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How to Discover Your God-Given Gifts

– Rylee Meek

God has given us talents and abilities and it’s our job to tune into those gifts and let God reveal more to us about us. 

Listen to this week’s episode as Rylee explores how to discover your God-given gifts and why God wants you to honor those gifts you have been awarded. He also shares why you have to be willing to be uncomfortable to truly discover these gifts and how listening to others who have fruit in their lives can help you reveal your passion and talents. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Two ways God wants us to use our gifts (4:43)
  • The questions you should be asking to find out what your gifts are (6:15)
  • What our gifts from God say about us (18:29)


How to Go From Debt to Ultimate Wealth

– Rylee Meek

When the Bible allows for you to borrow money.

Debt causes pain. It introduces a financial risk. It is better to be the lender as a Christian, but you have to have the right attitude going into the agreement if you borrow.

Tune in this week as Rylee dives into the hot topic of finances and debt, good and bad. Listen as he discusses the intentionality behind borrowing money as Christians, why it’s important to be good stewards and repay our debts, and how receiving God’s wisdom and word is the path that ultimately leads to wealth!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What the Bible says about going into debt (4:20)
  • When the Bible allows for you to borrow money (8:20)
  • The difference between good debt and bad debt (9:31)
  • Why borrowing money can help you become a good steward (20:06)


What It Means to Have Faith.

– Rylee Meek

Simply put, you have to have faith God has your back.

If you’re in a season right now, know that God’s got a plan. There is a reason you’re in the season right now. If God has you in a test, in a trial, or has allowed this tribulation behind it, trust that there’s a reason behind it.

In this episode of the podcast, Rylee is joined by none other than the spiritual advisor of the King’s Council Christian Edwards for another brilliant episode about faith. The guys chat about how to strengthen your faith muscle, why prayer is a version of practicing faith, and how having grace increases your faith.


The King’s Council’s mission is to help you discover and deploy your God-given talents and we will give you the tools, tactics, and strategies to radically change and level up in all areas of your life. 

How to Steward Your Gifts and Talents.

– Rylee Meek

Stewardship is a form of leadership, responsibility, and accountability.

We were all created for work and to tend to God’s creation. He owns it all; we own nothing.

It is that mentality that Rylee and the King’s Council Spiritual Advisor, Christian Edwards, discuss in this episode. Tune in to hear about how to steward your gifts and talents, as well as stewarding your relationships in order to put God and his business first.

Discover and deploy your God-given talents. The King’s Council signature coaching program will give you the tools, tactics, and strategies to radically change and level up in all areas of your life.


Life is all about choices.

– Rylee Meek

If you put your relationship with God first, you will get what you want.

He has put desires in your heart for a reason. God wants what you want.

Tune in this week as Rylee and his wife, Ash, share their story and marriage on the King’s Council Podcast. They talk about how they met, the broken parts of their life they had to piece back together and how they have cultivated a life of intention and relationship with God.

The King’s Council’s mission is to help you discover and deploy your God-given talents. Our signature coaching program will give you the tools, tactics and strategies to radically change and level up in all areas of your life.


The Only Business Plan You’ll Ever Need

– Rylee Meek

Rylee shares with you the most effective business plan you’ll ever need. This business plan is so powerful; it is written in scripture and will change the way you think, feel and act not only in your business but in your life!


The King’s Council’s mission is to help you discover and deploy your God-given talents and we will give you the tools, tactics, and strategies to radically change and level up in all areas of your life. 

The Only Business Plan You’ll Ever Need Pt 2

– Rylee Meek

This week’s episode features a follow-up to the episode titled The Only Business Plan You’ll Ever Need and Rylee continues to discuss how God had a vision when he created us and how the Seven Days of Creation are a blueprint to success in every area of our life. With the right mindset, this plan will help you break down barriers and achieve greater results in your business and life.


If you haven’t already, listen to The Only Business Plan You’ll Ever Need first before you dive into this episode: The Only Business Plan You’ll Ever Need – Kings Council (kingscouncilcoaching.com)

Biblical Entrepreneurship 101

– Rylee Meek

Entrepreneurship is God-given

…and employment is a modern-day invention. We have been taught and indoctrinated to adopt an employee-type mindset, but there are other ways that we can provide value/income to the marketplace without being reliant on somebody else placing value on our time. In this episode you will learn:

How anybody can become an entrepreneur. What scripture says about money, and why with God, all things are possible. How King’s Council is helping kids earn money at a young age.

The King’s Council’s coaching program will give you the tools, tactics, and strategies to radically change and level up in all areas of your life.


How to Build a Christian Economy Using God’s System For Wealth

– Rylee Meek

Money answers everything.

It isn’t selfish to desire it; it’s necessary.

We also need money to fund kingdom work. Rylee discusses the financial pillar to make sure that we, as Christians, are not only leaving a legacy but living that legacy.

In this episode you will learn:

How to build a Christian economy by aligning our thinking about wealth with God in order to operate within his system.

8 key principles to put into practice in order to operate in God’s system of wealth.


Are you the thermostat, or are you the thermometer?

– Rylee Meek

Are you letting life happen to you?

Is it simply a reflection of what’s going on in your environment today?

 This week, Rylee breaks down the importance of becoming the thermostat, not the thermometer in your life.

He also shares how it will help you live a life by design not by default and how to apply the seven days of creation template to your business and your life.


The 3 Questions to Ask That Will Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

– Christian Edwards

Out of the Five Power Pillars,

the Spiritual Power Pillar is the most important pillar to master. We are spiritual beings and to operate in true excellence, we must be able to connect to God and faith through reflection and connection.

The powerful Christian Edwards is back on the pod to speak with Rylee about the Spiritual Power Pillar and 3 questions you need to ask that will help you deepen your spiritual practice.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The 3 Questions to Ask Yourself
  • How to Understand Our Identity Through These Questions
  • How to Deepend Your Practice and Relationship with God


The Importance of Your Emotions in Your Decision Making

-Rylee Meek

All of our decisions that we make are emotional decisions. Some people may claim to be logical and make decisions based on logic. And while that may be a component, you still have an emotional feeling in that situation.

In this episode of the King’s Council Podcast, Rylee breaks down the importance of your emotions in your decision-making. emotional power pillar.

You’ll also learn:

    • How to Manage Your Emotions In Times of Crisis
    • Why Recognizing Your Emotions Will Allow You To Invite the Holy Spirit In.
    • The 5 Different Ways You Can Win Spiritual Battles


How to Break Through Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

-Nate Burkhalter

Nate Burkhalter is a seven-time participant of the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. He is also a man who defines what it means to live a life with no limits.

In this episode, Nate tells Rylee his story on how we went from engineer to professional athlete, why you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and how to stay resilient in times of adversity and challenge.

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:

    • How to Make Progress Towards Your Life’s Vision.
    • How Being Grateful Leads to More Joy
    • How to Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Your Dreams


Upgrade Your Human Roundtable

-Dave Paczkowski

After a great Leadership Day in Frisco, TX, Rylee hosts the first-ever Upgrade Your Human Roundtable with three incredible members of the King’s Council.

Each member shares the spiritual experience and perspective on the power of Upgrade Your Human Events and the value of Leadership Days within the King’s Council.

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What King’s Council Upgrade Your Human Events Are All About.
  • The Power of Tribe During Challenging Times
  • How to Use the Nehemiah Theme to Cast Vision on Your Life


Rylee Meek

“Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.” – 1 Timothy 4:7

After such incredible feedback and encouragement from all of you with the previous episode, How to Master the Mental Power Pillar of Our Lives, Rylee is running it back with another episode on mindset.

In this episode, you will learn

  • The one trait that successful people have.
  • Why you should stop trying and start training
  • How developing a game plan will help you complete your commitments


Rylee Meek

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

What we think about is what we bring about and this is why it’s so crucial for us to continue to audit our thoughts and master the Mental Power Pillar.

In this week’s episode, Rylee shares:

  • What it takes to Master the Mental Power Pillar
  • How 12 minutes of daily prayer can change your brain
  • Why changing your thought pattern is a discipline, not a routine


Rylee Meek

It is often quoted by many Christians, but it doesn’t actually say anywhere in the Bible that money is the root of all evil, but it does say that the love of money is the root of all evil.

In this episode, Rylee goes solo and shares the most important lessons to remember about money according to scripture, why working more than 30 hours a week as an entrepreneur is wrong, and how you can create money and value through God’s design for your life.


Christian And Lucy Edwards

The last time Christian came on the podcast, he shared his incredible story of overcoming addiction and finding God through his wife Lucy. It is one of our favorite episodes so far.

This week Christian and Lucy join Rylee and his amazing wife Ashley and share insights and perspectives about being aligned in faith and love and also the power of relationships within being part of the King’s Council Family.


Daniel Hack

Daniel Hack is the founder of Gr@titude Sunglasses and is a champion of living life through a lens of gratitude

Daniel shares the impact of being in the King’s Council has had on his relationships and on his business.

Join us for this month’s amazing Virtual Event for CEO of Your Life with featured speakers Ed Mylett, Jesse Itzler, Michael Strahan, and more.


Scott Thomas

Scott loves helping people in their businesses and is a man of intention and if you’re a member of King’s Council, you know and have met Scott Thomas at one of our events or on our coaching calls. 

So this episode, we brought him on the show to share his story and man did he bring it! Scott discusses the importance of partnerships in not just business but life. He also shares his upbringing and the new currency in his life in which he is measuring his success.


A Room Full of Kings

Four Kings in this special roundtable discussion: Rylee Meek, Steve Weatherford, Scott Thomas & Connor Mead in an epic discussion involving the impact of being surrounded by like-minded people, what’s the true measurement of money, and the value of having vision and intention for your God-given gifts.


Christian Edwards

Christian Edwards embodies what it truly means to have faith and resilience. 

In this episode of King’s Council, Christian shares his past battles with addiction and hopelessness, how he found Jesus Christ as his savior, and what inspires him to bring faith and hope to men and women everywhere.


Steve Weatherford

Steve is a Super Bowl Champion, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of the King’s Council. The King’s Council Podcast is all about helping you level up in your faith, business, and life. Each week, host Rylee Meek will bring to you a special interview with faith-based entrepreneurs to help you become the CEO of your life.


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