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001: What It Takes to Become a King with Steve Weatherfor‪d

The first episode of the King’s Council features none other than the incomparable and powerful man of God, Steve Weatherford. Steve is a Super Bowl Champion, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of the King’s Council. His resiliency and servant leadership story on behalf of the kingdom of God will inspire and motivate you to become the CEO of Your Life and take territory once and for all.

In this episode of King’s Council, Rylee and Steve share the story and the King’s Council’s intention. They also discuss the ROI of championship reps, the power of vision and alignment becoming the CEO of Your Life, and what it takes to become a King.

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KC 001 – Steve Weatherford Transcript

Wed, 2/17 7:49PM • 53:50


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Steve Weatherford, Rylee Meek


Steve Weatherford  00:00

There’s something different when my wife is not with me. And can I can have conversations about things that not I’m not that I’m trying to keep from her. But problems that don’t belong to her, like, where do men go? And where do women go that are also leaders to have those conversations because the air is really thin for leadership, like where do people that are at the top of their totem pole? Where do they go to talk about their problems? And here’s the deal men and women, most of us feel like we’re on our own totem pole at the top of it. And guess what you are because you are the CEO of your life. But there’s a scripture that I want to share that really spoke to me last year, and it still speaks to me this year. But last year so much because 2020 wasn’t what anybody wanted it to be in any area of their life. I mean, yes, maybe some of us spent financially may have taken advantage of of last year, but your life doesn’t look exactly like what you want your life to look like. And that’s a guarantee the Scripture, do not be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. And so I talked about church to talk about kings Council. We are the extension of the church.


Rylee Meek  01:20

All right, all right, everybody what’s happening here, welcome to the first edition, the flag ship edition of the king’s Council, podcast a show all about love and love your business, your faith in most importantly, your life. I’m your host, Riley meek and joining me today is none other than one of my best personal friends. My business partner, Super Bowl champion, father of five soon to be six loving husband, and warrior for God. Mr. Steve Weatherford.


Steve Weatherford  01:56

Come on, man, come on, man. Dude, I’m so glad that we’re finally getting this podcast recorded and out here. And you said like the flagship episode, and I want everybody you know, when we call it the flagship episode, like this is the Genesis, our mission statement isn’t going to change, our purpose isn’t going to change, our intention isn’t going to change. We’ll do 300 episodes after this one. And that won’t change. So that’s what the intention is, for this episode is for you to understand what the mission statement is, what the core principles are, like, what are what what did Riley and I and in Scotland and the other brothers that have banded together in this purpose, like, what is that purpose? And with this episode, this is what we’re praying and believing that we’re going to solve for you is for you to understand what this is. And here’s the deal. This is not for everybody. Riley, you know what I mean? Like there’s, I mean, I’m not saying this lifestyle is not for everybody. It just doesn’t sit well with everybody. Like you can come to an event and get your bell rung. It’s one of the events that we’ll talk about, that’s awesome. But this is the king’s Council’s a lifestyle. You know, it’s where information meets maturation. And that’s when transformation happens. And when we say maturation that’s not like learning something on a podcast, and then being like, oh, man, Dude, that was a really cool call. And then going home and and not and not doing anything about it, not disciplining yourself, not training yourself in what you’ve just learned. Because if you don’t do that, if you don’t mature in that information, you’re never going to reach that next level of transformation. And that’s what this thing is about. So no, this is not about physical. No, this is not about mental. No, this is not about spiritual. No, this is not about emotional. And no, this is not about financial, it’s about all of them. That’s what manhood is. And it’s not just for men, and it’s not just for women, like being a king is more than just providing for your man or your family. It’s more about it’s more than just providing presiding and moving about your life we were built for more Riley than just living paying the bills and dying men. I’m speaking specifically to men when I say this, we were built for more I’ll just pause there Radley because I know we want to pray before we get this thing rolling.


Rylee Meek  04:04

Bringing the fire already man this is why I love you dude. And this is really just you mentioned that the genesis of you know the first episode here on the king’s council podcast and we’re going to get more into what the king’s council actually is and the meaning behind the name and everything like that but before we dive into that man let’s let’s let’s throw it up let’s


Steve Weatherford  04:23

let’s do that. Alright guys, if you’re if you’re in your cars right now, don’t bow your heads but just be present with me if you’re in a gym right now turn the volume up and just be still let Holy Spirit filled the place that you’re in right now Holy Spirit we just asked you give you permission to be in a place that you already own that you already ruling you already rank and we’re asking you to be with us in this episode, be with Riley be with me speak through us that this episode not be about us and the triumphs we had or even the failures that we had. But that will be about your glory and your grace and how you are transforming me in this moment that I’m speaking right now and how you’ve transformed me in the past. So thank you for allowing me to be in my process to serve these men and these women in the king’s Council and to be a partner, a life partner for Riley that can run the race that can bring the the best out of him as a father, the best out of him as an entrepreneur, the best out of him as a leader, and vice versa for me, thank you for creating an alignment and a partnership with Riley that is doing Kingdom work. No longer will we be exchanging our lives, for Super Bowls, and for trophies and for money. It’s about Kingdom currency, and all the desires of our heart, we know will be given unto us. And we were believing in declaring in the same breath, that the same thing will happen for the men and the women that are hearing the sound of our voice right now. So we thank you and we honor you we declare victory in the name of Jesus. Amen. Amen, brother. Yes. So


Rylee Meek  05:42

I think the best way for us to start this thing out is really just, you know, a lot of people know who you are, especially if they’ve been following you on social media, things like that. But for those that haven’t, I think the best way for us to start this baby out is just to give a little background a little a little history of you know, what you’ve gone through your accomplishments, you know, your quote, unquote, successes from the from the worldview, to just that you mentioned that the the transfer formation, the maturation, and where we’ve come to come to right now. You know, it is it is February, what 12th, today 2021. And what’s happened really over the last six months or so since since our relationship really started to birth and inform. But what led up to that point, I’ll go into my story a little bit, but I think we dive into your story first your brother, and give them an understanding of how God has transformed you and the man that you are today.


Steve Weatherford  06:41

Yeah, so so what I’m hearing you say is like Steve, we know like the Wikipedia version of you. But maybe maybe you want to share a couple of things that we don’t know. Okay, Wikipedia version, if you don’t know, I’m from Terre Haute, Indiana, got two parents that were great parents, I grew up in a Christian household. I got saved when I was 11 years old, but really just quickly got away from that went and played football at the University of Illinois. On scholarship, I was a football all American and a track all American in the decathlon, played in the NFL for 10 years, and retired in the place I really want to like start the story, and maybe to share with people things that they can’t read on Wikipedia or is like my Super Bowl story because I know every person listening to this Riley can like imagine themselves back when they were a little kid and they were in the backyard and, and almost every little boy listening this imagine themselves like catching a touchdown in the Super Bowl, you know, and I always imagined that as well like, and granted, I didn’t catch a football for a touchdown in the Super Bowl, but I played in the Super Bowl. And not only did I play in the Super Bowl, I set a Super Bowl record. And so I say that not to boast but to set the stage for, you know, a really long drive to get to a point of where you think you’re going to feel valuable or to get to a point where you feel like I’ve made it. And I’ve gotten to several of those moments in my life. And the number one where it hit me the most. And really, it was a transformative moment was when we won the Super Bowl. And here’s the deal, Riley, we won the Super Bowl, not against you know, just a Joe Blow off the block. We beat Tom Brady man, you were just out here at my house for the Super Bowl party. And we watched Tom Brady playing for a different team going back to the Super Bowl and winning it again for the seventh time. And so when when I was on the New York Giants, we beat them. That’s Tom Brady, right? And we beat them 47 miles from my hometown. My mom was there. My dad was there. My grandma was there. Everybody that I loved was there. And I played unbelievable. And it was also a contract year for me meaning like if you play really well, more than likely you’re going to get a contract extension or some team is going to pay you a great deal of money. And I knew that and so like everything was perfect, like everything that I had ever worked for. I was going to get the contract extension. I won a Super Bowl. I was married that had two kids. My wife was pregnant with our third like life was perfect. And I remember holding the trophy. And confetti is coming down dude and everybody that I love is around me all my teammates around me all the fans are around us. And every dude. I’m a punter and I had an interview with Al Roker after the game out broke. We’re only talks to the studs, but he talked to me. So you just think about how high I’m flying. Right? And so then we go to the after party and we do our thing. And it’s amazing. My mom and dad are there. Everybody’s there. And everybody’s Steve, you’re so amazing. You’re so great. I can’t believe this happened. This is like a dream. I can’t believe it. Somebody pinch me wake me up. Everybody’s saying this right. And then as soon as the party was over, and I went back to my room, and I wasn’t allowed to bring my wife even though I was married like there were no females on the NFL floors just because they want to protect the integrity and make sure that nobody does anything they shouldn’t right. So I finally get back to my room by myself about two o’clock in the morning. I’ll never forget it Riley, I stepped up to this big window was from Florida ceiling window in Indianapolis and circle city that was circle center. That was the area and I looked down There’s just mobs and oceans of people. It’s two o’clock in the morning. And you can’t even see the street because there’s so many people in all these different NFL jerseys. And I’ll never forget it man, I remember looking down and like seeing everybody high five and having fun and taking shots and, and all so much commotion and energy and action and joy, right? And I’m looking at these people, they’re not even wearing the jerseys of the teams that played and they obviously didn’t play in the game. Why do they have more joy than me and I’ll never forget, like taking a deep breath in. And before I could let that breath come out of my lungs, Riley, I thought to myself like this is it like this is it like I expected like something to change, I expect it to like, like, feel like somebody like something, you know, and for the longest time and I know a lot of men can connect with this and women as well in a different type of way, perhaps. But my entire life, I was trying to get those words of affirmation from my dad, I was trying to get my dad to say, I’m proud of you boy, like through every phase of my life. Like now I realize it now. But looking back on it, I wasn’t able to enjoy any of those successes of in the all this stuff. I breezed through really quickly like for sport Allstate in high school. Granted, it was Indiana, so it was for sports wasn’t that hard. But I digress. Then you go to college to sport all American. And I remember with every one of those successes or achievements, I remember, like, looking back at my dad, either figuratively or literally being like, Dad, I became, you know, I got into the NFL and then you still don’t get him like, okay, maybe if I play for four years, because if I get to four years in the NFL, then my dad will say, well, that’s longer than the league average The Great job, man, we didn’t do it there. So then when I get that one, then I’m like, oh, what if I win a Super Bowl, and my seventh year I won a Super Bowl. And not only did I win it, man, I freaking crushed it. And I pressed it in the state that my dad was born in. And then he lived in, there was never a greater stage more closer to home for more people that he knows, to tell him like, Oh my gosh, your son was amazing. Like Monday at work. I guarantee you my dad couldn’t wait to go into the office, like not even wearing his jersey because people knew. But still, but still, my dad never said I’m proud of you. But I didn’t even realize that at 30 years old that that I needed that. And so my point to mentioning that to the listeners right now is that was the moment when everything changed for me. And I realized that there was nothing inside of professional football that was gonna fulfill me there was no Pro Bowls. There was no contract extensions, there was no Super Bowls, no Super Bowl records. And so I knew in that moment, my days in the NFL were limited because I knew in that moment, there was nothing that was going to fill that hole inside of me. So I played for two and a half more seasons. And then I got into TV because I thought well, like maybe, maybe, maybe God’s calling for me, is maybe I’m supposed to influence people on TV. So I got a TV job, I got a TV show on Spike TV, ESPN Radio, Primetime New York City, millions of listeners. But I was unsatisfied Riley because I was doing something that I had just retired from meaning like I was playing in the game. And now I accepted again, where I’m going to talk about what the people are doing in the game. And they didn’t give me any flexibility to really talk about what I really wanted to talk about. And the things that I really want to talk about. I felt like mattered. And what are those things? addiction, man, I was so dark and like so deep inside of an addiction to pills, because of my football career, I got an injury. And so I the the team gives you the pills, because they’re like, well, you need the pills because you’re in pain. And they want you to get over the pain so you can play so they can save money. And so that’s how that addiction started. And then you know not to talk about how I was sexually abused in seventh grade. And that just kind of screwed a lot of things up inside of my mind. So I don’t know who’s listening to this podcast right now. But I know you need to hear right now. Dude, if you’re struggling with addiction, if you’re struggling with pills, if you’re struggling with porn, if you’re struggling with alcohol, you’re in the right spot, man, because I’m not here to tell you to stop doing those things. I’m here to tell you, I want to help you stop doing those things. There’s a million books out there that will tell you that like, Hey, don’t watch porn, but how many people will actually tell you their personal story, their breakthrough, their freedom story on how they were able to not only break free from that, but also heal their marriage, because there’s a whole lot of damage that’s done to your marriage when you have an addiction like that. And so that’s really what I want this podcast to be about. When we talk about, you know, fitness, we talk about TV, we talk about muscles, we talk about money, like the king’s Council is built for men to be able to come together in a space and say my whole life is not right. Like the space that safe. And that’s one of the reasons that I believe you and I Riley are here together right now is because you didn’t have a space like this, that we could come together and we could talk about things that we’re really struggling with. And what happens when we isolate kind of like what’s happening with the whole Corona virus right now is not only are men just like predisposed. to like, go through their problems on their own, because if they talk about them, they’re weak. But now we actually have governments that are telling us that we can’t get together. So I’m going to pause right there and kind of get back to the story.


Rylee Meek  15:11

Yeah, that’s epic. So you win a Super Bowl, you’d have to mountain top, right? And there’s still just that feeling of kind of unfulfillment. Which you know that that was a feeling that I had multiple times in my life and it was just like looking for that. What’s that? What’s next? What’s next? What’s next. So you go from the Super Bowl. All right to TV to now then fitness. Right? You became literally the fittest man in the NFL.


Steve Weatherford  15:35

Yeah, that was definitely chasing my daddy’s approval to and I did that while I was in the NFL. And I kind of talked about these different goals that I had. When I was in the NFL. Like first I just wanted to make the team I was pinching my freakin butt cheeks to make the team I want everybody to hear me when I say this. Like I made the team. But I got cut five different times during my NFL career. So it’s really cool to look back on your Wikipedia page. We’ll go sky played for 10 years won a Super Bowl and all these other things chasing his daddy’s approval. But yeah, I got cut five times during all of that mess as well. And, and I was just like every other man and woman Listen to this. I had trauma when I was a kid. And I tried to fix it with winning I tried to fix it with clout I tried to fix it with money. I tried to fix it with with muscles. Because one of the other things that was a fascination for me was like developing my own body. And so I became not like one of the fittest guys in the NFL. The Muscle and Fitness actually created an award called the fittest man in the NFL, cuz of me because I was such a freak in the NFL. And they gave it to me two years. And they’re still doing that award now just because they noticed somebody taking it next level. But I want everybody to hear this. It’s like when I was taking it next level it wasn’t because I was like so obsessed with excellence. It was because I was so broken, beaten and defeated. Inside that I was trying to achieve something outside of myself to get acknowledgement extrinsic acknowledgement. So I could fix intrinsically what was wrong with me. And so through going going through this process, and looking back on my life right now, like Riley, you could spend your life making a whole lot more money because dude Riley’s 36 years old right now 2535 years old right now and has already generated well over 120 million. So that’s it’s powerful. And that’s like, easy for him to do. And then for me, like, it was easy for me to do that life, but it wasn’t fulfilling to me and the same thing for Riley. And that’s why him and I aligned. So pull back this story to finish up kind of like my story. And we can explain more what kings Council is because I know a lot of listeners. That’s why you were listening to this flagship episode. So of that three years really kind of like in the wilderness of TV, I call it the wilderness, I was still making a ton of money and doing well from the outside looking in, really crushing it. And then somebody came back into my life that just flipped turned everything upside down. His name is Keith crack. He’s actually the man that walked me through giving my life to Jesus Christ when I was 11 years old, and I lost track of him. Because he was doing like a traveling power. He was on the Power Team. And it would go from city to city. And so I got saved when he came to my city and never saw him again. And then 25 years later, I was at an event when he came back into my life. And we’ve all heard that African proverb when the student is ready, the teacher will appear Well, I knew that that was my moment because I knew that that was him. And so I mentored under him for a year and then I went on this trip to Poland with I don’t know if any of you the listeners have heard of Wim Hof. But if you don’t look him up after the show, he’s crazy. I went live with them at his house for five days with 12 other influencers, you know, TV guys, Lewis Howes, Aubrey Marcus, Jesse Itzler, Mike Posner, and we all live in this house together. And I really feel like God spoke to me when I was at that house. Riley, I feel like God said, You are the person that doesn’t need to have all the answers. But you’re the person that is supposed to bring men together so they can solve their problems together. And I literally, I left from that trip and I went home and I started planning men’s events. And we did our first men’s event in Utah. We had 25 men come in, and we rented this house. We did Wim Hof breathing, we did hiking, you know, we shared about life. It was amazing. And then literally, the day that event ended, the corona went into like straight lockdown. And so I’m praying to God, I’m like, God, what do I do now? You said I’m supposed to get men together. I was obedient to that this was amazing was the most amazing three days I’ve ever had. And now this happens, needs to get men together. I didn’t know what to do Riley. And so I started a devotional where I essentially shared what my son and I do every single day we call it man Academy where we wake up and we have 100 100 intentional minutes towards civilizing our mind making savage our body and awakening our spirit. We do a devotional and we do some fitness and mobility things together. We’re very consistent with it. And so I really just felt like the Spirit of the Lord told me to share what I’m doing. Because it was really healing my son and I’s relationship, and it was building his confidence and my wife was, was really encouraging and loving that part of our family component. And so we did this for months and months. And that ended up turning into me doing actual group coaching for men where they’re actually paying money and getting massive results for doing it. And we did that for three months. And the guys got incredible results, guys, we’re losing weight, guys, we’re breaking free from porn guys, we’re reinstalling their their freakin masculinity when sight inside of their house, they were fixing their marriages, it was so Empire inspiring. But I knew I noticed that there was a component Riley, that that I wasn’t able to give these men, I knew that I had an anointing to generate money for myself. But I wanted to be able to empower these men to be able to start businesses and launch businesses and create alignments and businesses that way. And I was just ill equipped to do that. And that’s when you and I ended up we had been doing one on one coaching for at least seven months. And I’ll let you kind of get into that story a little bit later. But him Riley and I were doing one on one coaching for seven months. And I was really just speaking into the spiritual walk that Riley was on. And I was hoping when he first came to me that he didn’t want me to do business coaching for him because I looked at his resume when he sent in his desire to work with me at a one on one capacity. And when he told me the area that he was looking for, for growth, and I felt a whole lot more empowered than I did in business. And I say those things to say this is I had a phone call with Riley, I said Riley, I have just had the most unbelievable I was sharing some God’s stories with him. I’ve just had the most unbelievable 12 weeks mentoring and guiding these these men through and and I just have a bigger vision to impact them and the people that they impact on a greater level, but they need money in order to be able to do it. Would you be interested in possibly aligning with me and bringing that genius in that that gift that you have for creating launching and scaling businesses? Do you believe that you would have the skill set to be able to do that virtually. And I guess at that point, right, I’ll kind of like cue you up to what to take the rest of story. But guys, I know that was really long winded. But like we said, this is the flagship. And this is a very important component for you guys to understand the why behind kinks counts, it’s, it’s great for us to get on here and explain to you exactly what it is that we do and what it will do for you. And we will do that in this episode. But it was really important for me in my heart My vision for this for you to understand the why not just the what of this episode. So rather, you can take it from there.


Rylee Meek  22:31

Yeah, absolutely, bro. That’s fantastic. And just to piggyback off of, you know, what you had mentioned, I was in a position in my life, you know, so I’m 35. Now I would have been 34. At the time, I guess when we when I first had it had reached out to you. Because Steven, I have only had a personal relationship now for what like a year, you’re about a year, right year and a half, maybe when we first started messaging back and forth. And to give a little backstory of myself. I’ve been very, very blessed, you know, financially and in business. We’ve taken eight companies now every single one of them has hit seven, a couple of them, we took to eight figures within the very first year of every single one. And as Steve mentioned, over 120,000,120 5 million and in sales and dollar amount we’re saying in sales here over the last nine and a half years. So very blessed financially, from the outside looking in. Everything looked great, right? you’d mentioned that from the outside on paper. It’s like, Man, you got this thing dialed in. But I noticed when I look back on my life, you know, a year and a half ago, when I was looking back in my life, I knew that every time that I actually wanted to level up in my life, I had to put myself in a position I had to be intentional about surrounding myself with like minded people. And and one of the things that that attracted me, I this would have been like about a year and a half ago or so I was sitting on the couch with my wife Ashley, and I was watching Instagram story of Steve and if anybody follows Steve, you know, he’s I mean, he’s busy on social media and I was just watching how he interacted with his kids with ace, you know carnie and the rest of the girls and his wife Laura and and just I was like man, this guy seems cool. But then I have that thought in my head of like, Is this just Instagram? Like, Is this real? Or is this just a story like everybody creates this wonderful beautiful looking story online and and I thought well what the heck I’m gonna I’m gonna DM him so I literally looked over to my wife and I said I’m gonna be best buds with this guy someday. The clever madam declared, yeah, never met him but I think the most powerful thing for me and any man is my wife stood in agreement with me. She literally said and she verbalized it she said I do not doubt that you will Riley and it was just kind of an inch. She just like a chuckle and we went on with our day but I dm Steve and I knew I I had to put myself in a position because I saw the fruit in his life. And I wanted it. Right, like, we talked about the five pillars that we’ll get into here about our mental or emotional or physical or spiritual and financial. And a lot of those I was doing great in, right. So I thought, but there were some certain components that I was really missing out on. And one of the most powerful times in my life was back when I was, you know, 1920 years of age. And I was involved with this group called the intervarsity Christian Fellowship. And it was like, just amazing time when the most amazing times in my life, but by just surrounding myself with just bros, like just like, mindset of dudes that were just on fire for Christ. And I had given my life, you know, originally my life to Christ, at the age of 17. I was I was baptized at the age of 11. I didn’t really know what that meant. I was just kind of like, grew up in South Dakota. And it’s like, everybody’s a Christian. You just you just get a Christian, you go to church on Eastern and Christmas and like what you do, it’s what you do, right? And I didn’t know there was a difference between like, a relationship versus just religion. Right? I thought religion was just a boring thing. I didn’t really understand that there was a relationship involved with this. And and, you know, when I gave my life, when I realized that at the age of 17, I was on fire. I was I was crushing it, like, life was amazing. But when I started to make a decent amount of money, and I found myself just chasing after the next, the thrill of the hunt, like that’s what always got me going was like that dopamine release of like, what’s next? What’s next? What’s next. And I had built a lot of companies and made a lot of money doing it, but I was still had that feeling of unfulfillment, right? If anybody’s listening to this, and you feel like you’re chasing constantly chasing after that next shiny object in there’s just that feeling of unfulfillment is that there’s that burning desire for more, you just, you know that there’s something else out there, I’m telling you, it, how you can find that is aligning yourself, with the right people. Right in in our alignment, we talked about this a lot is in our alignment comes our assignment. And I knew that I wanted to be friends with Steve because I saw the fruit in his life. So I dm him, and, and he was taking on coaching clients at the time. So I sewed into him, I was paying him three grand a month to hop on the phone with me once I made that,


Steve Weatherford  27:29

Show me that money now, right.


Rylee Meek  27:33

But I was willing to do it because I wanted to put myself into position I know the power of the law of sowing and reaping. Like that’s, it’s a biblical principle. And it’s powerful. And if I could sew into him, and I, you know, we could just hop on the phone and talk for an hour just about life. That birthed a phenomenal relationship, which by, you know, I saw Steve in Poland, we were starting our relationship at that point. And then through the online, or the zoom calls you were doing, you were hopping on with ace doing these, you know, workouts in these devotionals. And I saw this happening, and then you did the group coaching program. And then when I believe it was like in August of this last year, when you first came on, we were hopping on a coaching call. And before you could even finish the sentence of like, I think he said, you know, would you consider maybe just pray about joining me and and I was like I’m in, like, I don’t need to pray about it. I’ve already been praying about it, like, let’s do this baby. And that was the birth of, you know, our relationship with with what we now know as the king’s Council. But initially, just so everybody understands, like, we were like, yeah, let’s start this in January, because you know, COVID, and we can’t really get together live events. And so that was the plan. This was like end of August, and we were having these original discussions. And then a week or so past and I just wasn’t, I wasn’t feeling great about waiting, because I’ve never been, you know, like, we jump off the airplane, we build the parachute on the way down. That’s just kind of what what I’ve always done. And it is my firm belief or philosophy is like with action comes clarity. And it was crazy. I woke up in the middle of the night I had a dream about it. I was like we can’t wait until January we got it. There’s people right now that 2020 has kicked them in the gut, kicked them in the teeth, whatever it is, and they need us they need this thing right now. And Steven, I went to hop on the phone call the very next day. And like one of the first things that he said is like, Bro, I don’t know if we should wait till January it was like yes, alignment, like right there. I knew it. And that’s when we fast tracked. The full court press right our very first online challenge, which was amazing. We call it the full court press 249 which was I mean, in all honesty, it was because it’s the only URL that we could find available. But 249 came from from right to four, nine came from Luke 249. And it’s when Joseph and Mary had left Jesus and they were heading back. And Jesus ended up seeing back and they were looking for him, he went missing, essentially. And it turns out he was in the temple. And when Mary actually found them, Jesus is the first words actually recorded in the Bible that Jesus spoke aloud was, was Luke 249, which is he literally said, woman, I’m about my father’s business, like, you know, I’ve got to be about my father’s business. And that’s what we are about. That’s what Steve and I, our passion is about our Father’s business, right here right now. So that was like the birthing pains, we’ll call it we’ve, we’ve learned a lot through through the last few months. But you know, it’s been like four months now, we did the full court press going to the end of 2020. Because it, you know, when you’re down by 20 points, going into the fourth quarter of the year, we go into a full court press, and that’s what we did. And it built some amazing relationships. We ended up doing what three live events, in person. In California, in COVID, everything was locked down, everything was shut down the belly of the beast. And we knew that that it would be powerful. Yes, there were obstacles, there were challenges that we had to overcome. But it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t figure out. Right. And we knew that the power of getting together, so many people have been isolated. For so long over the last year. It’s like we needed to just to get together and surround ourselves with, with tribe with like mindset at people. And that’s what has is what has birthed into what’s known now as the king’s Council, Steve, you can pipe in on this, but this is about tribe, it was originally brotherhood. But we’ve got sisters in here. Now. It’s sisterhood. This is family. And we are on mission to take territory. We are we’re not we’re not about just letting life come at us. In being reactive. We are about being you know, operating with intention and everything that we do. And when I say take territory, that’s what we’re doing. Like, there’s a lot of crap going on in the world today. And so many Christians, whether you’re a Christian or not, so many people are just letting people like let life just happen to them, and are, quite honestly have become victims with that victim mentality. And we know that we are called to excellence in all areas of our life, but that we are God’s chosen people, we are warriors for Christ. And there’s no reason that we can’t take territory, be the best versions of ourselves, for our spouses, our, you know, significant others, our children, and and there’s no reason why everybody wants to leave a legacy. Everybody wants to do that. Like that’s just everybody wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and leave that legacy. But so much more than that. We are about living that legacy right here right now. So we can leave that legacy for the next generation.


Steve Weatherford  33:06

Yeah, man. I mean, you said it, Riley, I’m gonna I’m gonna jump in here. And you’re like, you know, we’ve got sisters and brothers in here. And like, here’s the deal. This is this was created. For people, that legacy is important, like at the end of the day, period. Like, what if somebody asked me, What does the king’s council do, we discover, we develop and we deploy the gifts that God placed inside of you. And one of the ways we do that is by coming together twice a week, because here’s the deal. I know from my own, from my own account is like, I take my kids to church, and I take my wife to church. I’m at church, and I’m being fed by the pastor. But there’s, there’s something different when my wife is not with me. And can I can have conversations about things that not I’m not that I’m trying to keep from her, but problems that don’t belong to her, like, where do men go? And where do women go that are also leaders to have those conversations because the air is really thin for leadership? like where do people that are at the top of their totem pole? Where do they go to talk about their problems? And here’s the deal men and women, most of us feel like we’re on our own totem pole at the top of it. And guess what you are because you are the CEO of your life. But there’s a scripture that I want to share that really spoke to me last year, and it still speaks to me this year. But last year so much because 2020 wasn’t what anybody wanted it to be in any area of their life. I mean, yes, maybe some of us spent financially may have taken advantage of of last year, but your life doesn’t look exactly like what you want your life to look like. And that’s a guarantee the Scripture, do not be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. And so I talked about church to talk about King’s Council. We are the extension of the church. We meet on Monday, and we meet on Thursday, and those are the spaces on Monday we received instruction and it’s kind of like that diagram I was talking to you guys about earlier of information maturation. Transformation on Monday. This is built to teach and empower you on Monday. And then when you come back on Thursday, that’s when we talk about the maturation of the information that you just learned. And we always give what we like to call championship reps, it’s an opportunity for you to take what you learn, and to apply it. Because instruction without application is just a waste, you’ll go, you’ll, you’ll live your life, learning a lot, and going going to your deathbed, with all of the books, all of the podcasts, all of the cures all of the products, all of the services still inside of you, because you did not align yourself with somebody that would help you discover and develop that gift that’s inside of you. Because guess what? The gifts that we have inside of us the thing that God calling that we have on honest, is scary. It’s supposed to be because that’s the way that God designed this game, he needs us to need him and need each other. If this was just a solo game, then then why would God make it feel so good? When we come together? Is he making us feel so good when he come together to distract us from doing our calling? No. The reason you feel so good when you’re with people that care about you and you care about them is because they’re pushing you forward. So this King’s Council is a tribe, a family of choice, there’s a family of origin that you were born into, your daddy was assigned to you, your mommy was assigned to you, this family of choice, it is a choice to be in it, it costs money to be in it, it costs time to be in it, it requires, but the ROI on that that’s why people stay. It’s not easy to trust somebody with money to teach you things and expect of you and to support you and to encourage you and to challenge you. But that’s where we get results. When I was in the National Football League. I had 14 coaches at an offensive line coach, the defensive line coach, a wide receivers coach, the safeties coach, a head coach, and assistant coach and offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator, a special teams coordinator. And that’s just the coaches. That’s not the assistance. That’s not the guys that are holding the camera and filming me when I’m punching a ball. Those aren’t the guys that are wrapping people’s ankles before the hands. How do you win a championship? How do you do something that gets immortalized in history forever? You have to do it together, guys. And that’s what this thing is. I mean, this is the way that God created us to live. Everything that we teach everything that we preach is biblical, but it works. So why would we change it? Right? And I’ll let you take it for a minute.


Rylee Meek  37:28

Yeah, Brother, you hit it on the head there. Everything that we teach is biblical. You and I both have have tried to go through this life on our own right, grasping like, what’s next? What’s next? What’s next. And we’ve moved from that transition of trying to go through life to training. Going through life right now. Right with it. First Timothy four, seven, it talks about, you know, Paul is speaking into Timothy. And he says, you know, we need to train ourselves into godliness. It’s not about trying, or, you know, hoping or wishing or wanting to be better, or do better, or just become better versions of ourselves. No, no, no, we, you you mentioned it civilizing your mind, making savage your body awakening your spirit. Those are, those are when we’re talking about doing reps that’s going into training to become better. It’s we operate, we’ve come from an operation of trying to become better, to training to become better. And everybody that’s involved with King’s council shows up to these calls on Mondays and Thursdays and into all of our live events that we have planned out every single month. in some fashion, we have live events planned out. And that’s what we’re doing is we are in training, becoming better and better versions of ourselves, not just for ourselves, but for our families, and our children’s and our children’s children and the legacy that we’re not only living but we’re going to be leaving as well.


Steve Weatherford  38:57

That’s good, Rylee.  And the one question I have to the men and women listening to this podcast right now they’re listening to this flagship episode that wanted to burn what the king’s Council is, the only question I have for you real simple, is if in the in the next year, if I could guarantee you that you would have 12 winning habits installed into the DNA of who you are, would that be a win? Meaning like cigarettes, if I want to quit, that could be just one of them. If you want to learn to start to read the Bible, because it’s really difficult for you and maybe you’re like me, and you have extreme ADHD, and maybe you’re like me, and maybe you might actually be in the middle of an addiction right now you might be struggling with porn right now. You might be struggling with Percocet right now. You might have to have a drink every single time that you come home because the pressure of your marriage or the pressure of your business or the pressure of just what’s going on in life is too much right now. It’s okay. Here’s the deal, dude. I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to throw you a life wrap because guess what, nearly every single person inside of the king’s council brought the same type of baggage inside of it. But we serve an undefeated God. And that’s great. And we can go to God in prayer and prayer and petition. But you want to know where the biggest breakthrough is because we all know how to go to God in prayer and petition. It’s when you go to God in prayer and petition and you follow that up with preparation, like pray and petition that God, please take this addiction away from me. But then when you get done praying, do what you’re capable of doing. And that’s where the king’s council intercedes on behalf of the church. We are the extended arm of the church, when we learned what we learned at the church. We learned a little bit more on Monday and then get supported through practicing that month over month there is a theme to every single month of the kings council month that we’re in right now. This radical commitment, and what is radical commitment look like. And week over week, we teach and we instruct and then we apply, then week over week, we do that three times. And then on the fourth week, we come back together, and we have a review of everything that we learned because I am a firm believer and not learning too much. Hear me when I say this, everybody that’s listening. I am a firm believer in not teaching too much. Because if you if you learn and you don’t apply, you will not grow. And that’s one of the reasons that we only have three messages, three teachings three applications per month. And we have one week that is completely dedicated to your questions and so your voice will be heard in the king’s Council. We make spaces not just like an Instagram Live where you’re looking at us teaching and preaching at you. No No we make space for your voice to be heard for you to ask questions. We create hotseat situations not just for your life, but also for your business. Riley, is there anything else that you would like to add on to Yeah, the structure when we talk about structure and order? We want to help you have more structure and order in your life because what comes after structure and order godliness. You know, what is godliness? godliness is peace. We all want more peace in our life. So what’s the first step? Let’s get some structure. Let’s get some order. godliness is coming next. What comes after godliness, straight peace, homie, and we’re all looking for peace. I’m looking for peace in my marriage. I’m looking for peace in my spiritual walk, my mental walk my emotional walk my financial walk. I want peace cause so what do I need to do? I need to put structure in order to those areas, those five power pillars. And Riley will tell you a little bit more about how we do that.


Rylee Meek  42:24

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And I think you’d hit it on the head there with you know, we would come together with teaching and then there’s structure there’s application is is a big part getting the reps in here because you know so many people just sit back and you know, hear the word, but we we are doers of the word. And that’s what we not only teach but we expect in we we guide and we help and we assist and it’s not just Steve and I are or Scott and Connor Tevin Christian you know some of the leaders on the leadership team here but it is the community I think that is the most important component to the king’s council so many relationships somebody’s you know, businesses that are being birthed out of this so much is coming out of this you know, just within the community it you know, that the the applications and the channels that we have to communicate on and then when we come together in person collectively, like we had mentioned the CEO of your life we host these events every single month either live in person and then we’re sprinkling in some online challenges as well for those that still don’t want to travel or can’t travel but you know the end of this month we’re live in person in Tampa and then we’ve got multiple other cities we got San Diego we got Texas we got jersey we got Chicago got Minneapolis so many other cities and states that are on the list in which we’re getting together live in person teaching these are like two day events where we teach the five power pillars of and how to operate in excellence in each one of those areas our mental emotional physical spiritual and yes financial right we This isn’t like we are the the woe is me type of Christian here the khaki we’re in Christian, right we we know that God has given us all of us different abilities, blessing strengths. giftings. And we want to help is, as Steve mentioned earlier, discover, develop and then deploy those giftings within you and so many people don’t even know what that even means. They may or may still be some of you may still just be struggling like I don’t know what my gift is. And that is okay. And that’s that’s the point. That’s one of the core points of this group is let’s figure that out together. Let’s discover it develop it, deploy it together, so you can step into that God given calling, right and for some of it why Yeah, I think I think so many Christians think it’s more virtuous to be that that woe is me or that poor, poor is me mentality or like, I can’t have to money because that’s not Christian. Right? I’m telling you that is a lie from the devil. Right? We are called to excellence. And there’s a reason why there’s over 2000 references of wealth and money in abundance in the Bible, right? because money is not everything, unless you don’t have enough of it. And then it quickly becomes everything. Right? And we hear in the Bible, like the love of money is the root of all evil. Yes, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Right. But what we do with that money, I realized in my life money is it was simply a magnifier of who I already was. And when I started to make a lot of it, I had a realization, that aha moment that I wasn’t a very good dude, when I started to make some some coin, it’s in thank God, he is still blessed me with the ability to make money. But now now, we’re able to do some amazing things for the kingdom here, and being able to bring back that that that ability within the Christian community, the Christian economy, I want to call it like, let’s let’s build up the Christian economy here, and build up the next generation of millionaires and billionaires to really truly take territory here for the kingdom. So that’s, that’s my role in Steven eyes alignment here. You know, the five pillars mental, emotional, physical, obviously, the vanilla gorilla is going to be amazing at, at teaching you how to physically get your body, right make savage that body. But let’s let’s, you know, in our alignment, here it is coming together. And we want to operate in an excellence in every single one of those areas. In we know, within the tribe of the king’s Council, there’s so many giftings, and so many amazing dudes and women in here that are speaking life into each other. And that’s that’s just where we are the point of this podcast is to Yes, you know, spread the message of the vision of what we’ve got going on here for the king’s Council. But for those that want to take it to the next level, in join and be a part of something, a movement here, we invite you to join to inquire at King’scouncil And you can you can apply and learn more about what it means to be a part of the king’s Council, if you have any questions of what it actually is Connor or Tevin or Christian or somebody on the team here is happy to get on the phone with you. And just wrap and just tell you what it’s all about, and see what it is that you’re looking to get in and you know, if it would be a good fit for you to join the tribe and the movement that we’re that we have here, within the king’s council tribe.


Steve Weatherford  47:45

That’s good man. And in the last that last thing I wanted to add was a verse from Luke 1610. Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with very much and whoever is dishonest with very little will be dishonest with very much. That’s a challenge to everybody that’s hearing our voice right now. Like you’re here for a reason. There’s a reason that you listen to this entire podcast up into this point. There’s a reason that you’re wondering where your next level is, and, and what this voice what this this scripture means to me, is your next level is right is right ahead of you, as soon as you can, steward what you have better. And that has been like a major struggle for me is stewarding what I have I’m always like, my focus is always more like bigger muscles, more money, bigger company, better marriage, bigger house. But God God cautioned me three years ago, and that was like my rock bottom moment. Nobody knew it was a rock bottom moment for me. But it was a moment where I felt like my entire life was just complete overwhelm, like, Yeah, I was like successful, quote, unquote, but there was just supreme overwhelm and lack of communication with with my wife and lack of connection with my kids. And, and like, the vision wasn’t clear in my business, and I wasn’t managing my employees well, and like I was in, I was in good, but not great shape. Like, there were so many areas of my life were just okay. And so that’s what I’m challenging everybody that’s hearing my voice right now. Stops accepting, okay? Like, think about it, when you’re hearing my voice right now, I really just want you to think about this. We have one life to live like one time to go around on this thing. One time, and when you die, you and I are gonna stand before our God. And he’s gonna say, Steve, with all these gifts that I gave you. What did you do with them? How did you impact other people? How did you bless other people? How did you exponentially grow these gifts for the kingdom? And I want to have a really good answer for him. And I want you to have a really good answer for him. And then he’s going to ask you another question. He’s going to say, hey, because of the life that I gave you how many people how proud of you were you have me to share my life and to get in to get other people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to rule and reign In spite of them, like, how do you want to answer? I’m not saying that you have to go out and be Billy Graham, but how is your life? How is the 86,400 seconds that God gives you every single day? How are you building kingdom with it? And if you don’t have a really good answer for that, I don’t want you to feel bad. I want you to feel encouraged because we’re offering you an opportunity to sit down with us and to look at your whole life, not just your business or your physical, I don’t want to send you a nutrition plan. If you want that go to weather I don’t want to give you supplements. We got that there too. I want to offer you an opportunity to get a blueprint for freakin purpose, man. Like, what do you want out of like? Let’s get clear on that. And then how are you spending your time right now. Because we want you to get such a sense of urgency that you don’t, you don’t even have to stretch when the alarm clock goes off. You’re beating the alarm clock out of bed, because you want it so much your vision is pulling you there. But until you can align with people that allow you to see a vision that is bigger than what you see right now. Then what’s getting out of bed like what’s the big deal? I don’t care, you know what I mean? But until you get around other people that have that same sense of urgency and have a clear vision for their life and are willing to help you get a clear vision of yours and then to run the race alongside of you to be with you at minimum two hours a week. And that’s not even counting the one on one accountability coaching calls that you’re going to have with like pastor Keith Connor. I mean, listen, dude, we got support out the Yahoo man, if you’re looking to be challenged, we got it. If you’re looking for a blueprint, we got it. If you’re looking for a plan, we got it. You’re looking for support. We got it. You’re looking for accountability. We got it. You’re looking for expertise and anointing. We got it. And that’s not being cocky man. Because if I don’t state what I know what God has placed inside of me, how am I going to influence Anybody else? If I can’t say what God already spoken to me, Steve, you’re supposed to be doing this. So this is my anointing right now. This kings Council is getting all of my time. My supplement company is the thing of the past to me. So if you support me, I appreciate you. But this is where I’m going, Man, this is where I’m headed. This is my kingdom assignment. And if you want your kingdom assignment, go to King’s or what is it takes freakin information. And listen, this should be scary decision for you. Because when you put a little bit of money in, guess what you’re going to show up for those phone calls. And if you show up for those phone calls, I guarantee it we’re going to show up for you.


Rylee Meek  52:26

Absolutely. King’s council it’s council SEO UNC. I will put that link in the show notes of course. And again, any questions do not hesitate to reach out. Steve. I love your fire brother. I love your passion. I couldn’t be more proud and excited to continue to take territory here with you with the king’s Council in the rest of our tribe. I love you brother.


Steve Weatherford  52:47

You’re the best part of me Riley. Love you. We’ll see you guys soon man. I’m excited to share the rest of the testimonials of all the guys that are on our team and all the all the guys that have come in literally feeling exactly like you’re probably feeling right now you’re probably thinking to yourself, man, I wonder how much this cost. And I wonder what this that the other and there’s probably some objections. Well guess what? We’re going to release some podcasts after this one. This is going to overcome some of your objections and allow you to make a decision that’s going to change the rest of your tomorrows in the name of Jesus. I love you man.


Rylee Meek  53:24

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the king’s council podcast. For more information on the king’s Council, and becoming the CEO of your own life, visit King’s council today, you can also follow us on Instagram at King’s council coaching. We’ll see you next time.

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