A Room Full of Kings

003: A Room Full of Kings
n this special episode, we do not have just one King but four Kings joining in a roundtable discussion. Rylee Meek is joined by Steve Weatherford, Scott Thomas, and Connor Mead in an epic discussion involving the impact of being surrounded by like-minded people, what’s the true measurement of money, and the value of having vision and intention for your God-given gifts.

In this special episode, we do not have just one King but four Kings joining in a roundtable discussion. Rylee Meek is joined by Steve Weatherford, Scott Thomas, and Connor Mead in an epic discussion involving the impact of being surrounded by like-minded people, what’s the true measurement of money, and the value of having vision and intention for your God-given gifts.

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A Room Full of Kings

Fri, 2/26 8:50AM • 43:24


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Connor Mead, Rylee, Steve Weatherford, Rylee Meek, Scott Thomas


Scott Thomas  00:00

People look up to money when they don’t have any. When they have it, it’s different because then you’ve said, okay, that part of my life, that thing is taken care of. And when that is, now I actually am more clear headed and I can think about what matters and you start noticing money isn’t the thing that matters. However, you got to get that out of the way sometimes, right? So personally, I have a motto, grow always, in all ways. So you should always be growing because you’re either growing or dying.


Rylee Meek  00:42

All right. All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the king’s council podcast. I’m your host, Riley meek. And today, man, let me tell you what today we are sitting here in Tampa, Florida. With some of my best buddies. a condo is full of Kings today. Mr. Steve Weatherford, Scott Thomas and Patrick King, Connor. Let’s go Welcome to the show, guys. Come on. Excited. We had the best like day and a half. And we haven’t even started our event yesterday, our event. The reason that we’re all here in Tampa right now is because we’ve got our fourth live event the CEO of your life. And man, it’s just been really cool to watch our team, our family week over week, because coming from pro sports, I understood the goal wasn’t to play your very best game week one, it was to play a great game week one, but play a great game that you can build on because the whole point of playing in NFL season is to get to the Super Bowl and to win it. And so you don’t want to be playing your best stuff. in week one, you want to be putting together really good content, really good performance, really good recovery, really good preparation, but you want to have something that you can build on. So just really cool. And I believe that’s kind of a topic we want to talk about is for the people listening to this right now and interested in like, Dude, what’s this King’s council all about? If you haven’t yet, we want you to start by listening to the very first podcast, because that’s where we’re really going to answer a lot of the questions that you might have about from a philosophy from a structure from a theory standpoint, what the king’s Council is built to do. And I’ll tell you really quickly, our mission statement is to help you discover, develop and deploy the gifts that God placed inside of you. And we practice what we preach. And so one of the things we’re going to talk about in this episode, Riley is going to be you know, how we’ve utilized the intention, strategy, and alignment either with people or with a message of truth and how that’s opened us up. So man, I’m super excited. And I know the verse that we wanted to share really, kind of right off the top here was out of Proverbs 1522. And it’s like I said, Man, we practice what we preach. And you know, Riley, and I actually get coached by the same man, his name’s Keith Kraft, and he’s really just sowing into us from a leadership standpoint. But let’s get back to Proverbs 1522. Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors, they succeed. And that’s what we’re praying and believing that the counsel that you’re going to receive on this podcast was just absolutely free, is it you’re going to get some insight, you’re going to get some education, he probably will get a little bit of entertainment. But we’re praying and believing that what you learn here that you’re going to take into your life, you’re going to take into your marriage, you’re going to take into your business, you’re going to take into your athletic team, and you’re going to apply it because it’s that application where you’re going to reach your next level. So sorry to grab the mic yet, but I’m just really excited. I know I don’t get to be in the physical space with you that often Scott Riley Connor, I could see you every day. I love you, man. But I really just kind of wanted to, you know, just like intention, strategy and alignment, our focus of this episode. That’s our intention. Yeah. And I wanted to make sure that we really got that intention out, right off the jump. Yeah, one of the things I want to maybe even clear up for people when they wonder like, the king’s Council, like what does that mean? And I want them to really understand the difference between counsel and counsel. Right. When we talk about the king’s Council, it’s co UNC L. And that we believe as kings, we are sitting on the council that you know, call it the board of directors for the one and only kid right and when we look at this scripture here, Proverbs 1522. Plans fail for lack of counsel, that is from outside sources, advisors, Keith Kraft, you mentioned you know, Scott, and I’ve had multiple coaches growing up, I know you had Coach’s Corner in in high school. Yeah, right. It’s like the we look to them for counsel. But there’s a difference as members or founders of the king’s Council, we take that very seriously as we’re sitting on the king’s Council. So we can help council SEO, un, SEO, right. Seo un SEO council other members within the tribe and that’s really what we’re here in Tampa to do. You know, we’ve got tomorrow, the CEO of your life event, the fourth one that you had mentioned and just to piggyback what you had said, Steve, what one of the things that I love about you and what Scott and I have have really practice and Connor as well is that so many coaches tend to You know, those who can’t tend to teach? Right? And it’s always like, Do as I say, not as I do. And I know just growing up, I heard that a lot from my folks, right? It’s like, I learned a lot of things that I didn’t want to do. But one of the things that we practice, and just getting, you know, counsel, Sal, from people like Keith craft is like, No, no, we practice what we preach, like we eat our own cooking, and for us to come together. And you know, we talk about the seven days of creation, that the God given template, like we, we follow that, and we practice that, so that we can teach others how to follow that. And that’s what we’re doing tomorrow at the CEO of your life event. And this being our fourth one. I think, I don’t think I know, you’ve gotten better. And again, hey, right there, we just we practice championship language. Right? If I want to correct myself, I know you guys would have cracked me upside the head here. So yeah, we’re not editing this out, either. We keep it real. We’re training ourselves to be better. Exactly. Yeah, that’s the thing, too. Yeah. We’re no longer trying, we are in training. And those are the topics that we’re going to really dive into tomorrow. But it’s we’ve come a long way from the first event, the first live event that we hosted in which we call the CEO of your life event. That was we oftentimes talk about jumping out the airplane building that parachute on the way down, right. And that’s, that’s definitely what it was. But now, again, practicing what we preach, we had the vision. Now we’ve applied some, you know, we’ve got the, the culture of the environment, like us, just coming in here on us, we came in a column on Saturday just to really spend some time and do life together, we got some killer workouts in, or even Jordan over there, he’s got the pump still going. I mean, I definitely I’m moving in 31 days to Texas, my wife is giving birth and 80 days, I have five kids. So I definitely didn’t want to get away from the house at all. And we’re not editing that.


Steve Weatherford  06:51

My wife listens to none of my podcasts were safe. It was funny that one of the things that you were mentioning, I know we’re laughing, but when you were talking about, you know, coaching, and I relate a lot of, I guess what I teach or share to sports because it was such a big part of my life. I played for sports in high school, too, in college, and then 1010 as a pro, I’m used to having a coach, but there’s something that’s different Riley, and you and I came to coaching in different ways, like I know that you’re athletic, but your athletic career stopped when you were probably 17 or 18 years old. Mine continued on. But you did you made a decision early on around I want to say it was like 20 to 23 when that guy came into your life with this, the dinner seminars. And the point that I’m trying to mention is I’ve been coached by other men. From the time I was four all the way up until I was 35. And I retired from the NFL. And then I had a period of about two years, where I had no mentorship, I had no coaching, I had no structure, I had no organization to the goals that I was pursuing. And I really hit like a wilderness period of my life. And I and I know a lot of men and a lot of entrepreneurs can hear me when I say this is there’s not like a handbook for the business that you have right now. There’s not a handbook for the marriage that you’re in right now. There’s not a handbook for the addiction that you’re in right now. And I’m I believe that the king’s Council is able to build a really supernatural space that men and women and leaders can come into and speak their truth. And one of the things I’m so thankful for, for the leadership, Riley, Scott, Connor, is that as leaders, we don’t come into the space to draw differences among us and our lives and other people. I mean, you guys haven’t heard from Scott Thomas. But I mean, the car that he drove over to Riley’s condo here in Clearwater was, you know, it was a Rolls Royce, dude, right? You know, I mean, there’s so much excellence in his life. But in order for Scott to get to the excellence, to be able to generate the funds and create the revenue streams that would allow him to have the financial security and generosity to be as generous as he is, and to drive a car like that, because when I was growing up, I didn’t know that there were people like Scott, I didn’t know that there were people that could drive I mean, to me driving a Cadillac was like a Rolls Royce. I didn’t even know what a Rolls Royce was. But I thought I had to make a decision between being a Cadillac driver, and somebody that’s generous. And so I’m just really thankful. And one of the other words that we were really going to focus on, you know, it was intention, it was strategy, we’ll get into strategy in a little bit but alignment man, alignment is when from even for me, you know, like, I’m kind of the, I guess I’d say the, the founder of this, it was it was my vision that, that Riley said, Dude, have visions really similar to mine, let’s make your vision, our vision. Let’s go because I have skills that you can need. And you know, and then Scott came in, and we’re talking about, you know, what is King’s council? Well, Kings Council is a place where alignments can be created. So gifts can be drawn out, and I do believe I have, I have certain gifts and Riley has certain gifts, but when I was doing my men’s ministry when I was doing coaching on my own, I was I had such a definitive ceiling of like, how So far, I was able to help men go. And it wasn’t until I created a partnership and in alignment with you that not only the ceiling for the other men rose, but my physical ceiling of what I’m capable of also rose as well because I’m able to see how you do your life. And man, one thing that Riley does, it’s really cool. And then I’ll pass the mic. When we talk about intentionality. Riley, his daughter, Leah blue shoes nine, yeah, she’s nine years old. And every time that Riley goes on like a date, or he goes sledding with her, or he goes on a vacation with her, or maybe she says something that really, really touches his heart. He goes home at the end of the night, and he writes himself an email, but he doesn’t send it to his email that he checks every day, like his business, email or personal email, he sends it to a really specific email. And one day, I don’t know what that day is probably when she gets married or turns 18, probably when she listens to this podcast. But point is Riley’s the type of man that has such a long term vision for not just what he wants to do, but for who he wants to be. And so I just think that’s really beautiful. And I would love to just pass the mic back to you guys. But those are things that I wanted to mention. And actually, the last thing I wanted to mention when you were talking about people that maybe aren’t congruent to what they teach, and you actually mentioned the word like we eat our own cooking, there’s two different types of speakers, there’s a theoretical speaker, and a theoretical speaker understands the knowledge of something really well. And they’re very gifted at helping you to understand that theory. And then there’s another type of speaker, that’s a transformational speaker, transformational speakers learn the theory, and then apply it into their lives and allow that seed of theory to land on soil that has discipline that has consistency, aka water, and sunlight and allows that seed to grow. And when that seed grows, transformation can happen. And so then it doesn’t, it doesn’t require you to know so much. It just requires you to steward what you know, well, and that alone can inspire people to their next level. Yeah, yeah, that’s good. That’s good man. One of the things that you mentioned which it just to complement the alignment thing of you and I coming together, it’s Scott and I have multiple companies and and then we want to hear from you guys, too.


Rylee Meek  12:19

We have multiple companies together. And you know, we’ve had the ability to make a decent amount of income of money in our life, which is fantastic, but just the transformation of myself. And I’ve had this realization that you mentioned vision, and I fully believe now the number one enemy of vision is lack of provision.


Steve Weatherford  12:40

And as true kings as we’re stepping into this role of kings, we are kings on this earth, like what we’re going to be teaching and partying into the king’s Council and, and tribes and even tomorrow at the sea of your life event is going to be a specific part of just overcoming that kind of victim mentality, or that poverty mindset that so many Christians grow up with, right? I mean, they think Christian means to me, Christian meant driving a station, right. And like, having a wife that was a little bit overweight, you know, having kids that didn’t have very nice clothes, but being a really nice person, and really, really generous. Like how, in my mind is sorry to jump in on you, but how will that inspire anybody to the lifestyle or to the life purpose that you have? God didn’t create us to operate that way? Right? Yeah, man. Exactly. Right. And yet, how that’s not attractive to anybody. And and I think what the enemy has done is really brainwashed a lot of Christians into that that mentality or that thought process that it’s it’s virtuous to be poor, right? And I grew up and going in and out of different churches that if you made money, like you were not a good Christian, and it’s like, what I mean, it takes money you think of so many missionaries that spend so much time trying to raise funds to go to the mission field and it’s like, No, no, no, why can’t we just create a business that creates long term sustainable revenue so you now can walk out and fulfill that God given vision that you have for your life so little tangent on Monday there but that’s what I like to attend to go a fair amount so I want to share your gift bro. That was kind of my that’s that’s alignments like a you are really, really good, not just making money for yourself. You’re really, really good at helping other businesses that come in to work with you as a consultant. They could spend six hours with you and Scott and go home with a with a plan that they execute over the course of 30 days. Now, granted, it takes application, but if they apply what they the wisdom that we’re given, kind of like the verse that we had proverbs 1522, plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors, they succeed, but you still have to apply it. And that’s why the alignment of you and I work really well because I believe that one of the gifts that God gave me is, is the ability to speak courage into other men. That allows them to take action. You know, it’s like a cool way of saying like you’re really good at motivating people but I believe God gave me the ability to speak courage into men so they can take action but once they take action, if they don’t have wise counsel from you, and from Scott and the structure and the order, because they already have the intention, dude, everybody wants to make money. Listen, I got about to have my six kids I’d like to have a Rolls Royce, right you know what I mean? Well guess who I’m hanging out with somebody that’s got a Rolls Royce but I’m not just hanging out with somebody that has a Rolls Royce and doesn’t also have a good marriage and doesn’t also in shape. Yeah, cuz Scott knows the theories. But the thing that makes Scott and you and Riley and are in Connor, the other guys that are in women that are in the Kings councils, they apply it. And when you apply it, you get to produce fruit fruit comes in your life and guess what people want to do? People want to see production, they want to see results. Why is Tom Brady like the freakin King dangling of Florida right now? King dingling of America because he produces results, dude, you know, I mean, he produces results because he felt he had an intention to be a winner. And then he discovered a strategy that worked from him. And then he created alignment. Because guess what, Tom Brady ain’t winning Super Bowls without people like gronk. And that’s a reason why I said hey, gronk Hey, B, I played either against you or with you. I really could use your skills where I’m going to do what I want to do. Do you guys agree in the vision that I have? I want to win a Super Bowl. Antonio Brown, you want to win one of these. You come with me? You stay at my house, you do life like I do life because we both have the same intention. But my structure, my order, my strategy is what’s going to unlock you. And he can’t get the structure, the order and the strategy unless he got an alignment with Tom Brady, right? Yeah, that’s good. And whether he knows it or not, he’s following the seven day of creation template, like he’s got the vision. He’s a winner, who will be teaching that in the morning, right? That’s what we’re teaching tomorrow. But he’s got the vision and then it was creating the culture, the environment, you know, he’s calling up gronk he’s calling up a B, you know, get bring these guys in expectation. Exactly. And that starts with the vision that he had did Austin just walk in the house? Yeah, man. Dude, it’s so cool. Sorry to interrupt you. We’re at Riley’s condo right now in Clearwater Beach, Florida. We just had a beach workout down like literally a block and halfway we all walked down there and worked out now all the kings are flying in from all over the country. Austin just flew six hours to get here from California. Christians on the couch he flew in from New Jersey, more than likely already heard his podcast, right. Christians know that goes out. Okay, you guys will hear from Christian next week. He’s amazing. It’s just so amazing to see the intention, the vision, yeah, born from us. And because here’s the deal our alignments with Jesus Christ, and that alignment and us setting ourselves on fire. Because Riley and Scott have so many businesses that makes so much more money than what we’re doing right now. But I just love where their heart is because it’s for Kingdom currency man, like you guys have have made the greenbacks. And now you’re leveraging your greenbacks and the skills that you’ve accrued over those seasons and over those experiences. And I guess I’m using a lot of words to say I’m really freakin stoked for tomorrow.


Rylee Meek  18:17

I’m too and but what you’d said is like, yeah, we have positioned ourselves and this is what I believe every king Kingdom minded entrepreneur can do is position yourself to be able to fulfill that vision, right? Like some are, we all have different gifts and talents. If you have the gift of making money, you better go make as much as you possibly can. But it’s what you do with it. That’s the most important. So if we get back to vision, yeah, well, I mean, I definitely get to vision. But I wanted to ask Scott, I want to get him involved in this conversation, because you and Riley have have this alignment. And I know about these different businesses that you have, but what attracted you to want to get involved in what Riley and I were doing? I mean, I know it wasn’t. Riley didn’t say, Hey, I’m going to do this business with Steve, let me tell you about it. You have to come with me because we’re business partners and all these other things. So like, why did you say yes to getting involved with this? Because this doesn’t have on paper? The ROI normally that, you know, a great business opportunity would have. So what drew you in? No. And I think there’s more dimensions to what people call success. Yeah.


Scott Thomas  19:23

Right. It says this a lot. And we will talk about it this week is, you know, people look up to money when they don’t have any, when they have it. It’s different. Because then you’ve said, okay, that part of my life, that thing is taken care of. And when that is now I actually am more clear headed and I can think about what matters and you start noticing money isn’t the thing that matters. However, you got to get that out of the way sometimes, right? So personally, I have a motto grow always in all ways. So you should always be growing because you’re either growing or dying in whatever category so you should always be learning stuff. You should always be trying to stay and get healthy.  You should always try to increase your revenue of your business in your household, you know, your net worth, make sure your family is protected, you have the highest options. Really, that’s what money does for people, it gives you more options. When we were going through this, obviously, there’s a lot of when you own five, six companies together, we talk a lot. And one of the things that we have is systems in place that free us up to explore other options and do other things. So for us to have a conversation is like, hey, it looks like this is gonna take some time. This one, when you hear the mission, and when we talked about it, the first time we talked about it was, it’s gonna take a lot of time, who cares, we have the other businesses running, we know that this is that kind of plant, you know, sometimes you just throw it out in the yard and it’s growing, you don’t have to put any work in it. Sometimes you really want to put a lot of care and a lot of water in good soil and really sink some energy and effort into the quality of that, quote, product. If I stay on the business terminology, right. I think this product has been kind of misrepresented in the world, pretty bad, actually. And I think that there’s more to understanding faith and how it works in your life and how you apply it to all aspects of your life, right and becoming the human being the person that we really need to be. So I kind of lump all that in is it’s not just math, you know, ROI is not always just math. So the return on investment is if we put a lot of time, it will produce a lot of fruit. And sometimes it’s not just dollars. And this one is definitely one for me. You’ve heard me say this now, watching other people grow is my new currency. So for me, yeah. Can we make more money? Sure. Can we go open another business? Absolutely. Can we just go crank a couple of hours up and do other things? Sure. And I get that can sound and come across and appear pompous, right. But when you have systems that you can just turn up and down, we actually just can, right? So now what I’m finding is when I hear that somebody we helped, say to me, we made our first million, thank you for the words you just said, or the thing you learned 20 years ago that you were willing to share with me and my family, I now know there’s another family who has options, and another kid who’s got health coverage and schooling if they want it and all this stuff. So I’m actually nurturing other kids, too, I only have one. But it doesn’t matter. If we can grow always and grow our tribe grow the people that we love, grow those that were helping and supporting. I feel like that sort of that mission for me has become it’s not just dollars, Surely this is going to take a ton of time and a lot of work. And we’re flying across the country, and we’re doing all this stuff. But the vision is so clear from the beginning, from what you guys laid out. That to me that this is the highest ROI there is like you say when you’re standing at the pearly gates, and you look back and say see that line, I can’t see the other end. Come on. That one was because I did something right. Like what did you do this, this line is here, because of me, then that’s your ultimate currency. So right in a Rolls Royce or not kind of doesn’t matter. But I get it. I mean, I understand the point, but change one life and you’ll you’ll know what that feels like once you feel that you’re gonna want to do it a lot. It’s pretty addicting actually. Yeah.


Connor Mead  23:08

And if I could jump in real quick, something I wrote down before even Scott started speaking was impact is greater than instant financial gain. And we all know the mission and the vision of King’s council where this thing is going to be. And we know it takes time to build a great company, you guys have built several different companies. But to me, man, I’m a byproduct of this group, to be honest, like I was working with Steve, before King’s council even started and just seeing all the fruit and transformation in my life and how I’ve been impacted by just serving and being around you guys and learning from all you guys in. And now we see several different people that were able to help and their marriages are restored, they have better relationships with their friends, they are now passionate and excited about life, we’re helping them make more money. And to me what Andy Mineo actually shared this with me and with Steve, when we were heading out on a trip, he’s like, just continue to add value and serve other people’s lives and in return, your vision is going to come to pass. So I know by what we’re doing, we’re adding impact. We’re serving people, we’re helping people out that their life is going to be forever changed because what we’re doing maybe we’re not making a ton of money doing King’s council right now. In Jesus name. Yeah, we’re gonna be making tons of money right now, we may not yet be making that money, but I’m believing the impact that we are seeing the testimonials of people, man words gonna get out there and word already is getting out there and fruit speaks. So people are seeing how so many of our lives are changed and how many of the men and women that were helping at the CEO events are in the king’s council tribe, how their lives have been transformed. People are going to catch wind of that. And I believe word of mouth is going to be like our number one marketer with this thing, which is going to be incredible. Yeah.


Scott Thomas  24:44

One of the things I love to hear real quick is you just talked about how impact is when we see someone kind of relatively new to the group and they go Okay, this is neat. I don’t like I don’t understand it yet. Right. Yeah. And then they go through like a call to or they did that they came to a two day event they go, Okay, okay, I really get it, I’m gonna come to the first call. And they’re like, I already have three things that have happened in my life because I started talking this way. And I started telling people around me, Hey, this is what I’m doing. You know, it’s like, if you tell people, hey, I want to get in shape, and I want to start dieting, and this is what I’m going to do, and then they go to eat with you. And you just eat a big fat greasy burger and a jolt Cola, right or whatever, like, okay, you’re just talking. It seems like we somehow action gets created relatively quick the way this has happened. So the impact is felt almost immediately by most of the people. And they come to the first or second call go, this just happened. This just happened. This just happened. It’s like, wow, it’s a it’s the transformation and how the speed to transformation here is so fast. Yeah, it’s not theory.


Steve Weatherford  25:50

And we’ve we’ve spoken it on our on our very first podcast, like what the structure is the king’s Council, well, we have a phone call with two phone calls every single week. And one of them is specific, for instruction, for growth for learning. And then we come back on Thursday, and we talk about how since our last call what we learned, and we applied, we have what’s called championship reps, which is an opportunity for them to take a challenge that we give them, we don’t just recommend it. Like it’d be good if you did this, there is an expectation inside of this family of choice that what we learn, we apply, because if if you’re not applying it, you’re taking up space in the locker room. And guess what, when you go to the Super Bowl, there’s only 53 dudes that get to wear that jersey, this is not standing room only Hey, come come, you know, first come first serve. No, no, no, you earned that spot. And so inside of the king’s Council, like we have a role sheet, and if somebody hasn’t spoken on our zoom calls, in like two weeks, we have a notification that says, hey, call on this person, get them off of the sideline, and into the mother flipping game. Because at the end of the day, man, I wrote down this quote, before we started this podcast, it’s my favorite quote of all time, it’s from Steve Prefontaine, to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. Every single one of us are gifted. And I’m not talking like our gifts that we get to share with other people, we have a life, like the fact that you can hear our voice in your ears right now. And you’re not having to read the text. That’s a gift in our lifetime that we have right now. And Scott was talking about the pearly gates. And this is a call to arms. That’s what the king’s Council is, this is a sense of urgency that we have inside of here. And we’re not saying that to separate ourselves from you. We’re telling you, we have a sense of urgency, and we are offering to bring you into this to help you to accelerate not just your knowledge, but who you freakin are. And it requires application sorry to cut in again. But I’m taking notes as you’re talking man. And that’s when you said transformation. It’s not just theory anymore. Because if you just came together on Monday, and we talked about what we’re learning in the Bible, Oh, that’s great. Oh, that’s awesome. Hey, I read this book, and oh, this quote, hey, let’s talk about it. But then nobody goes home and tries to apply it into their marriage tries to apply it into their addiction struggle, tries to apply it into their business, and then gets fruit from that, then there can never be transformation,


Scott Thomas  28:08

It’s like having the lottery numbers, and then you just don’t play the right numbers and just didn’t play. It makes sense.


Rylee Meek  28:14

This is all fantastic stuff. I think one of the things that that you’d mentioned, Connor is like in we’re gonna make a ton of money. And I don’t want to be clear, like, what money is simply a measurement tool of the amount of life’s that we’ve impacted, you know, that that impact that you mentioned, and yeah, money will be made and produced. But that is simply a measurement of how many lives that we’ve actually impacted within the king’s Council and to continue to generate reach, the more we reach, the more money that it makes will help us reach more and it will all be going straight back to that exactly for that.


Steve Weatherford  28:43

That’s why technically, we see we’re making them yeah, cuz it’s all going straight. Every time we hit like our next level of income, we add another team member, I mean, I’m looking at one of them right now, what’s this job title? spiritual advisors, spiritual advisor, what type of coaching program hire somebody and their sole existence on your team is to be a faith advisor to every single one of the council members that you have. Guess what? He’s the busiest person on our team? Yeah, like you would think like, Well, okay, that’s a nice little thing to have. But that’s probably not the first. That’s the first hire we made. Right. You know, I mean, was to have a spiritual advisor, because we understand what’s really stopping men, women and leaders from their next level, is their ability to cast vision and how do you get people to cast a bigger vision, a more legitimate vision for the gifts that God’s given them, is you have to have them enter into a faith walk, where you have somebody that can speak life into them, and allow them to bring hope to where there is no hope. Because to me a couple years ago, I had just pretty much accepted that I was going to be married and porn was going to exist in my life, because I was like, what’s the lesser of two evils? You know, I’m not cheating on my wife. And she actually doesn’t even know about this. But it wasn’t until somebody came into my life and said, Dude, you’re meant for more. This is holding you back.


Scott Thomas  29:59

Actually. It’s funny. We meet with like you said earlier, Riley and I do a lot of consultation. We meet with a lot of entrepreneurs, business owners. And sometimes, like in the first couple questions, so tell me about your business, Toby. Okay, as an owner, like, I started this from scratch, it’s just me and my wife, or, you know, I feel like I’m in this business alone. And like, okay, but do you have like a coach? Or do you have any advisors? Anyone help you? No, no, we just we don’t have money for that, or we don’t. And it’s always like, why are you trying to do things alone? We are like, as humans, we’re actually pack animals. We’re supposed to work with others. We’re supposed to get the counsel of others. And it’s funny, you just said, you know, what coaching group would have a spiritual advisor that well, first of all, any group that came together and ever met a Christian Edwards would want that person is me.


Steve Weatherford  30:44

Yeah, we actually created that role for him because of his gifts. We were like, We didn’t go to monster.com and be like, spiritual advisors. We’re about to go it was because just like Connor said, he served his his way into having an opportunity


Scott Thomas  30:58

my grandfather used to say, always prepay your favors, do the work first, you’ll get absolutely that’s what happens. And I think what’s what’s come out of it is everyone around like Riley’s earlier say, those who can’t do teach everyone in this group is doing all the time, and actually not only working on all five pillars, we’re holding each other accountable on all five pillars. So anytime someone gets near, we were just setting up for this live event. The people can’t man who are you guys, right? We stepped into the room, and we were that thermostat. They know you’ve cold water coming. Because we talk a certain way we carry yourself and we hold each other accountable in a very, like encouraging, nurturing, helpful, positive way. And I think a lot of people really could use that. And I can tell you, just from meeting the business owners that we meet, there’s somebody right now who’s quote, stuck. Yeah. And they are at the top of their household. They’re the man of their house, they are the owner of their business. They cannot vent to employees, they can’t vent to their wife. And when they’re struggling, they got no one to talk to. It’s because they’re trying to do it on their own schedule, and not do it on your own. I have multiple eight figure businesses and I can tell you, we’re constantly asking people, what can we do better? What should I change,


Steve Weatherford  32:12

What else can we do five different at minimum, because I coached for the better part of 2020. I coached Riley and for a lot of you guys that don’t know, that’s how Riley and I came to do business and life together was he came to me and said, Hey, man, I’m really hungry to grow in this area. Thankfully, it wasn’t in finances, because I’m like, I looked at his resume. I’m like, he’s a whole lot better than I am. But he was just so hungry to grow in his faith. And so we did that for 678 months. And then I believe the god downloaded to me vision to work with him. And I asked him, Hey, what do you think he’s like? Absolutely. And that’s how this thing was born just just from those alignments.


Rylee Meek  32:12

Yeah, absolutely. And just to put a bow on, you know, we hired Christian Edwards as spiritual advisor. And it really was because of the sense of urgency that we have within the king’s council here. Yeah. And I know that we’re all operating with that urgency over the last, you know, five months or so together. We’ve experienced some of those birthing pains. Right. And I would love to hear from Connor, just like, you’ve been, you’ve been with Steve before me. Yeah. And you started with Mighty 300. And just the group coaching man Academy, everything like that now into this, I would just love your, you know, your take on the transformation, maybe even Steve’s gone through. Yeah, just from witnessing, because, you know, you guys have done life together for over a year now. Totally. Right,


Connor Mead  33:35

Ya know, just to even see, because we started Mighty 300, which, for those of you that don’t know, we did it during the heat of COVID. So I believe back in April, and it was morning, devotionals that we would do with an at home body workout. And we were doing those Monday through Friday, for like seven or eight straight weeks, it was crazy waking up, starting at seven in the morning, getting done around eight o’clock. 830. And I believe it was the perfect preparation for what you’re doing now. like God knew where he was gonna take you. And he knew that you’ve always wanted to help people, and you always wanted to serve people. And I believe it was a season of like, hey, I need you to get the reps. Again, I need you to practice I need you to get good at what you’re doing, because I have something so big in store for you. But if I give that to you, now, you’re going to crumble because it’s going to be too big and too much. So just to see the growth that you’ve walked through from April 12 to now what is it February 21 2021. And just seeing what God has done in the people that you’ve been able to impact in. I’ve loved just being on your right hand side just helping in any way that I can and, and be a part of it where we did Mighty 300 and then we started man Academy which was a group coaching company that we had for about 2twenty five We ended up morphing that into King’s council full court press two for nine and then legitimately starting 2021 with a year long program and it’s been just the most incredible thing because I’ve seen how God has been able to use you And the last year and I just feel like that’s the appetizer. That’s just the beginning of what us is a organization is us as a group as us as mighty men and women that really just want to add value and impact whoever and wherever we can. And God’s using us because we’re saying yes to Him. And I love the verse that we talked about earlier, Proverbs 1522, plans fail for a lack of counsel. But with many advisors, they succeed, like, we’re not just sitting at this table thinking we know it all. Like we’re asking the heavens, the Christians, the coach, and Linda Smith, we’re not saying we know it all, we’re actually seeking wisdom, because it’s not about us. It’s not about Connor, Steve Riley, Scott, it’s about us coming together, adding value. And ultimately, we’re serving the king. So we’re seeking wisdom and knowledge from him. And he’s giving us downloads, and then we’re able to help other people. So to be honest, I’d love to see I’ve loved seeing the fruit in your life and seeing the growth in your life. And it’s, it’s done so much for me, because I’m not I learned a lot through observations. And I don’t maybe ask a lot of questions, but I see how you’ve been changing different things in your life to become a better man. And I’ve picked up on that and added that into my life. And 2020 was the greatest year of my life from getting hired by you and working for you in the family, and then getting hired at the end of the year to do King’s counseling. And through that I was asked to become a pastor and leading our high school youth ministry at church and God just blessed me because I got aligned with the right people. And at the end of the day, I wrote down alignments change everything. Like for me, when I graduated high school, I got aligned with our church and did an internship and fell in love with church ministry, was doing that for several year years and still doing that. But then got aligned with working with you. And then the king’s council team and just saw another evolution of the corner made that I am today. And I know this is just the beginning because we’re surrounded with the right people. And we’re all taking territory serving the kingdom and serving God. And he’s going to continue to further our lives because we’re doing it the right way.


Rylee  36:59

You got it, man. It’s good, man.


Connor Mead  37:01

That’s good.


Rylee Meek  37:03

So guys, we’ve got you know, we’re winding down here Sunday evening. We’re prepping for tomorrow. The room is set up. It’s prepared. We were in there last night, we prayed. And we got 100 strong comedy. Yeah, and this is our biggest event. We’ve got existing kings common enemy we just had literally today it’s Sunday, about two hours ago, we had two people register from Illinois.


Connor Mead  37:27

Amazing. I don’t know if they’re


Rylee Meek  37:28

just like booking their flight to come in. Wow, right now or what like, but that that’s how God’s moving in this. And in the intentionality. I think, I don’t think I know the intentionality that we’re coming to this event with lives are going to be absolutely changed, souls are going to be saved. We’re gonna rock that. That venue tomorrow, man,


Steve Weatherford  37:51

if I can add anything to the tail end of this podcast, man, I love that you had me on here because I know I’m not actually the captain of this podcast and more of a passenger. I appreciate you having me on here. And this is something that Keith craft says to me, and I believe it is applicable to every area of life when the right people get in the right place at the right time, the right things happen. And I believe we’re the right people. And I believe that the 100 people that are going to walk through those doors in Tampa, Florida tomorrow are showing up because they have an intention to just to get better. Maybe they have an intention to leave something behind. Maybe they have an intention to grow in one area. But one thing that I know man is we serve an undefeated God and He will he is so faithful to deliver. So tonight when you and I go to bed, like we’re gonna go to bed and full confidence with so much peace. And because we don’t believe that God’s going to do a thing that bar like we know, like, like deep down in like the like not even just in our blood in the freaking like the most smallest part of our DNA. Like we know that God can do a thing. And we know that he wants to do a thing. And all it requires is for us to come together in alignment. And to touch something because it says in Scripture, when any two of you come together and touch anything in my name, it will be done. And so man, I’m just praying and believing that we are the right people. I’m praying and believing that this is the right time and I’m planning, praying and believing that the people that walk through the doors tomorrow morning for the CEO of your life on February 21 and 22nd will remember those days for the rest of their life and it’s not going to be because of Riley Scott Connor Tevin Christian, Austin, Steve, none of those first names, but they are going to they are going to remember that God moment that they had when the Spirit of the Living God came down and just moved, moved in their spirit moved in their mind. And the last scripture I wanted to share, I believe it’s Romans 12. Two, do not be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. And that is the mat like that is our motto for February 21 and 22nd is to just create a space where people can get a renewal in their mind because if people can begin to think different, they’ll begin to speak different, they’ll begin to do different. And once you do those things, you will begin to be different. And once you can be different, God can use that because God just needs you to do things to things, give, give God give God something to work with and give men something to respect. That’s influence.


Scott Thomas  40:17

Yeah. With so much intention and the value of the vision that’s built in here. We know before tomorrow’s event, that there is no coincidences, all of these people are being sent here. Yes, that reason, somehow, someway, in their life, their roads are, they’re going to converge. And they’re going to end up in a room with a bunch of guys like us, and someone else is going to talk to us. Whoo, whoo. Let’s go there for real.


Rylee Meek  40:43

Yeah, our prayer really has been, and always will continue to be with the king’s Council is Lord, if you send them we will serve them. I think we’ll end on that, guys. I mean, for those that are listening, or just kind of like, what the heck is this kings council stuff, the CEO of your life event, this is where we go over the five power pillars our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial. And we have upgrade your human events we have leadership development is there’s so many events, live events that we come together every single month, oftentimes multiple times a month, we come together live and just do life together. And that’s really what the Kings Council is all about. So if you have any questions on that, go ahead and text me direct at 77 47238607274723860 we’ll get you all the information on King’s Council and our tribe. And to end this pastor King Connor we


Steve Weatherford  41:37

do what’s your bill come


Connor Mead  41:37

off Father, we thank you for who you are, God we thank you that you’re a good good god that that loves us that cares so much about us and even as we’re talking about just alignments in and intention and everything that you’re doing in our lives. God, I thank you right now that you’re bringing and you are bringing the right people into all the listeners life today, maybe there’s going to be someone that they run into at the coffee shop or at a restaurant that that they’re going to finally be bold enough and courageous enough to just share their truth and speak about how you have transformed their life guide. And it’s not an accident that they’re even listening to this podcast today. That this is a word in season for each and every single person that is listening to this listening to this podcast today because it’s not it’s not just a podcast where we’re talking about Hey, do this and and you might see something in return. No, there is transformation. There’s things that are happening in Jesus name because people are applying and serving who you are and doing everything that you have called them to do. So Father, we thank you for kings counsel. We thank you for this business. We thank you that it is a ministry that is all about reaching people, adding value and serving other people. So we thank you, Lord, for who you are. Continue to bless Scott, Steve Riley, the team, each and every single one of us as we continue to do the work that you have called us to do. In Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen.


Rylee Meek  42:58

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the king’s council podcast. For more information on the king’s Council, and becoming the CEO of your own life, visit King’s council coaching.com today, you can also follow us on Instagram at King’s council coaching. We’ll see you next time

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