Become the Best Version of Who God Created You to Be

The King’s Council helps you
discover, Develop and deploy Your God Given Talents

Find Your Calling

You Will Level Up in the

Five Power Pillars of Life

When you are aligned in these five areas driven by a clear vision, nothing will stop you from being the best version God made you to be.

How Does The King’s Council Work?

The King’s Council

Is For You If…

  • You are an entrepreneur ready to upgrade your finances and mission in alignment with your faith.
  • You want to operate with intention and purpose on a day-to-day basis.
  • You feel God has a calling for your life!
  • You do not want to live a life of mediocrity
  • You want to be part of a tribe of ambitious, driven individuals who will empower you to live your purpose in all areas of your life.

Meet The Council

Rylee Meek

Rylee Meek is the host of the King’s Council Podcast and King’s Council Coaching, which empowers individuals and families to create a proven framework of success built with the 5 Power Pillars of Life.

Over the last decade, Rylee has helped companies and entrepreneurs scale their work and wealth through his company, Social Dynamic Selling.

Through the Social Dynamic Selling System, Rylee has taken eight companies to 7 and 8 figures within the first year of each, generating over 9 figures in revenue.

Utilizing his proven methods and strategies to build lasting relationships and lifetime customers, Rylee helps entrepreneurs gain clarity and create massive acceleration in their businesses and brands.

Scott Thomas

For nearly 30 years, Scott Thomas has managed, coached, and consulted both sales and marketing for some of the biggest names in the business world. From Fortune 100 companies to small businesses and start-ups, Scott is sought out as a master in the art of client acquisition. 

Scott is the best-selling author of Opening The Door to Close The Deal: The 7 Mistakes That Can Kill New Client Acquisition, an eye-opening guide to the entire marketing-to-sales process and co-founder with Rylee Meek of the Social Dynamic Selling System. 

He is also the co-author of Intentional Influence in Sales: The Power of Persuasion with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a book that shows how the subconscious mind gathers information and how sales professionals can influence the buying decision using body language and specific tactics. 

Scott has a passion for entrepreneurship and a proven track record in helping businesses attract and acquire thousands of clients and grow their revenue.

Christian Edwards

Christian serves as a Spiritual Advisor for the King’s Council where he teaches and encourages members to discover and understand their identity, purpose, and destiny.

Christian’s testimony is a powerful example of what God can do in your life. After battling 14 years of drug addiction, Christian surrendered his life to Christ in 2011 and has served in numerous ministry roles since then. 

He and his beautiful wife Lucy are parents to 5 amazing children and have committed their lives to serve God and others.

Al Hamed

Al is a dynamic, result-driven, relationship-oriented leader with a record of success and achievement driving exceptional revenue growth and visionary sales leadership in highly competitive markets. 

He is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the 4 Quarter System, The 4 Quarter System is strategically designed to prioritize and execute in all facets of your life. From becoming a more present husband and father to a more effective leader in your work, Al will coach and mentor you on becoming consistent and excellent in all areas of your life. 

He lives in Indiana with his wife Rachel and their three children, Kalen, Sophia, and Asher.


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