [00:20:10] their spouses won’t necessarily have a problem with that. But if they come home now talking about Jesus and that’s new to their relationship, then they might be a little freaked [00:20:20] out.

[00:20:20] So with that, One thing about our faith as Christians, it’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship. So I just encourage [00:20:30] those guys to just really nurture their newfound relationship with the Lord. And that love that you received. And I hear it time and time [00:20:40] again, you get the feedback as well, that when they come to these events, they feel so loved.

[00:20:45] And I’m not trying to. Boast on us at all. Oh [00:20:50] yeah. We just love on you. We love on you. Sure we do. But we’re only able to do that because of the love we’re receiving from God. And his love is just flowing into us and through us, [00:21:00] onto into others. So I say, stick it out, walk this thing out. And part of my role here at Kings council is to help walk [00:21:10] these, these guys out and their new relationship with the Lord.

[00:21:12] Right? So, Hey, this is new to me and. You know, not saying everybody comes in, get saved if they weren’t a believer to begin with. [00:21:20] But if you’re even curious about God, if you’re inquisitive, whatever it is, here’s my number. Let’s get on the phone. Let’s talk about this. Let’s let’s get a [00:21:30] reading plan together.

[00:21:31] Let’s, you know, I’ll be an accountability partner, whatever you need. Let’s walk this out and. Your spouse is going to notice because it’s not just, [00:21:40] Hey, I got this new compartment in my life. Call it. Jesus. It’s no, I’m a new person. And it’s rooted in love for God, and I’m going to be a better husband [00:21:50] because of this.

[00:21:50] I’m going to be a better father because of this. So I really just encouraged to walk it out, walk it out and allow your spouse, see that this isn’t just men’s [00:22:00] club. I mean, we have women in there, uh, but it’s not just a social club. It’s not just something to do. This is. I mean, what spouse wouldn’t want somebody to be, [00:22:10] become the best leader, the best man.

[00:22:12] And if it’s a woman who joins and it’s the husband, who’s not really getting it. What man wouldn’t want his spouse to be [00:22:20] the, the woman that God’s called her to be right. And that’s really, I believe what God has gifted, Steve Weatherford and yourself. And it’s truly a gift from God. You. [00:22:30] You truly discover, develop and deploy the gifts that God has placed in every single one of us.

[00:22:36] And that’s the gift that you two have. So why would I [00:22:40] not want my spouse to really walk out the gifts and the calling that God has on her life? Even if I don’t believe in God necessarily, why would I not want [00:22:50] her to be the best version of herself?

[00:22:51] Rylee: [00:22:51] Right. A hundred percent agree. But it’s easy for us to say that, but I know there’s people probably listen and they’re like, yeah, yeah, exactly.

[00:22:59] But [00:23:00] she’s not like that, or he’s not like that. Right. So Lucy, do you have any insight? Yeah. Yeah. One

[00:23:05] Lucy: [00:23:05] word that I’m definitely feeling in my heart is meeting well. [00:23:10] It’s not one word, but meeting the person where they are, right. No matter what that looks like, just meet the person where they are there.

[00:23:18] There’s been plenty of times with Chris and [00:23:20] I was sitting in a bathroom and I’m crying, he’s upset. And we’re just trying to figure this new way of life out. And it was challenging [00:23:30] because it’s like, well, we have this new baby you’re talking about this new thing. That’s taken up lots of your time. I need more sleep.

[00:23:36] This is great. It sounds like it can be a great [00:23:40] thing, but how do we adjust or how do we implement this into our lives? So when Chris sat down and he said, all right, babe, What do you [00:23:50] need from me? What is it that you need from me? How, you know, tell me what you feel. Tell me what you think right then. And there, I knew my husband, you are meeting me where I [00:24:00] am, whether I cried.

[00:24:01] Didn’t matter what I said to you. You are not just hearing me, but you were listening to me and for us women, we are [00:24:10] emotional creatures. So you may not have the best answer right then and there, but just the fact that we know that you are listening. It puts us in a vulnerable place to [00:24:20] say, okay, Tell me what this look like.

[00:24:22] I trust where you’re bringing me. And so meeting the person where they are, and a lot of times a woman may not, [00:24:30] or just doesn’t feel ready to move on, but if you can meet the person where they are and just give them the space to be vulnerable, to trust what you’re saying. And of course, starting off with [00:24:40] Christ, knowing that after we’ve talked about this, we take this information and we pray.

[00:24:44] The Holy spirit will allow you to see where we need to come broken before him. And [00:24:50] before each other. So it’s very key that you meet a person where they are and hear what one another saying to each other, like, what do you say? And if I don’t understand, well, [00:25:00] what’s another way I can say it. And if we have to stay on this topic a couple of nights, it’s okay.

[00:25:05] Because we can’t move out of this hole until we understand what is [00:25:10] being said. That’s

[00:25:11] Rylee: [00:25:11] good, Lucy. That’s good. Just

[00:25:13] Ashley: [00:25:13] expanding on a womanly point of view. I was seeing changes in [00:25:20] Riley and they were good changes and I was genuinely happy for him, but I felt almost left out and looking back, [00:25:30] I think I was looking almost for a formal invitation from you.

[00:25:32] Riley say, join me in. So maybe if there’s a spouse that. Isn’t a part of it, [00:25:40] just encourage and say, I need you to do this with me. That’s what I personally needed. And I chose to go to Tampa and, you know, I [00:25:50] was like, it’s Tampa. It’s nice. I usually lay by the pool, but I made it a choice to go. And I’m so glad I did.

[00:25:58] Yeah, without the formal [00:26:00] invitation from you. I’m sure. I know hearing you say it was great seeing me there, but I didn’t know that you, how strongly you felt about me actually being there, right?

[00:26:10] [00:26:10] Rylee: [00:26:10] Yeah. For in just one of like the Frisco event, for example, which would have been January. Right? So like January, [00:26:20] just so everybody.

[00:26:21] Has kind of context to this January. We had, we were in fiscal, Texas for a CEO of your life event. February was scheduled in Tampa and [00:26:30] me, this is probably just a dude, you know, and my mentality is that this is what I’m doing. That’s great. Of course I want. My wife to be with me. Of course. I [00:26:40] want you to be a part, like in my own head, I’m like, why do I have to formally invite you?

[00:26:44] Of course, I want you to come with me. Right. So I didn’t even think about that. Meanwhile, [00:26:50] Ashley’s feeling like, right. Well, you didn’t ask me to come. So you’re just doing your thing with your buddies, you know? So the, I mean, just, it all comes back to you, communication pretty much, [00:27:00] pretty much any relationship, right?

[00:27:02] Or lack thereof, communication. Right. Then as you. Mentioned Lucy, like just listening to each other, but [00:27:10] actually hearing each other. I mean, so many people communicate, but so few people actually connect and to be able to, I know, I know Ash talks a [00:27:20] number of times where I’m like, . And then it’s like, okay, I gotta put the phone down and like connect.

[00:27:25] Right. Because I’m not, I’m, I’m hearing it, but I’m not like [00:27:30] actually absorbing it. So,

[00:27:32] Christian: [00:27:32] yeah. And that was good, babe. What you said about meeting somebody where they’re at and we talk about that a lot and think about it [00:27:40] when we. Desire relationship with God, or we get down on our knees and pray for the first time.

[00:27:47] God is meeting us where we’re at. [00:27:50] That’s what he does because he loves us and he will come in and swoop down and pull us up from wherever, wherever we are. So with spouses, [00:28:00] Yeah, it’s so important because it may be somebody whose life gets rocked by God at our event, or, you know, they just come out a new person for [00:28:10] whatever reason.

[00:28:11] They, they now have all the tools to start the business. They have a new found discipline and their spouse is just [00:28:20] listen. It’s a change in my husband, you know, and change is scary, but we, if that man or woman who walks out of an event or, [00:28:30] you know, gets off a call with Cain’s council could look at their spouse and say, you know, I’m gonna meet you where you are, because chances are that person.

[00:28:37] Wasn’t always like that either that [00:28:40] there’s been so much growth. Once people join King’s council that they were probably in those shoes not too long ago. So who would we be to just [00:28:50] say, yeah, you need to get on this bus. No, I need to go to your corner, pick you up and get you on this

[00:28:55] Lucy: [00:28:55] bus. The key word I liked what you said about.

[00:28:58] When you mentioned [00:29:00] grow, that is such an important word, because we can look at something as changed and we don’t want to move. We don’t want to embrace the change, but if you take it and you look at it as [00:29:10] we’re growing, that means things. There’s new things that the Lord is allowing that’s already in you to now be developed, that you can use it.

[00:29:19] And. [00:29:20] You see the difference in a person’s action. So seeing how there’s growth in you, then that means there’s growth in me. And that means there’s growth in my marriage. [00:29:30] And so God will use that in a way to show us that it’s not. Just he’s growing, but I’m growing you two together. And even if you are afraid [00:29:40] because you don’t know what it’s gonna look like and what it’s going to mean at the end for the family, for me as an individual, but you trust the Lord enough to know that he will lead and guide [00:29:50] you.

[00:29:50] And it’s a great thing. It gets uncomfortable, but I know. And what I love about. The Tampa trip. The word we, I used to always use was [00:30:00] balance. So remove balance and it’s harmony because balance, you always think everything needs to work out perfectly and even scale, but sometimes it’s not like [00:30:10] that. You have to learn how to work things into your life.

[00:30:13] Where there, there are times where okay. We call each other boobie, but we can’t have the baby tonight, or you have a [00:30:20] lot to do the next morning. So we’re trying to figure out a schedule. So I’m not just looking at me trying to find balance in my sleep. So you gotta make sure you make sure you have as a such and such time or this, like, [00:30:30] sometimes things just doesn’t balance out the way you want it to.

[00:30:33] But if we look at it as it’s harmony, so we’re going to make the. Sound, we’re going to make the beat. We’re going to make music and it [00:30:40] may not fall how you think it should, but it’s going to make a sweet sound. It’s going to give great, great harmony that it’s going to, it’s going to work out.

[00:30:48] Rylee: [00:30:48] That’s good.

[00:30:50] [00:30:49] That’s good on that note, what came to my mind was one of the biggest shifts for Ash. And I think in our relationship over the last five years, [00:31:00] we’ve been married soon to be five years. And is

[00:31:02] Ashley: [00:31:02] that what they,

[00:31:03] Rylee: [00:31:03] uh, I know what day I know what day I’ll get. I’ll [00:31:10] get back to you guys. And what physical act then?

[00:31:13] No, because the first couple of years of our marriage. Sucked not good. I mean, [00:31:20] it was not good.

[00:31:21] Ashley: [00:31:21] I was telling Lucy about an hour ago, like how we’re still together is only an act of God. I mean, That. I mean, [00:31:30] that’s the only reason we’re still here.

[00:31:31] Rylee: [00:31:31] Yeah, that was a rough couple, a couple of years. And I think one of the biggest turnarounds for us was just having the realization that like we are [00:31:40] on the same team and it wasn’t like, you know, we would bicker and fight about just the most stupid things.

[00:31:47] And it’s like, I don’t, I don’t want bad things for you. [00:31:50] You didn’t want bad things for me, but we were just like, at each other’s throats and understanding like, Hey, we were on the same team. So it’s like, you know, when fights would start to happen, it’s [00:32:00] like same team, same team, you know? And just being able to have like that, or we’ve implemented like code words sometimes like blue, right?

[00:32:07] Like, [00:32:10] um, but I think that was having that realization where it’s like, okay, I can step back and understand like, we’re on the same team here. This isn’t like, We’re not [00:32:20] fighting against each other. We should be fighting for each other. Maybe there’s a miscommunication on, on something. But I think that was the biggest component for us, you know, early on at [00:32:30] a couple of years of complete misery.

[00:32:38] Christian: [00:32:38] All right. How bad was it?

[00:32:43] [00:32:40] I don’t see you guys though, for even. Bringing it up now, you know, that’s one of the things Kings council is about, [00:32:50] about being open, transparent, being vulnerable, because that’s where growth begins when we could be those things. So for you guys to even bring it up and, [00:33:00] you know, just make yourselves available.

[00:33:01] Where I, we sucked that marriage first couple of years, but we grew, we learned some things [00:33:10] and it’s a God story. And here we are now where most times we look back and say, I wouldn’t change much about it, because if that didn’t happen the [00:33:20] way it did, then I wouldn’t be, you know, I wouldn’t have been in that room with Riley, just, you know, my.

[00:33:27] You know, she says it all the time. That’s my main [00:33:30] duty staying right there. So God works things out for good. Yeah. But yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome that you guys [00:33:40] even touch on that.

[00:33:41] Rylee: [00:33:41] Yeah. Well, I just think so many people don’t talk about it more, you know, in community with other friends, it’s like the normal thing is I [00:33:50] wasn’t going no good.

[00:33:51] And it’s like, no, I know it better than that. Like, this is T talk to me. Like I know it can suck. Right. And so many people, I [00:34:00] think just gloss over life and can just kind of go through the motions of, you know, we’re not called just to live like a mediocre. Let’s just get through it. Like that’s [00:34:10] a terrible way to live miserable.

[00:34:11] I mean, that’s a miserable way to live. Like we’re called to excellence in all areas of our life. And I think a floor on this, I don’t think I know if we’re [00:34:20] on the same page. Most importantly, with our spouse, every other relationship is, is going to be benefited and there’s going to be fruit from that.

[00:34:29] Right. Would you agree? [00:34:30] Yeah.

[00:34:30] Ashley: [00:34:30] And we were never living a mediocre life, but we were definitely coasting. Through through life together and through our marriage [00:34:40] seriously until about two months ago. Seriously.

[00:34:49] Rylee: [00:34:49] I love you bad.

[00:34:52] [00:34:50] Christian: [00:34:52] There’s a moment going on. I wish I could just paint this picture for listening, but that’s a Testament [00:35:00] of what King’s counsel has done for you. I mean, you’re a co-founder of Kings council, right? Really? How, why I talk about just God’s hand being all over this. [00:35:10] Because I, I mentioned this when we did the episode, when I was sharing my testimony, when.

[00:35:17] I first met you and Steve, it was like, all right, [00:35:20] Steve’s the Holy spirit guy. Riley’s the business guy. That’s what it was. And quickly you show me that you’re so much more than the business guy. I was like, I didn’t even know you were saved when [00:35:30] I first saw your picture up there next to Steve. I was like, I didn’t know Riley meek was, but then I got to know you and.

[00:35:37] Like you said, we met in person in October [00:35:40] and started doing life together. And that’s what King’s counsel was about. You know, I was in New Jersey, making trips out to San Diego for events and, and [00:35:50] even if I wasn’t at every event, we’re still doing life together. You know, you guys knew the name of my, my wife, the names of Mike.

[00:35:57] And my kids and sigh from NZ, we have [00:36:00] four other kids that I was blessed to become their father when Lucy and I got married in 2012. And they’re a little bit older, but it just goes to show exactly [00:36:10] what God’s doing in raising. I mean, you’re obviously a leader. You are an entrepreneur, you are a boss. [00:36:20] But God is raising up men and women in this time because the body of Christ needs to come together and we need to [00:36:30] really pull together as the world is working so many as th the, the schemes of wilds of the devil are like, just crazy right now.

[00:36:40] [00:36:40] And the body of Christ needs to stand together. And God allows you to align with Steve and, you know, Scott’s involved, Connor’s involved and [00:36:50] just God’s raising these people together. Every single person who’s in King’s council or a part of Cain’s council, I feel like God has just plucked them out of whatever city they’re in [00:37:00] or whatever country.

[00:37:01] You know, if we got big Frank in New Zealand, we have. The Moore’s in Kenya right now. Yeah. And it’s, it’s [00:37:10] just remarkable, but I’m saying all this to say it’s been a blessing. And in the short time that I’ve known you just to see your growth [00:37:20] in the Lord and your commitment to God, because you don’t need to be doing King’s counsel.

[00:37:26] You know, you, you don’t need to be doing this. It’s not like this is [00:37:30] a moneymaker for you or any of that. God has called you to this. So you could, you could pour into other men and women and [00:37:40] be used by God in the capacity that he wants to use you. So you’ve just blown my mind and the growth that I’ve seen.

[00:37:47] And I don’t want that to seem like [00:37:50] belittling, like you were. You were itty bitty thing when it came to your spiritual one, it wasn’t like that, but it’s just like, God has just, [00:38:00] just exploded who you are. And the commitment that I see that you have for him is just through the roof and the here Ash, say that the last two [00:38:10] months.

[00:38:10] Thanks turnaround the last two months. That’s amazing where we’re in the mix of some so special right here. Even being here in [00:38:20] your home in Minnesota, seeing how you guys are. I can’t believe that just two months ago, there was such a shift such as turn, but I believe it because [00:38:30] I see what God’s been doing in your life.

[00:38:31] Right. Yeah.

[00:38:33] Rylee: [00:38:33] Yeah. That’s I mean, as you mentioned, you, like, you don’t have to be doing this, but I think almost the opposite. I mean, there’s times [00:38:40] where it’s like, what the heck am I doing here? But I feel like this is a movement that we have in place here that is about so much more than you or I or [00:38:50] Steve or anybody.

[00:38:51] You know, we have so many amazing dudes and women within this group that are just. You mentioned that kind of our tagline is to discover, develop and deploy [00:39:00] the God-given gifts and, and each individual person. And, but so much more happen. That’s when we can lock arms together as the body of Christ and really.

[00:39:09] Have a [00:39:10] movement take place right now, which is it’s needed so much right now, just in society with where we’re at with the deception that’s taking place with, with just [00:39:20] people that are just so lost and, and just the power from the Holy spirit that, that a person can actually receive. So ultimately then do we talk about the five pillars?

[00:39:29] Like [00:39:30] our mental health, our emotional health, our physical health financially, like we need to recreate, we are recreating the Christian economy within this kingdom [00:39:40] with, within the King’s council. It’s going to start with us. And part of the reason we call these events, the CEO. Of your life events. It’s like, we need to operate our lives as a business.

[00:39:50] [00:39:49] If we can operate in that sense, we’re going to be able to do so much more. Just waking up with that intention, which I know is one of your guys’ words, right? The [00:40:00] intentional. Edwards. Tell me a little bit more about that.

[00:40:03] Christian: [00:40:03] Yeah. That really came from, from King’s council and, you know, within Kings council, we have [00:40:10] individual contracts that we make for ourselves and we will choose a word.

[00:40:14] That’ll be. Our our theme of the year. And it’s not just something I [00:40:20] know nobody in the group just sat down and said, Oh yeah, this is where it sounds good. Everybody really prayed on it. And it was something that, and you helped me with my contract, you know, [00:40:30] and the word intentional, just. Kept coming up, intentional, intentional.

[00:40:34] And when we did the exercise, the big rocks, little rocks exercise, which blew our mind, it’s [00:40:40] something so simple. But when I saw Steve do it actually on the online challenge back in September, it was first time I ever saw that illustration done. And we do it at all our events [00:40:50] now where we prioritize our big rocks.

[00:40:54] What’s our non-negotiables. What are the things that when we look at our calendar, whether it be [00:41:00] weekly, yearly, Um, monthly, daily, whatever it may be. What’s our big rocks. And when Lucy and I sat down and did it [00:41:10] together, our big rocks were, which I think should be for anybody. Who’s married with kids and a believer.

[00:41:17] Our three biggest rocks are God. [00:41:20] Spouse kids. That’s our three biggest rocks. So now how are we, how can we be intentional about making sure we spend sufficient time [00:41:30] pouring in to those areas of our life and not that God is an area of our life. He is our life, but how can we spend sufficient time there?

[00:41:37] And. It’s about being [00:41:40] intentional. We can do it. We can make sure that we put in our, our time at work, we could do whatever else is on our plate, but we have to be intentional [00:41:50] about committing to those non-negotiables and I mean, you say you do it every night before you go to bed, you do a form of big rocks, a little [00:42:00] rocks for your calendar the next day, and being intentional, just.

[00:42:06] Always having that in the back of our minds is helped us in [00:42:10] our marriage. Right, babe?

[00:42:11] Lucy: [00:42:11] Yeah. We are in this new season in our lives, Chris and I, that things can just slip through the cracks and we just [00:42:20] don’t realize it. Whereas before we had so much time, we got accustomed to just doing the norm, going to dinner, spending time with the kids going to work.

[00:42:30] [00:42:29] So God reminded me that this word. You’re familiar with it, but now you have to implement this into your life. You have to [00:42:40] be intentional, not just going off the top of your head because it’s what you normally do, but things are getting ready to ramp up and you have to be intentional [00:42:50] with spending time with me.

[00:42:51] You have to be intentional with sitting down, pulling out your calendar and baby you and are going to dinner, spending time with your kids, even spending time with friends, [00:43:00] because there’s more, I’m adding to your plate. So if you’re not intentional about these things and you kind of go along with life as you used to, you’re going to miss something.

[00:43:10] [00:43:10] And that thing that you may miss could be the very important thing that can change a lot of different things, whether it’s in your life or in someone else’s. So that word intentional, [00:43:20] it just, you hear it all the time, but it really doesn’t rank it. It’s like, okay, be intentional. I got to think about what I have to do and really do that.

[00:43:27] But it’s like, no, you have to do this. [00:43:30] Not just. Take the time, but you know, no, it’s not so much about just making the time, but it’s taking the time because God already made the time. So when that time is [00:43:40] available, take it. Sitting down with me. And I used to put a lot of pressure on myself and say, I want to spend an hour with the Lord.

[00:43:46] And the Lord goes, okay, what if you don’t have an hour, make sure you spend that [00:43:50] best five minutes of your life because the enemy will come and make you feel like, Oh, you didn’t reach your goal or what you planned out to do to spend an hour. And they feel so crappy about it. But the Lord [00:44:00] said, no, you are at the palms of my hand.

[00:44:02] No one or nothing can snatch you out of that. So if it’s five minutes, I want it to be the. Best five minutes of your [00:44:10] life. Shut your phone husband over here, kids over there, and just sit quietly and allow you and I to commune with each other. So it makes me feel so good to know that Chris and [00:44:20] I we’re set.

[00:44:21] All right, babe, let’s meet up, get your calendar, get your pen, your highlighter. And we’re going through our schedule together. And we say, all right, this is the date. This is the time. This is what we’re going to do. [00:44:30] So yeah, so intention was definitely the word for us season in our lives.

[00:44:35] Christian: [00:44:35] One of the things that I’m more intentional about is giving my wife [00:44:40] honor honors.

[00:44:42] Something that we, we talk about. And we do, we honor one another and King’s counsel. And you know, I I’ve seen [00:44:50] Steve walk into many rooms and give honor where honor is due. And I learned from him. How to give honor. And I learned from [00:45:00] a lot of you guys, how to receive honor as well. So one of the things I’m intentional about is honoring my wife on a daily basis.

[00:45:08] She is one of my big [00:45:10] rocks. So how do I honor her? I honor her with my words. I honor her with my actions and when we do that, and it’s funny because my [00:45:20] biggest rock obviously is Jesus. So if I. If I fulfill the commitment that I’ve made for him, man, it’s going to be so much easier to be that [00:45:30] husband that I desire to be the husband, God desires me to be.

[00:45:33] It’s not going to seem like a burden sometimes to honor my wife and I’m just being real. I [00:45:40] sometimes it could be burdensome like, Oh shoot, I got to go out of my way. I know we’re busy this week. Boom. We’re supposed to have a date night. How do we do that? But. In [00:45:50] scripture, it talks about first Peter three seven.

[00:45:53] That if we, that husbands don’t honor your wives, your prayers will be hindered. And that’s something [00:46:00] that has stuck with me from the day we got married, because it’s like, Oh shoot, God’s pretty serious about us honoring our wives. Right. [00:46:10] Yeah. And there’s a reason for it. You deserve to be honored. And if there’s anybody on the planet who should bestow honor and praise to their wife, it’s me [00:46:20] because you literally saved my life.

[00:46:23] I wouldn’t be here today without you. You led me to come through that with your headlights. Well, maybe, maybe not. You know, that’s a

[00:46:30] [00:46:29] Lucy: [00:46:29] fact glory be to God.

[00:46:33] Christian: [00:46:33] You’re so cute and humble.

[00:46:37] Rylee: [00:46:37] I love you guys. I love that, that word [00:46:40] honor. And it took me a minute to really understand, like, what does that actually mean? So how would you define honor when you say I want, I need to honor my [00:46:50] wife.

[00:46:50] Christian: [00:46:50] Yeah. I think it’s an expression of value. I express to you what I see your worst to [00:47:00] be, what your value to be.

[00:47:01] That’s good. So if I honor you, my wife’s giving me the pound and you guys can’t see it. That’s good. That’s [00:47:10] good. Brownie points for me, right? Yeah. It’s just. The ability to express that, that value. And sometimes just saying, [00:47:20] Riley, I want to honor you for the husband. I see you are for Ash. You know, sometimes just saying, I want to honor you is enough.

[00:47:27] You receive, you’re able to receive that because I’m [00:47:30] acknowledging who you are as a husband, who you are as a father. And I just said that, and I’m thinking about just this morning, seeing you play [00:47:40] games with Ellie. You know, she crushed me out by the way, she did trivial pursuit too, which is kinda crazy.

[00:47:47] Cause it wasn’t the

[00:47:47] Rylee: [00:47:47] kids version. She gets kid questions. [00:47:50] I get the adult ones. Come on.

[00:47:54] Christian: [00:47:54] She’s nine, by the way. No, I, I want to honor you for that. And [00:48:00] when I give honor to somebody, it’s usually, wow. You’ve made an impact on my life probably without you even knowing it because I have been more intentional.

[00:48:10] [00:48:10] How more intentional have I been with the kids, even, you know, with, with Duke, we have a 19 year old son about making sure we spend that quality time and [00:48:20] it usually involves going to the gym, something like that. But I see the way you are with Ellie and okay, well that’s my rocks are Jesus, Lucy and the kids.

[00:48:30] [00:48:30] I see how Riley does it. Riley’s on the road constantly. But he’s got that 10 foot calendar that’s it doesn’t

[00:48:39] Ashley: [00:48:39] fit anywhere. [00:48:40] It doesn’t

[00:48:40] Rylee: [00:48:40] fit

[00:48:40] Ashley: [00:48:40] anywhere.

[00:48:41] Christian: [00:48:41] So downsides because Ash doesn’t like see him anymore,

[00:48:45] Rylee: [00:48:45] but intentional, intentional about not annoying my wife with this huge. [00:48:50] So I have a. It’s already knows, like this calendar, that legit is probably 10 feet long that I brought home from my office and it just doesn’t fit on any wall here in the house.

[00:48:59] So it’s been on my [00:49:00] floor, but I’ve downsized. So for in honor of my life, that’s how he does

[00:49:05] Ashley: [00:49:05] it. Right,

[00:49:06] Rylee: [00:49:06] right, right.

[00:49:08] Christian: [00:49:08] To go back to what I [00:49:10] was saying was seeing your calendar. I mean, the first thing you put in, it’s the time with your family. I see Allie’s name. With [00:49:20] share that, that red arrow of how many days of what, how many hours are just going to strictly be dedicated to her?

[00:49:27] And guess what? I know if I call her or [00:49:30] text Riley at that time, it’s going to go to voicemail. He’s not going to respond because you have set that time aside for her. And that has spoken [00:49:40] volumes to me and has helped shape me. To be the father that I am so honored to you for that I

[00:49:45] Rylee: [00:49:45] received that I received that this has been fun.

[00:49:48] Does that mean it’s

[00:49:49] Christian: [00:49:49] over?

[00:49:50] [00:49:50] Rylee: [00:49:50] Well, I mean, we’re getting up there. It’s about 50 minutes in fro, right? Holy Crow. I never heard [00:50:00] that before.

[00:50:02] Christian: [00:50:02] I used to say mean before I was saved, I would say Holy something else.

[00:50:06] Rylee: [00:50:06] Holy moly. Right.

[00:50:10] [00:50:10] Christian: [00:50:10] I’d love to hear you ladies real quick. I mean, how has this been? You guys are a little,

[00:50:15] Rylee: [00:50:15] much better than

[00:50:15] Ashley: [00:50:15] I thought it was

[00:50:16] Rylee: [00:50:16] too bad.

[00:50:18] Yeah. One tight, you [00:50:20] know,

[00:50:24] We are heading to dinner here shortly. We got reservations. That’s how we got our spouses to actually do this [00:50:30] promise of a nice fancy dinner in which, uh, we all know Christian’s going to get chicken and CAISO. Yes, that’s right. Anybody’s [00:50:40] wondering what, what Christian’s three favorite foods are it’s chicken CAISO and

[00:50:47] Christian: [00:50:47] yeah.

[00:50:47] So nachos [00:50:50] burritos, tacos.

[00:50:54] Rylee: [00:50:54] Thanks. Riley

[00:50:58] got to have fun. So I love it. [00:51:00] Thank you guys for being on the intentional Edwards and bed. Thank you for being on. And I would be remiss if I didn’t offer for anybody listening. If you, if you’re curious about what King’s counsel is, check us on out [00:51:10] King’s counsel, coaching.com. You can learn more about.

[00:51:12] The tribe and, and what it means to really be a part of the King’s council and just more about us and how we work to discover, [00:51:20] develop, and deploy your God, given talents and abilities on that note. We’ll talk to you guys later.

[00:51:30] [00:51:30] Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Kings council podcast. For more information on the Kings council and becoming the CEO of your. Own life. Visit [00:51:40] kinks council coaching.com. Today you can also follow us on Instagram at Kings counsel coaching. We’ll see you next time. [00:51:50] .


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