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So what does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

We’re to be productive. We’re to produce something that is of good quality whether it’s a product or a service.

That is the mandate.

And in this episode of the King’s Council Podcast, Rylee dives into the Kingdom Entrepreneurship Mandate. He shares what we are called to do as entrepreneurs by God, how to build your business in alignment with your faith, and how to create more in your business…


As we continue our series on success, Rylee Meek brings on a special guest, his wife Ash, to discuss the key principles and foundations of a successful marriage.

The two also share what it means to be submissive in marriage, what’s the most important thing to do as a couple and how do you balance time when one of you is an entrepreneur.


Now that we understand success, what is our purpose?

In part three of this series, Rylee and Christian review biblical success, knowing that we all run the race to win, but are we doing what God called us to do?

The key here is knowing that as Christians, we will never feel fulfillment until we have a relationship with Christ.

From there, we have to understand that he created us to be in a relationship with him and with others and that after the fall of Adam and Eve, we’re here to restore those things that were only perfect for a short amount of time. We do this by surrendering our lives and clinging to him.

It all starts with that leap of faith, even when it’s hard…


Rylee and Christian jump back into the biblical definition of success in part two of this series on success.

Last week Rylee talked about how we truly become successful, according to the Bible. (We recommend you check out last week’s episode before you dive into this one.)

This week, Rylee is joined by Christian Edwards to discuss what being successful means according to the Bible, how to use the Bible to achieve success, and the daily habits and practices you can do to align yourself with Biblical success…


How do we become truly successful? Rylee taps into our desire to be successful.

We all have a skewed view of what success looks like, but God has wired us to be successful and has even given us the instruction manual on how to achieve it. Rylee talks about the ways we go outside of biblical principles in order to obtain success but that the key lies in God’s greatest commandment; to love the Lord your God with all your heart. As long as we’re willing to accept that free gift of eternal life, everything else will fall into alignment and we can truly understand how to be successful as Christians…